Obviously not a bra. But maybe he can check with Breanna Manning for that. Because if you think you’re a woman you better wear a damn bra like the rest of us! Bradley Manning’s supporters, btw, have been complaining that his incarceration has been like torture. Put on an underwire minimizer and then you’ll know what torture really is little boy!

Don’t blame me. All the credit for this wondrous illustration of our esteemed senate goes to @Elise_Foley over at Twitter.

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  1. jmm says:

    Looks like Barney needs some support. Not the kind that you might think!
    An expert bra fitter might help. My estimate, size 60D might work and spare all of us the not so subtle show through.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Someone might want to give the Architect of the Capital a call, the thermostat in the House of Representatives Chamber could need some adjustin’…just sayin’

    posted 12/19 546pm Texas [‘Lift ‘n Separate’] Time

  3. hatter83 says:

    must…….not………look……..Darn it! LOL

  4. thierry says:

    (the big braless gal is a congress-lady not a senator.) they’re weeping buckets of liberal self pitying tears over losing this fool in brookline and newton. imagine. their blistering pain and heartache will only be soothed if they get red liz warren into the senate with lurch heinz. i’ll take a wild guess that at least liz if elected will dress appropriately while representing MA.

    i know plenty of people who can be said to be dealing with issues of gender dysphoria. not one of them lashes out at the world by committing demented stunt queen crimes then blaming it all on their disordered hormones. “breanna” is an attention seeking lasher and that always comes from self loathing.s/he can hate america all s/he’d like but in other countries “breanna” would have been executed barbarically a long time ago for just existing let alone committing treason in a time of war.

  5. Maynard says:

    Be still my beating heart!

    For some reason, I’m flashing back to that old “I dreamed I [fill-in-the-relevant-activity] in my Maidenform bra” advertising campaign. Here’s a link. Although in this case, it’s more like, “I had a nightmare that Bawney went to Congress without his Maidenform bra.”

  6. otlset says:

    Hey Ladybug, we’re gonna need some more brain bleach over here!

    • Ladybug13USA says:

      otlset-Bastiafan was going to make a run to Costco this week for the eye/brain bleach. Now we need an emergency run. In fact, the Tamily needs to start brewing our own. We could sell it on the interwebtubes.
      Have Tammy tweet the gross pictures and the Tamily can run ads on conservative websites for the secret recipe ScotsIrishItalian eye/brain bleach. Proceeds to be donated for 2012 Urkel attack ads starring Tammy. 🙂

  7. Charles_TX says:

    OMG! That image is seared into my brain for life. Is it low-T or high-E?

  8. JuanitaDugas says:

    Two helpful words Barney: nipple petals !

  9. naga5 says:

    frank’s boyfriend was last heard singing,
    “all i want for christmas is my two front teats.”

  10. Timbo says:

    oh my…. ick… I mean really ICK.

  11. My little poem:

    Corruptocrats know,
    that Fascism tall,
    from Acorns small,
    will in “Crony-Crapitalism” grow.

  12. Kat says:

    My guess they’re a size C cup once they get shaped and molded by the “Super Bra”!

    Definitely stuff nightmares are made of….gonna need my blankey to be able to sleep tonite!

  13. Rob_W says:

    If Congress has a dress code, it has long been ignored just like our Constitution. A sad and telling metaphor on the state of our government, that a senior member of Congress exhibits such disrespect addressing We The People as though he had just arrived from an occupest sit-in. I do not expect a fashion show, but put on a suit and tie. Is that too much to ask?

  14. ancientwrrior says:

    Eeegads, does he wear his pants below his butt too? He’d better hope he doesn’t end up in a penitentiary somewhere, else he’ll be passed around like an STD.

  15. AniMel says:

    Aw, Tammy…did you really have to do that?

    Dammit, Mel, did ya really have to look? Where is that Crystal Head vodka Steve sent me for Christmas…I need some brain bleach…

  16. JLThorpe says:

    Barney Frank is a boob.

  17. strider says:

    Another use for duct tape.

  18. norm1111 says:

    Ahh..man! I didn’t need that sight this morning….where are the rolaids?

  19. houstongracie says:

    Moobs!! Moobs!! Moobs!! Was anyone throwing beads at him on the house floor??

  20. Trish S says:

    Talk about the government teat! For the Twitters: #BRAneyFrank or #TaaTaaBarney

  21. otlset says:

    He knew this would titillate his fanboys.

  22. SoCalGal says:

    “If you want my body and you think I’m sexy,
    Come on sugar let me know.
    If you really need me, just reach out and touch me.
    Come on honey tell me so.”

  23. Teri says:

    Bawney Fwank needs a manzir or a bro. Remember that Seinfeld episode ? ps—– what a slob

    • dennisl59 says:

      The episode was called “The Doorman”; it was the 18th episode for the 6th season and the 104th. It aired on February 23, 1995. Kramer wanted to call it the “Bro” but Frank Costanza preferred “Manssiere”. They both get walked in on while modeling them…Geez.

      posted 12/21 755am Texas [And your cup size Mr.Frank?] Time

  24. BastiatFan says:

    What’s Barney Frank Wearing Today?

    Hmmmmm…sounds like a new board game from the folks who brought you “Monopoly.” And just in time for Christmas!

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