Scorpions for Breakfast

This is just one of many messages to the GOP that all Americans want someone to stand up to the Dumb Bastard. Gov. Brewer’s exchange with Obama has been widely discussed. Here one of the tangible results of pushing back at Barry.

Whether or not yesterday’s confrontation with President Barack Obama was a stunt, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s book sales are benefiting.

According to’s list of movers and shakers, Brewer’s book, Scorpions for Breakfast, enjoyed a sales increase of 2,224,700 percent since she and the president butted heads on a Mesa runway.

Prior to the meeting, Brewer’s book was languishing in the annals of the millions of books sold by Amazon. It was sitting at 311,472 overall on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, the book had moved to number 14.

And Arizona TAM Artgal chimes in with her take on the confrontation:


If only congress would take a ‘pointer’ from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer when it comes to how to deal with Obama!

Obama has Heated Argument with AZ Governor

The Thin-Skinned President was reportedly less than thrilled with the way he was ‘misrepresented’ in Gov. Brewer’s book, Scorpions for Breakfast. Perhaps Obama should consider that Arizonans are not thrilled with the manner in which we have been misrepresented by him and his administration.

Obama was in Chandler, AZ to visit the Intel Corporation today to kick off his re-election campaign. Many in Arizona, including Chandler’s vice-mayor, saw this as Obama wanting to take credit for a 5 billion dollar expansion of Intel resulting in thousands of new jobs being created – something Obama had nothing to do with:  Chandler vice-mayor tweets: Obama’s message is misleading.

Ironically, the only news anyone is paying attention to in regard to Obama’s visit is the stand off between him and Governor Brewer. Looks like Gov. Brewer has already won.

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  1. Shifra says:

    Gov. Brewer calls the DB “thin-skinned.” As George Will said about him, “I have no trouble with the *color* of his skin. I *do* have trouble, though, with the *thickness* of it.”

  2. mediachristian says:

    We want fighters. We’ve seen what lying down and “taking it” has achieved us. So when someone fights back, people who want to do what Governor Brewer did stand and cheer – even if only virtually.

    To be honest, I’d forgotten about this book. My status as a “hundredaire” prevents the purchase of many new books, or even used ones above a dollar or two. I may want to REALLY get this book now.

    And of course the Dumb Bastard will say it’s “no big deal”…hoping that the Kneepad Media will dutifully follow his lead and banish it to the graveyard of forgotten incidents. Because if there WAS more followup, inquisitors would find much more reason for Governor Brewer – and her constituents – to be angry at the DB than vice versa.

    284 days left till we fire his arse (as of Casual Dumb Bastard Furkel Free Friday). !Gracias y adelante!

  3. Kat says:

    In a similar thought to what Shifra posted earlier….”I have no problem with Obama’s black Kenyan half…it is his white European Socialist half that is the problem!”. Way to GO Gov. Brewer….maybe the pleatless GOP in DC could learn a lesson on how to handle our esteem Liar/Bully in Chief!

    Also,when I look at the pic of the Governor and the Furkel, I hear Helen Reddy singing “I am Woman hear me ROAR”! Reminiscent of another female Gov. from a state that begins with “A”!

  4. aardvark says:

    TU, Furkel. I’m getting Gov. Brewer’s book too (hadn’t planned on it either…but, just for YOU, I will!…)

  5. longhorn mama says:

    Just like Aardvark, I had no previous plans but I bought it on Kindle to thank Gov. Brewer and for you Tammy (using your link). What a nice surprise to see Gov. Palin wrote the forward.

  6. lnbee says:

    I just went to my library website and reserved my copy. I’m reservation #15 and they have 3 copies of the book. It will be a short wait.

  7. LJZumpano says:

    Now THAT’S an Iron Lady !!!! Woo hoo

  8. Mutnodjmet says:

    The Scorpion Queen!

  9. dwbinder says:

    I wish she would have kneed him right in the crotch.

  10. geezer says:

    “a sales increase of 2,224,700 percent”

    Not really, but a nice bit of propaganda (hey, propaganda is not always bad). Not sure what this report really means except it is good news that you can use to throw darts at the DB (see, there’s good propaganda).

    Based on the Amazon report cited in the article there is no way to determine number of sales, nor how much sales increased for the book. All it says is that compared to sales of other book titles, here’s how Gov Brewer’s book ranked one day versus how it ranked the day before. It went from number 311,472 one day to number 14 the next day.

