Are you ready to support Romney? He won NH by more than the 33% he needed to be convincing and we have 11 days to South Carolina. If the other candidates fail to make their cases, at least we;ll have enough lead time to once again get used to supporting “the next in line.” The only thing that makes 2012 different from 2008 is everyone knows what a bastard Obama is. I believe our Tea Party discipline will be the thing that helps us get our country back. And never forget–Congress, Congress, Congress!

CNN: Exit Poll Data

TEXT: Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire Victory Speech

Romney’s victory speech.

A couple of things I can say for sure, if Romney is elected president we’ll have a president who loves the country, knows how to run a business, knows how to govern, and his wife will not be an embarrassment to this nation. With all of that, if need be, I’ll be able to seriously support him.

Our friend Todd Starnes over at Twitter has a comment about the end result as well:

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  1. Kat says:

    Excuse me, but could someone please tell me what all the fuss is about? Wouldn’t it be a news story if Mittenz either barely squeaked out a win or even lost? For Pete’s sake this is New Hampshire people! How shocking is it that number 1 thru 3 were a moderate, a wacko liberaltarian, and another moderate?
    I will never give up on the Conservatives in the race and “resign” myself to voting for Mittenz unless he is the only one on the ballot with Dr. Looney….oops I mean Dr. Paul, Huntsman and of course The Furkel!
    Also, a fact that none of the LSM is giving is that the Romney campaign ran MORE negative ads this past week in New Hampshire than any other campaign, including Newt! Those from the Planet Zog were in second with the negativity, so this bashing of the Gingrich campaign for going negative is nothing but the media wanting to decide this election for us (Including most talk radio hosts …Tammy and Levin excluded)!
    Stay strong and tough Tea Party and TAMS, lets push our ideals and those politicians (in every race from Dog Catcher to President), because the fat lady is not even in the building!

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, was there a primary tonight? I was enjoying a great steak dinner in a nice restaurant with friends, with excellent wine, I may add … :-).

      Joking aside, I agree Kat. Thanks Tammy for the summary. I need to catch up with the DTB and will download it to listen to it on my flight back home tomorrow.

    • yayii says:

      Also agree with you Kat. This has just begun, not time to be waving the white flag!

  2. ShArKy666 says:

    i think the main issue is that no matter who wins, can we flush out the toilet of DC and replace all the corruptocrats with tea party people who’ll keep a leash on whoever gets into the oval office…at THIS critical point in our history it just seems that WE’LL have to be the ones to step up and take control away from these’s just disappointing that the people within the system may not be able to be changed as quickly as we need them to be…but we’ve just gotta never lose our focus and spend the rest of our lives on it..all i’ve gotta say to whoever wins, is they BETTER AS HELL listen to WE THE PEOPLE…or the society could possibly unwravel…

  3. paul14 says:

    No,,,,,,,,,,,,,I’m not ready to support Romney!
    Are you ready to except hellcare?

  4. geezer says:

    Time to start thinking of bumper stickers to inspire the electorate … Oh well, I couldn’t come up with anything really inspiring, but these came to mind along the way:

    Mitt Romney: A Leader The Party and The LSM Can Agree On

    Mitt Romney: Better Than Poking Yourself In The Eye With A Sharp Stick

    Mitt Romney: A Choice We Can Live With — If We Have To (Do We Have To?)

    Mitt Romney: He’s Not So Bad

    Mitt Romney: In Between Barack and a Hard Place

    Mitt Romney: Hobson’s Choice for 2012

    Mitt Romney: Got Tea?

    Mitt Romney: Que Sarah Sarah

    Mitt Romney: Get Out the Vote — For Congress in 2012

  5. jphilarnold says:

    Tammy, you make some good points about the ways in which Romney is better than Obama, but I still am not ready to support him. I take your opinions seriously, so there is a chance that you might be able to change my mind.

    I have two very serious concerns about what is likely to happen if Romney is elected President.

    1. The GOP establishment expects conservatives to fall inline and support RINO candidates “for the good of the party” or because the Democrat candidates are worse. After we support their chosen RINO candidates, they ignore the conservatives who helped them to get elected.

    The 2010 elections should have taught us some lessons about the how the corrupt GOP establishment functions. After years of telling us that we were obligated to support the GOP candidates who won the primaries, they refused to support our conservative GOP candidates who won primaries against RINOs. Then after undercutting Tea Party GOP candidates for the Senate, they blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the fact that the GOP did not retake the Senate.

