Gabriela Saucedo Mercer for Congress

Gabby Saucedo Mercer is running against Progressive Democrat Raul Grijalva (CD-7). As you may recall, Grijalva was met with quite a challenge in 2010 when rocket scientist Ruth McClung ran against him.  In 2012, with your help, Grijalva will have the opportunity to join the long line of  The Unemployed – a place he has helped send many from his troubled district and throughout this state when he advocated for a boycott of Arizona.

I urge you to visit  Gabby Mercer Saucedo’s campaign site for more information regarding her positions on issues and how you can support her campaign for congress.

Remember – her district covers the entire Arizona/Mexico border from Nogales to the California border.

A win by Gabriela Saucedo Mercer in November is more than a win for Arizona; it would be a win for America – by a true American!

Just days after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB1070 into law, the Tucson City Council held an executive session to obtain legal advice on suing the state. Afterward, the public was invited to provide commentary on the matter. The council session would have gone largely unnoticed except one of the city’s residents took to the mic and delivered an articulate, heartfelt message that stirred the nation.

The voice that delivered a drop-kick to the Tucson City Council was that of Gabriela Saucedo Mercer.

It was Tammy who was among the first to speak of this video on her show in April of 2010 after Pat S. posted the following story:

Everything You Need to Know About SB1070 And More

There are many things I can tell you about my beautiful and extraordinary friend Gabby, but I will let her introduce herself to you in this, her first campaign ad:

Gabby Saucedo Mercer, U.S. Congressional Candidate (AZ), Ready to Serve America!

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  1. LucyLadley says:

    Thanks for giving us the Gabby update. I went to her website & signed up for updates & I also watched the utube video. It is so cool that her daughter is a Marine!

  2. SoCalGal says:

    Weird, two Gabby’s from the same state.

  3. What a great American! Hope she can help clean house in 2012.
    Will for sure send her some campaign cashola from my as yet unused Palin budget:)

  4. Tombstone Tony says:

    Yes, please follow the links above and find out more about Gabriela Saucedo Mercer.

    You all know how the current administration is bearing down on Arizona from without and from within. The suits, the censures, the negative press are meant to wear us down – we won’t be worn down – we love our state and Gabby has the courage and the principles to preserve Arizona and be a major force in the team that will restore America.

    Just one last thing: we need to help Gabby with our spirit and our support.

    • Artgal says:

      Absolutely, Tombstone Tony! She is an incredible woman – very strong & principled! She will NOT be getting help from the GOP establishment, so she needs the grassroots to step up.

      Raul Grijalva has a mighty flood of support from ‘the left of the left’ crowd. One of his campaign fundraisers was conducted in LA in 2010 by Rudolfo Acuna, the radical profressor/activist/author of ‘Occupied America’ – the controversial book used in the Ethnic Studies program in Tucson. Grijalva is also linked to MEChA, LaRaza, Code Pink and Derechos Humanos – just to name a few.

      Gabby Saucedo Mercer has a very good chance to win, but can only do so if she has help. I know Gabby and Ted (her husband), consider them family and have worked with Gabby on a number of events and issues. We served together as part of a panel on Ethnic Studies last fall, and we continue working against that course & curriculum. The district is not simply in control of a ‘liberal’, it is held hostage by a hard-line leftist who is part of ‘Progressive Democrats of America’ – an organization declaring they are not Democrats, but want to take the Democrat party where it ‘needs to go’. Further left is what I gathered.

      I know there are many important races; well, Gabby’s is one of them! Ruth McClung lost by only 5%. Let’s help give Gabby the boost needed to beat Grijalva in November!

  5. katzemeow says:

    Artgal – Do you know how the redistricting will affect the race (if at all?) I loved Gabby when I saw her speak to the city council, thanks for the heads up. I’ll pass the word on to my fellow Zonies.

  6. norm1111 says:

    Excellent coverage of this great lady…I have been watching her since the first time someone caught her speaking and put her on YouTube. Gabby is a close friend of one of my Smart Girl Politics buddies’…Arizona Jennifer. Jen is a smart and exciting young political in her own right…..

    By the way, being a grizzled old man, I am about as far from being a Smart Girl as one could be…however, I am honored to be friends with one of those on the ground floor of the Smart Girl movement….

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