    How many books do you have to sell to be ranked number 14 on Amazon? Who knows, probably a lot. How many books do you have to sell to be ranked number 311,472 on Amazon? No idea, probably less than you need to sell in order to be ranked number 14. Sales rank doesn’t tell us how many books were sold. A change in sales rank doesn’t tell us how many more books were sold.

    So, based on the Amazon stats is not accurate to report that sales increased by 2.2 million percent. Maybe they did, maybe not. Whatever they actually did was pretty cool. But sales rank and units sold are very different statistics from each other.

    The original article author is reporting a feel-good factoid and misrepresenting what it means. Probably not intentional, but we know the current administration uses statistics to misrepresent things all the time. So it seems worth pointing this out if only so we aren’t doing what we hate when others do it.

    All the comments and buzz generated by the report are better than the report itself. Maybe that was the point, and maybe the article’s author doesn’t care that the headline is bogus. More likely the author simply grabbed an interesting statistic and misrepresented it without even thinking about it.

    Oh well, The Governor sold some books that day. Probably sold a lot more than the day before. And it happened because she stood up to the DB. That’s awesome news worth reporting.

    She will probably sell more books because of the notoriety from that bogus article headline as it gets spread around the interweb tubes than she will because of the original incident with Obama. There’s a snowball effect. That’s okay, too.

    “Sir Charles Dilke [1843-1911] was saying the other day that false statements might be arranged according to their degree under three heads, fibs, lies, and statistics.” — The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post, Monday, October 19, 1891

    I guess this one is just a useful fib. No harm, no foul.

  11. otlset says:

    Now here’s a picture that cries out for a caption!

    “If you don’t let go of my arm I’ll kick you in the prickly pears!”

  12. strider says:

    If the space aliens see this picture they’ll know what to think.

  13. AniMel says:

    Ya’ll should see the comments on the news sites here in Arizona. Several have said that she’s disrespectful and an embarrassment. Most of them, when they finish calling her disrespectful, then call her names (talk about hypocritical) – one even suggested that she should go to jail. I only wish I were kidding.

    I find it interesting, though, that the state’s resident liberal-in-chief, Kyrsten Sinema, had absolutely nothing to say about the exchange. She’s ALWAYS the first person to pounce on Brewer when everyone thinks she’s done something stupid.

    • Timbo says:

      AniMel..cmon its ” all Y’aii” in this forum …:)

    • ancientwrrior says:

      AniMel, that’s coming from all those parasites who transplanted here from Kalifornia, and brought all of that socialist mind dump crap with them.

    • Tombstone Tony says:

      AniMel, you are absolutely right – the news sites in Arizona have control of published public opinion and it’s a liberal control.

      If you love Arizona, you love to think for yourself – whether liberal or conservative, but the Arizona media shamelessly pushes the liberal line.

      A friend of mine tells me he keeps himself informed by reading the newspaper every day. He does it to get the facts. “The facts” are tainted by bias, but it is subtle: bias by omission, bias by unwarranted emphasis or repetition, bias by juxtaposition of headlines, bias by unrepresentative photographs.

      People still can’t believe that the “news” would mislead them to further their own agenda. There are many helpful websites that point out the bias, but it’s usually preaching to the choir.

      The media is under no obligation to tell the truth.

      What might work to change that is to identify particularly egregious examples of bias in a media outlet and boycott the advertisers of that outlet – boycott them until the news shifts along the scale towards objective reporting.

  14. sandyl says:

    Ok I have to agree with otlset, this isn’t a caption this, but here’s my entry anyway 🙂

    “ok, ok, I’ll tell Mooochelle you don’t want to eat your peas, just please stop yelling at me, it hurts my wittle feelings….sniff, sniff—Bwaaaa.”

  15. otlset says:

    She should write a follow-up book: “Rattlesnakes for Lunch”

  16. Ayeboots says:

    Governor Jan Brewer is a Patriot and a hero and I would slect her for the VP.

  17. Shortall says:

    I heard somebody say he thinks Gov. Brewer asked President Obama to pull his finger (flatulence joke).

  18. Shortall says:

    Correction on last comment, it should read ” pull her finger”. ooops!

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