    The GOP establishment tells us that we should support the candidate who has the best chance to beat Obama, but they did everything within their power to destroy the one potential candidate who would have had the very best chance to beat Obama, if only they had defended and supported her starting in 2008. Haven’t you said that the GOP establishment is more concerned about maintaining their power than about beating Obama in 2012.

    Why should we reward these b**tards by supporting their chosen candidate after they succeeded in convincing our chosen candidate not to run?

    While Romney would not be as bad a President as Obama, he still is the establishment candidate. If we hold our noses and elect the establishment GOP candidate again, how will we ever be able to reform the GOP?

    2. George W Bush wasn’t a conservative but because he was a Republican, conservatives got the blame for much of what he did. One reason Obama won was because GOP establishment had failed to distinguish itself from the Democrats. I am afraid that if Romney is elected as President, that pattern will repeat itself again and again.

    Tammy, you have often said that this election will be between the establishment and us. If we give in to the establishment and support their candidate for President, does that not work against our ultimate goal of defeating the establishment?

    • Kimj7157 says:

      Ultimate goal right now is defeating Obama. After that, we can continue to shakes things up where the status quo is concerned and replace the rubbish. It’s going to be a long, gradual process. But we’ll get there. Remember November.

  6. houstongracie says:

    I am not ready to have Mittenz shoved down my throat. I have feelings of McCain redux minus the Palin factor. I will only support Mittenz if he is the last candidate standing between Urkel and the White House.

  7. TX Soldier254 says:

    Romney Wins!!….romney wins!…..We Lose?

  8. Pat_S says:

    I don’t like having an anointed candidate foisted on us yet again but the rest of the field is awful. Conservatives failed to put forward a substantial candidate. It is embarrassing how Tea Party and other grassroots conservatives swarm from one inferior candidate to another just to spite the establishment. OK, the point has been made,we don’t like Romney and the grassroots has clout.

    From here on all that can be done is to severely damage the chances to oust Obama as well as sully the reputation of conservatism. Childish resentment will undermine whatever opportunity there is to get rid of Obama just like the egomaniac Gingrich is doing. He’s gone off to the far left in attacking Capitalism for his own ego’s sake and it is appalling. Similarly, the grassroots latches on to the next name on the list no matter how farcical that candidate may be in order to exhibit their conceited importance.

    The GOP is awful at the political game. Conservatives are worse. This was the election where we had to be smart and ready. We are not. We have ourselves to blame.

    • jphilarnold says:


      I understand your frustration. However, I would like know whom you believe conservatives could have put forward as a “substantial candidate” who would have had a chance of prevailing against both the establishment GOP and the Obama machine.

      • Pat_S says:

        I personally do not know. Candidate recruitment is an important and difficult task. Does the hodgepodge conservative movement even have a mechanism to do that? The fact is for whatever reason there wasn’t a substantial conservative candidate offered up this time.

        I believe most conservatives,grassroots conservatives in particular, do not identify themselves as Republicans. They call themselves independents. There are people who are unabashed card-carrying Republicans who run the party. They want their candidate to be a moderate. While it is true there is a mutual parasitism between the grassroots and the Republican party, unless conservatives can put forth a strong respectable candidate, the party will go with its moderate inclination. We really can’t expect them to do differently.

        If conservatives want the Republican party to run a conservative candidate then it is on their shoulders to find one who is suitable as a national candidate.

        • flaggman says:

          But Pat, the R establishment will not just let such a candidate emerge, even if the grassroots wants one. So it’s just admitting defeat and playing into their hands to blame conservatives for not having a candidate. The only way it will happen is if the party is taken over from the top down by individuals of moral authority, courage, and cash. Realistically, a new party will have to emerge starting next year, to turn the R’s into the Whigs.

          • jaliranchr says:

            But you have a parliamentary system, flaggman. Different circumstances. We can’t afford to let the progressives rule the roost for 10-15 years while we “work out this new model.”

            And this is such a huge country with such a huge and diverse population, you will never have consensus, nor should you. It should be a struggle, even a battle within the parties to find their “sweet spots”. A conservative in the mountain west is a different breed than an east coast conservative. Different influences weigh into the equations. So much of this has come down to identity politics of a kind. “I’m a conservative.” “I’m a lubey-lipped libertarian.” What the heck does it all mean except to the person espousing it? Because my interpretation of conservative/moderate/liberal is different than the next person’s.

