This was taken during the playing of the National Anthem at the Smithsonian today. This pic says it all–talk about the Compulsion to Confess. They hate us, and it shows.

(HT Weasel Zippers)

U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attend the ground breaking ceremony for the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington February 22, 2012. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

They sure were looking a lot happier last night partying on our dime

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  1. JLThorpe says:

    “Why isn’t this the Smithsonian Museum of Obama History?!”

  2. SoCalGal says:

    Michelle: They’re forcing us to stand here for this song? This song sucks.
    Obama: Just hang in there Michelle for 8 more months. Once we win, we won’t ever have to do this again.

  3. Nightowl says:

    Thia is so boring, when does the party start?

  4. Juanita says:

    Game changer….can NOT do this for 4 more years!

  5. tngrrl73 says:

    “All hail the messiah
    Obama, Obama
    The path to the new socialist motherland
    Our savior, our savior
    Obama, Obama
    The leader more famous than Lindsay Lohan
    Bow down and praise the one
    Give him your money and your guns
    Give us a country
    That makes your wife proud
    Lord Barry heal the bitter ones
    White and Clinging to faith and to guns
    Hope for the change of the hope of the change!” – Courtesy of Glenn Beck

  6. Patricia says:

    We will change this to “Hail to the Chief” when we get re-elected.

  7. 1ntbtn says:

    Barack, I said it before, and I’ll say it again, “All this for a flag”

  8. Shifra says:

    Urkel: “I shoulda used Preparation H”

  9. greenlantern2011 says:

    B&M: “Clutch the pearls”

  10. dennisl59 says:


    “Two Cold-Blooded, Anti-American, Chicago Communists”

    posted 2/22/2012 235pm Texas[Evict The DFB!]Time

  11. Kaisersoze says:

    For the first time in their adult lives, the Obamas have to pretend to be proud of their Country.

  12. shellym says:

    Mooch: “this is the last time I take Hillary’s fashion advice.”

    Urkel: “I don’t know the words to this song, do you?”

  13. SoCalGal says:

    Mooch thinking: I’m standing as stiff as a cucumber. But you Barack, never get’s stiff like a cucumber.

  14. LJZumpano says:

    you guys are good. It just leaves me speechless.

  15. imacat says:

    “Pride goeth before destruction and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

  16. houstongracie says:

    That RINO I swallowed is giving me indigestion!

  17. otlset says:

    Enduring the dead white man’s boring anthem yet one more time, the Obamas daydream about later on…

    Mooch: “…banana creme pie! mmm…”

    Barry: “…marlboros! mmm…”

  18. jmm says:

    Mooch looks like she is wearing a maternity top!

  19. angelaisms says:

    Michelle: “Honey, we’ve been on shows from iCarly to the Food Network, but haven’t broken into commercials yet. Quick, you audition for Immmodium AD, while I court the Metamucil people.”

  20. strider says:

    “. . . dignityin is hard.”

  21. pochitatwo says:

    Moochele, “I’ve never been rpouder of Africa”

  22. Rob_W says:

    Now in its nauseating 4th season: the dysfunctional reality show, “Mooch and the Moron”.

  23. suede123 says:


  24. Kat says:

    Furkel: ” I didnt know you were retaining fluid when I mentioned you look fat in that potato sack errr I mean dress!”

    Mooo ch: “G_d I wish that Midol would kick in”!

  25. Trish S says:

    Mooch: I can’t believe you are putting ME through all of this!

    Obama: I can smell their ignorance.

  26. ReardenSteel says:

    “Land of the free, jeez! When will they give up this kooky freedom and let us lead them to the dictatorship you said you wanted. With Soros’ help, we can re-create the Eastern Bloc glory days. GO COMRADES GO!!”

  27. LucyLadley says:

    TOTUS prompted this hand gesture. Public opinion was not high in the past whenever hand over heart was omitted.

  28. mrcannon says:

    “I hope no one’s taking our picture right now.”
    “Yeah, I know, we’re just asking for another ‘Caption This’ contest.”

  29. naga5 says:

    mooch: “this song again?”
    furkel: “don’t worry. getting rid of the national anthem is in obamacare too.”


    mooch: “dammit, barack, i knew we should have stayed at a holiday inn express last night.”

  30. TAM I am says:

    Acid Reflux… us where it hurts.

  31. oualdeaux says:

    The “TAM Silent Drill Team” returns their salute: ɷɷɷɷɷɷɷɷ

    (Shifra is the third from the left)

  32. PopArt says:

    Mooch: Ugh, the day we will be able to pull the human forms off our bodies and show our real selves to this inferior world can’t come soon enough.

    Barack: Just hang in there Iptheglytherion my spouse. Don’t lose it now. We’re lucky all these fools think that’s a dress you’re wearing and not part of your real reptilian skin. OK, they’re already up to that silly “flag was still there” line.

    Mooch: You’re right Greanthor, I’ll do my best. And to think that some believe Ron Paul is the one who came from the Planet Zogg.

  33. dwbinder says:

    I like Sweet Home Chicago better then this crummy song,specially when I’m singin’ it.

  34. Alain41 says:

    Anti-American Gothic

    (apologies to Grant Wood)

  35. Mutnodjmet says:

    Caption: A sneak preview of The Obamas’ reaction to the Nov. 6th election results.

  36. larrygeary says:

    No caption. I hate them. I know the feeling is mutual.

  37. TheGreenHornet says:

    Mooch: I hope he doesn’t want me to perform any wifely duties tonight.
    DB: I hope she doesn’t want to perform any wifely duties tonight.

  38. vicinbama says:

    Mooch: I sure hope they let you go up and sing after this thing is over with!

  39. aardvark says:

    “Did you bring the barf bag?”

    “NO!!! I thought YOU had them!”

  40. aardvark says:

    “Did you bring the barf bag?”

    “NO!!! I thought YOU had them! Well maybe NEXT time you’ll take my advice on the Dramamine!”

  41. archangel61 says:

    Knock it off Michelle, or we’ll find this posted on Tammy Bruce’s Blog!

  42. AniMel says:

    Barack: can I sit down yet?
    Michelle: you HAD to be the president. If I have to do this, YOU have to.

  43. chris1058 says:

    She’s a little “proud of my country” He’s a little “hope and change-y” ala Donny & Marie

  44. RedMoonProject says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, President Urkel and his lovely wife Bruno.

  45. Runnyonempty says:

    A score written by Whites for Whites, while my kin were in shackles.

  46. coldwarbaby says:

    I hate listening to this mofo cracker bulsh

  47. tamcat says:

    We can do it… at least we used our right hand this time.

  48. JamesRinVA says:

    Never in our adult lives have we been proud of this country.

  49. rtthorne says:

    Furkel: “I could sing this anthem song better….where’s my band?”

  50. TX Soldier254 says:

    Michelle is Bored, looking at “whatever” with Disgust, her possibly rigid hand almost on her shoulder blade. Seems like she is doing this to keep OUR mouths shut so she can go back on Vacation.

    Michelle’s bubble thought (*Kiss my Ass*)

    Barack (whatever his birth name is-Is=Bill Clinton) he’s now used to this patronage act, he now understands, unlike when he was running for Office in 2008, that this pays the bills. And maybe thinking about who is coming to the White House Party.
    His House Party.

    Homework Complete!

  51. Piratin says:

    Caption for top image, as sung by the O’s to George Soros to the tune of Private Dancer:

    You don’t think of them as human
    you don’t think of them at all.
    You keep your mind on the money,
    Keeping your eyes on the wall.

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