Did you catch this story?

Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by a machete-wielding intruder at his vacation home in the West Indies, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said Monday.

The 73-year-old Breyer, wife Joanna and guests were confronted by the robber around 9 p.m. EST Thursday in the home Breyer owns on the Caribbean island of Nevis, spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said. The intruder took about $1,000 in cash and no one was hurt.

See my earlier post on Justice Breyer and the 2nd Amendment. Note the irony here. In defending the right of the government to disarm the citizens of D.C., Breyer said: “Are you a sportsman? Do you like to shoot pistols at targets? Well, get on the subway and go to Maryland. There is no problem, I don’t think, for anyone who really wants to have a gun.”

Hey, Mr. Breyer, did you try that? When the guy with the machete broke in and threatened you and your wife, you should have said, “Excuse me a moment.” Then you should have hopped on a subway and taken the train to Maryland to get your weapon so you could protect your family.

Okay, I admit I’m being unreasonable. Ordinary people don’t need a gun like you did in this case. That’s because we can’t afford a vacation house in the West Indies, so this is never going to happen to us.

The news report lists a short history of attacks on SCoTUS Justices. Seems that David Souter was assaulted in 2004, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had her purse snatched in 1996 while she was out with her family. These are the same Justices that repeatedly validate unconstitutional government micromanagement and redistribution and intrusion, so I’m sure they regarded these circumstances as the reasonable acts of reasonable people.

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  1. AniMel says:

    Well, since it was unfair for him to have so much in the first place anyway…

  2. Squirrel says:

    Breyer couldn’t do any better than $1,000? Pretty selfish and unfair if you ask me. The intruder was obviously a victim. I’m just speaking liberal here.

  3. otlset says:

    It’s probably obvious to the liberal judge now that stronger machete-control laws are needed there.

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