            Is the system messy? Oh, it certainly is and it frustrates most of us every general election. I have settled for the lesser of evils in every election excepting two when I voted for Reagan. And I disagreed with Reagan on a number of issues.

            It is messy. It is infuriating. It is disappointing. It is what it is. No, I’m not a fan of Mitt, but he appears to me to be the one that will face Obama. I don’t have to be a fangirl, I don’t like that in politics anyway, but I’ll certainly vote for him over Obama.

          • flaggman says:

            In reply to Jali below: our parliamentary system actually made it more dangerous to do what was done and upend the so-called conservative party of the day. Because when a party (in our case, the Liberals) have a majority, they can rule essentially as a dictatorship. At least you have separation of powers, checks-and-balances that can be enforced with the will of congress or the courts. So I believe it would be much less dangerous to go ahead and try to usurp the R team in the US – especially if Romney gets the nod and loses to Obama. Easier, too, with the groundswell of Tea Party support that hasn’t gone anywhere.

          • jphilarnold says:

            I agree completely with your comment…”Realistically, a new party will have to emerge starting next year, to turn the R’s into the Whigs.” If the GOP establishment succeeds in getting Romney elected, it will be even harder to either take over the GOP or replace it with a new party.

    • Maynard says:

      I think Pat’s got it right. I’d go on to note that this is a fundamental obstacle, and I’m not sure what we can do about it. The underlying problem is the Left organizes by nature; their appeal to the weak psyche is the morphing of the individual into the collective. That’s why they chant and worship their leader and generally act in unison. We’re more prone to squabble and take our ball and go home. I don’t know what we’re supposed to do about that. Do we want to become more like Leftists so we can beat Leftists? Blah!

      At this moment, I’m not necessarily lamenting the turmoil in the conservative camp. It will play itself out, and then I’m on board with the last man standing, and it’s probably Mitt. And if it is, I hope Mitt will be stronger for having gone through the tussle. He’ll have been vetted, so people won’t be surprised by Obama’s mudslinging. And maybe some independents who had been frightened by the Leftist warnings of Right-wing extremism will take heart from Mitt’s victory in the Republican field. Maybe they were concerned about Paul or Newt or Santorum, because those were the Republican bogeymen. Yes, this is the “play it safe” argument, and I’ve heard both sides of it, and we know it didn’t work for McCain. But that was when Obama was pretending to be a centrist.

      Anyway, it is what it is, and it keeps on changing.

  9. NancyB says:

    Many more states to go-please let’s not give up so quick! Let’s not have another McCain re-do because we settled for whatever.

  10. otlset says:

    I am sincerely hoping that if Romney does get nominated, he will wage a much fiercer no-holds-barred campaign against King Barry than timid McCain did in ’08. This would hearten and energize conservatives like myself to the cause.

    Furthermore if Romney gets elected, especially if the GOP gains control of the Senate and House as well, I also hope (and suspect really) that Romney will govern more conservatively than Tea Party people now fear. Just as Obama posed as a ‘moderate’ to get elected in ’08, so Romney is posing as a ‘moderate’ in 2012 to get in, this time from the other direction. And as Obama once in office abandoned his pretense at being ‘moderate’, so Romney once in office would do the same. Hopefully.

  11. Tinker says:

    It’s not over and I’m not resigned yet to a Mittenz nomination. I don’t feel nearly as generous towards him as Tammy does. In fact, the more I learn about him the more I think he’s a lying opportunistic fraud fulfililng his daddy’s dream. He is not a Conservative; we’re getting another George Bush but the difference this time is we know it. We must get Conservatives into congress and somehow (?!)make them stay conservative.

    I’d like to add that I’ll never feel sorry for any of these jerks, everyone of them either participated in or stood by while a decent, honest woman of integrity (and her family) was savaged at every turn. I’ll never forget it or forgive them.

  12. flaggman says:

    I’m afraid a third party is your only option left (but after the 2012 election). The GOP establishment declared war on its base after the 2010 midterm primaries, and it is winning and it won’t give up until it breaks your will. The only way to win this war is to take your votes away and leave. Compete in the war of ideas under a new banner, and you will win. This is what happened in Canada. We gutted and destroyed our so-called conservative party from the outside. It took more than a decade, but mission accomplished, we now have a principled conservative party in power.

    • jphilarnold says:

      I agree completely!!!

