For your Open Thread this evening, here are a few videos and stories that caught my eye yesterday and today. Please do contribute your own links and comments about whatever is on your mind. The usual “no links” rule is lifted in the name of sharing and lounging.

Regarding the GOP candidates, as a Tweep noted, when it comes to Gingrich it’s about substance, not perfection. I also noted on Twitter that at this point we must begin to transition into why we support someone, not why we don’t. I realize this is a tall order for many of us, especially Palinistas, but thinking about what we can be for instead of against is important.

Vetting is also imperative and I think we have a pretty good sense of who’s who and what the candidates are about. Romney, however, must at some point realize that hiding in the corner is not in his, or our, best interest. who still thinks he can ride this out without any substantive vetting.

So let’s start with my favorite segment from last night’s hour long interview with Gingrich on Hannity (via RCP).

Lovely. Just lovely. Biden: We expect Iraq & Iran to have relationship

Al Qaeda Leader Zawahiri Says He Has American Hostage

Ack! Good freaking grief. Meghan McRINO: Bachmann “More Smarter” Than Sarah Palin (via Weasel Zippers)

Newsflash for Romney–won’t help, very well may hurt. Romney meets former President George H. W. Bush

AP: For Herman Cain, the campaign all but over

Hinckley ‘caught thumbing books on shooting’

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  1. DanPlatt says:

    “more smarter”… wow. Megan McLame exercises her command of the English language while attacking Palin. MSNBC is a perfect fit for her.

  2. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Great *brief* today Tammy, why is “tee hee” Megan attacking Palin?? Do they think she’s going to endorse someone soon?? Well, tonight Palin said “why would anyone want an endorsement from a pundit, the American people are smart enough to figure it out”!! Not the exact words, but she was so right. She was on fire tonight, haven’t seen her like that, it was good to see. I’m still mad at her though and can only handle the few minutes she is on. She know’s how bad it is out here and she knows we respect her and always will, she has the record. You are right about Newt, I want to see him CRUSH Obama and I don’t think anyone else running can do it. I will pray he doesn’t self destruct, I can see where it could happen. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  3. Snidely says:

    “More smarter” sounds like a better slogan for MSNBC than “lean forward”.

    • dennisl59 says:

      Excellent Avatar Snidely!…The Little Feat Album Cover: ‘Waiting for Columbus” done by Neon Park. Fun Fact: I was at those concerts at Lisner Auditorium! Cheers!

      • Snidely says:

        Wow, thanks, dennis! I’m so jealous of you- Waiting of Columbus is one of my favorite albums. I’m young, so I missed out on all those concerts that I would have died to see (Feat, Zeppelin, the Band, Talking Heads etc.). I did see what’s left of Little Feat play at the Wolf Trap, but it just didn’t feel right without Lowell George!

    • Tammy says:

      Excellent point LOL!

  4. Sue Lynn says:

    More smarter…OK dumb and dumber now I get it.

  5. cactuswren says:

    We tend to see/hear what we want to see/hear. Lord knows I’m guilty as charged (multiple times throughout my life) I watched Sarah Palin on Hannity last night, then went to check out what peeps were saying on twitter. What others were seeing as a strong possibility that Sarah is reconsidering, I saw very differently. The “fire in the belly” statement of last night was different from previous “fire in the belly” statements. Not a fire to get in there and mix it up personally, but the same fire that *we* all feel that there needs to be a stop and reversal of the direction that Obama is taking us. I’ve suspected for some time that she has wanted her followers to take a look at Santorum. Last night, short of giving an endorsement, she was saying “look over here” at this guy.
    Sarah, when saying she is just a “Pundit” pretty much for me said “i’m not running”.
    Tammy is absolutely right about finding someone to support and not just someone to be againt. That is not motivating and inpiring. Good lord, look what that gave the GOP in 2008.
    I *am* one that would love for Sarah Palin to reconsider and would support her if she did. I just don’t think that is going to happen. But then again she has surprised us before….

  6. MaryVal says:

    aaaaaaarrrrrhhh! The Muppet song is in my head and I can’t get it out! muh-naaaa-ma-nama. Muhh-naaaaaa-ma-nama. I will never again be able to look at Newt without hearing that song in my head. Evil Tammy, evil.

  7. MaryVal says:

    My revenge: the muppet Yip-Yips. Loved ’em.

  8. MaryVal says:

    Mana Mana song — the caveman even looks like Newt don’t you think? Acts like him too: showboating. Is one of those pink cows Callista?

  9. Ginger says:

    Hi Tammy, I can’t seem to access your website as a TAM. As far as I can tell, paypal monthly is still making the payments. I have a receipt for Nov. I had not logged into your site for about a month because I have just been so busy. Maybe the problem is that I haven’t logged in recently..?Sorry to bring this to your attention on open thread, but I wasn’t sure how else to go about it -tried to email .. maybe others are having problems?…I’ve been so behind and I miss the podcasts. Thanks for referring this to someone who does this for you or for any help…miss the chat too…Thank you!

    • Ladybug13USA says:

      Ginger, sometimes I find that I have been logged out. I go to the podcasts drop down under Members and click on it and next to a podcast it says “Protected Content”or something to that effect. I click on it and it has the WordPress sign in screen. Thats how I get back in. Hope it works for you! 🙂

      • Ginger says:

        Ladybug, I tried, but that word press sign won’t appear. I am signed into word press. I think I will just cancel the pay pal and re-join using another payment method. I don’t know what else to do, Tthank you so much for trying to help.

        • Tammy says:

          Ginger, here’s a post from Gina about how to sign in and it has the WordPress login page link

          Please don’t sign up again if youre having trouble, contact Gina for assistance at tamservice [at] Multiple accounts causes trouble as well. Good luck, check the link I’ve posted here and contact Gina 🙂

          • Ginger says:

            Tammy, thank you for your response. I have contacted Gina via the link you have given plus the tamservice email address. Hopefully, this will work out soon. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep in touch with your show in real time as much as possible and will stay more current with your blog.

          • Tammy says:

            Oh don’t you worry, Gina will get you all fixed 🙂

  10. Chuck says:

    Actually, the Mah Nà Mah Nà song (authored by Piero Umiliani) originally appeared in a scene of the movie “Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso” (Sweden, Heaven and Hell), an Italian film from 1968 depicting different aspects of sexuality in Sweden. This particular music was the background in a scene in which a group of pretty models walk through the snow in the middle of winter, with towels in hand, to an outdoor sauna. The scene shows the models inside the sauna building — with wrapped towels, of course!

    You can find the full scene from the movie in YouTube. Just type “Mah Nà Mah Nà Piero Umiliani” and it should be the ninth entry on the list. Enjoy!

  11. FrankRemley says:

    Herman Cain has called it a night. The party’s over.

  12. thierry says:

    sirhan sirhan claims he was hypnotized and the bullet that killed RFK was switched to frame him.maybe he’ll get out too in obama’s brave new world.
    but at least tex watson, the actual killer in most of the manson family murders was denied parole again.
    in a sane world billy ayers and bernardine “shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” dohrn would be in jail denied parole just like watson not campaigning for a president festooned with faux college degrees. at least watson earned his least he’s paying for his crimes. but this is our sick sad world.

    the muppet show is on dvd although missing some musical numbers. the ‘wallace and gromit’ series from england is pretty amazing animation- claymation- and it has no icky leftist crap and no salacious inappropriate for children banter.

  13. Ginger says:

    “Um.. like, ya know…um…Bachmanm is more smarter.. Oh my gosh, Meghan McCain’s “wisdom and ability to articulate” just astounds me! Nice hair and nails too!

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