      The GOP establishment is like a bunch of alcoholics, so drunk on their own power that they are destroying the party and the country. We have been their enablers as we have continued to support them with our votes. Sometimes alcoholics need to hit rock bottom before they wake up to the need to recover. As long as the enablers keep saving the alcoholic from the consequences of his drinking, he may never reach the point where he will seek recovery. And, as long as the GOP establishment can keep getting their candidates elected, we may never be able to turn things around.

  13. chris1058 says:

    It took a long time for conservatives like my House representative(Frelinghuysen R-NJ 18 years) to be worn down to the rank and file Republicans that exist now. It will take as many years for the grassroots who ‘…exhibit their conceited importance.’ to grow into the mature majority, more and more able to voice and support stronger conservative candidates one congressional district at a time.
    I am not sure who these grassroots were that Pat talked about but I think they might be the ones Krauthammer or Rove would have blamed, made fun of, tried to write off.. The polls do not speak for me and probably don’t for most of the country. I constantly miss poll phone calls even when working at home because well, I am working from home. So they call but they don’t get my opinion.
    The reason why we may run from one candidate to another is because for the first time in DECADES we are actually finding out WHO they ARE before the primaries.
    I work hard to not be cynical.
    I look forward to the future when our conservative candidates will be even better than the best candidates we have now because they will be standing on our current tea party, grassroots leader’s shoulders.
    If it means supporting Romney or Gingrich or Santorum now, then so be it.
    We will still have to twist arms, kick the msm’s ass, write to our representatives and not shut up!
    Who’s ready?!

  14. Kimj7157 says:

    I’m ready. No, he’s not my dream nominee, but he’ll be a helluva lot better than what we have now.

    No matter what–BO must be defeated. Tea Party gets that.

  15. ffigtree says:

    “No, I’m not ready,” said with eyebrows furrowed, arms crossed and stamping feet.

  16. […] wonder why the elite GOP is ignoring my opinion on the relative merits of their primary candidates. Like many others, I am clearly in the ABO camp. For example, I do not feel safer since Obama took the oath of office: Obama releases Taliban Leader […]

  17. Hal Jordan says:

    I will not vote for another liberal republican. It’s really hard to find the differences between Obama and Romney. I’m not sure Romney would appoint Supreme Court Justices that weren’t as far left as Obama.

    I’m not sure he won’t go Green Gaga like Obama. Depending on the wind this guy is a Climate change believer.

    I can’t trust him on the boarder, He is virtually the same as Obama there. Unless of course he’s in front of a conservative gathering.

    He’s weak on Gun Rights.

    His Health Care plan is Obama’s plan.

    For me personally, I see the destruction that both Bush’s have done to the party, conservatism and the country carrying on with Romney. He will govern as a Center Left President in the name of conservatism, further ruining the movement and forcing more people to become independents with the “Both Parties are the Same” chant.

    My hopes lay in the Congress and the Senate.

    Damn you Sarah Palin you really put this country in a bad spot.

    • Dianna_in_Columbus says:

      I’m totally with you. It’s very disheartening to see so many just suddenly start rationalizing the need to abandon their principles just to to support the person with the (R) after their name. If I allowed the Party to make decisions for me that way, I would still be a democrat. Romney back in 2002, I think it was, described his own views as progressive. He knows how to govern…so what are his big accomplishments? Obama knows how to govern too, but it doesn’t mean he does it well. And apparently whether or not he was good at running a business is up for debate. I have to disagree with ol’ el rushbo and his dittoheads claiming that criticizing his business practices and whether they are good for the economy is “anti-capitalism”. Conservatives over the past few years have been bringing up whether our ‘paper’ economy is sustainable. we don’t produce anything anymore. We have people who move money around on a spreadsheet but produce nothing of real value. And when we criticize Solyndra, that’s not branded as left wing anti-capitalism. Nor is it when we criticize the bailouts. And frankly, should people who are now suggesting we abandon our conservative principles be criticizing Gingrich for using “left wing” tactics.

      I think I’ve slowly been coming to the conclusion that both parties are the same myself over the last year or two. after the mid term elections, I was feeling pretty optimistic…for all of about 5 minutes.

  18. _CarrieP says:

    When will there be a state that does NOT have an *open* primary/caucus???????

    Maybe I’m politically naive, but that is the REAL question we should be asking.

    Why would anyone think Romney will be the eventual nominee when there hasn’t even been a primary election/caucus in a state that doesn’t allow for every Tom, Dick & Harry to just sign up and vote?

    This is the *republican* nomination process, right? Just checking!

    Then, there’s this pesky little thing like there being 48 other states that haven’t voted yet (well okay, using Obamanomics, 55 states). Even with the game rigged, denying the majority of these remaining states any voice in the nomination process, Super Tuesday isn’t even upon us yet.

    So not only am I keeping my powder dry, I’m keeping my fingers FAR away from my face because as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to hold my nose just yet!

  19. mrcannon says:

    I’m with Maynard: last man standing will be my guy, even if I’m not inspired enough to display a yard sign. Unfortunately, I’ve had so many head-desk moments with our candidates that I will likely be too brain-damaged to fill out a ballot.

  20. annieaday says:

    Pretty soon I change my avatar to a Newt sign… We got 3 today!

  21. Kimj7157 says:

    What I WANT and what I NEED to do are not always the same thing. Bottom line–BO must not be re-elected. That trumps pretty much all, IMHO. Helping to make sure that happens is not abandoning principles. It’s about doing the right thing for the Country.

  22. paul14 says:

    “If conservatives want the Republican party to run a conservative candidate then it is on their shoulders to find one who is suitable as a national candidate.”

    We did! She left us at the alter with no time to form a plan B! I don’t see how this is “our” fault!

  23. I just saw the entire “When Mitt Comes to Town” on youtube. I know it was a hit piece, but damn it if I am going to vote for another grotesquely rich out of touch, a__, who made his money trading in people’s livelihoods. Mitt is no better then a corrupt trial lawyer. He will argue any case to get to his end. He will tack to the right during the primary, and to the center for the general, but I do not believe he will govern as a conservative. He will most likely govern to the left of what McCain would have done.
    Sure his administration should be a lot better run then BO’s. We should not have so many unforced errors on issues of diplomacy and etiquette. He will most likely stand up to the Chinese. But back on the home front we might see a slow in government growth, but will not see a drastic cut in government. The TSA with reach further into our bodies as we board planes. Homeland security will become infused with daily life as it attaches itself to every other enforcement agency. Mitt will fail to even try to repeal Obama care, cuz at his core he believes in it. He might strike down the mandate, but will try to keep billions pumping into it.

    Mitt is not even a mere RINO. He is a full fledged Mass. liberal. Every time he confronts an issue, he will run to his liberal tendencies, and then try to see how he can argue the conservative angle. Just like his Larry King interview when speaking how his Mass. health care plan was conservative cuz it stresses personal responsibly. I can’t believe people actually support a guy like that!! How can they hold up his signs and cheer!!??

    And a message to Pat. I(we) am not being childish if I dont just jump in line. It’s called principals. I can only bend them so far. Heck I even considered Santorum at this point. But No Mitt, No Perry, No Paul for me period! End of story.

    Gingrich is not attacking capitalism. Free Markets DO need some regulation. It should not be impossible to sell off your company to a large fund, but that fund should not just simply flip the company around like it was a house, or run them into the ground and steal all the value and leave the workers with nothing. That is just wrong. It is predatory and is as evil as anything that deserves 30 years or more in the slammer. I have seen how big multinationals squeeze every penny out of a company. They even force you to print on both sides of the paper to save money. They hire less qualified people, and the quality goes down. There has to be some line drawn in the sand that says you can not simply do anything and everything in the name of making money!! What Bain did was not simply downsize a company to make it more competitive. They looted! Big business can be every bit a evil as big government. Many conservatives fail to scrutinize big business at all and tend to give it a free pass. They only see government as the only source of evil in society.

    I am surprised to see how fast Tammy is embracing this new Mitt reality. Maybe it’s just the inevitability of it all. But we can and should still nail Mitt on his faults all the way to the convention floor. After he is nominated then people like me can back off a bit, but I still will not go door to door for this guy.

    Mitt will have to win on his own. I will never support him.

    We need to destroy the GOP from the ground up. Lets start the process for picking a new party name right now.

    How about the Freedom Party? or the Liberty Party? Too bland sounding? How about the Freepublicans? or the Liberocrats? hmmmm this is harder then it looks…

    I got it! The United Freedom and Liberty Party! The UFL!!! Sounds like a football league:) May God bless The UFL of A!!!

  24. Artgal says:

    For what it’s worth, I decided after NH to contact Newt’s peeps in AZ to assist in any way possible. I am not ready to support Mitt and will not help his campaign at all if he does wind up being the nominee against Obama.

    Besides presidential selections, I suggest everyone get involved in your state and local elections. It will matter what’s done ‘close to home’. In fact, what is done on the ground will eventually resonate at The Top.

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