The prosecutor in Florida released her “probable cause” affidavit in the Zimmerman case and Dershowitz is not impressed. In this interview he’s right on every point, especially noting that Corey has overcharged and the affidavit doesnt even meet the lowest standard for probable cause. Worth watching for the correct perspective on just how far Corey has gone pandering to the lynch mob.

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  1. jll101 says:

    Ok it doesn’t fit with the post but OMG! As Tammy was talking about McCallan Scotch on the podcast I had just finished pouring myself a glass of 12 year old and water! What are the odds?

  2. dennisl59 says:

    As for me, I’ve always had mixed feelings towards Professor Dershowitz, since he’s been on the opposite side(of me)on alot of social and political issues. After all, recall he was on the OJ Team as an ‘appellate advisor’, (It still escapes me why he took the position, maybe I should read his book about it…)


    When it comes to “The Law”, it’s hard to dismiss his opinion. He’s a brilliant man and a living legend.

    And if Professor Dershowitz says the affidavit is ‘irresponsible and unethical’, then you can take it to the bank: It Is.

    posted 4/12 950pm Texas[Innocent until Proven Guilty] Time

  3. AniMel says:

    I’ve read the affidavit myself, and it’s woefully lacking in any real evidence – all it contains is hearsay and conjecture. The only physical evidence mentioned in the affidavit merely reaffirms the facts already known, that Zimmerman shot Martin and remained on scene to tell officers what happened.

    It’s also the shortest affidavit I have ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. It’s such an embarrassment that I have to wonder if Corey is trying to get the case thrown out before it even goes to trial. She didn’t allow it to go before a grand jury because she knew the grand jury would refuse indictment; she’s trying to score political points in Florida in a re-election year.

    If a loony liberal like Dershowitz is calling it hokey, you can bet it is.

  4. cactuswren says:

    My initial reaction to the charges was that it might be good to have a trial so the “facts” could see the light of day (though it would be almost impossible to find a fair jury). As more facts come out regarding this prosecuters case as stated in the affidavit I’ve most definately changed my mind. It seems that there may very well be a good reason why Zimmmerman was never charged in the first place. I guess in my naivete, I assumed that there was some “smoking gun” or special here to fore unknown witness. Looking more and more like not! Could it really be that Zimmerman is the political scapegoat for *everyone*?

  5. lawmom90 says:

    As a former prosecutor, I have to take issue with several things about this case. Number one–if the police don’t want to charge, there’s a good reason and prosecutors have a duty to respect that. Prosecutors are not courageous people, with few exceptions, so it is not surprising to me that Angela Corey took the approach she did. I am particularly disappointed in Pam Bondi, a Republican woman who should know better than to say what she has said publicly. Tammy has stated that prosecutors don’t have to be objective because they are there to seek justice for the victims. It is reasonable to have that perception; however, I also remember Tammy amending her statement on that point to say that they are supposed to look at the law and make decisions based upon that issue. Therefore, my remaining observation, just to completely clarify the ethical obligation of prosecutors, is that we have an obligation to seek the truth, no matter where it leads us. We represent the STATE, not the victim. If the case demands that a person go free, or be protected under some justification, prosecutors have the duty–for the good of all of their citizens in their jurisdiction–to make decisions to uphold the law, no matter how unpopular. Most prosecutors understand that obligation, but few live up to it in all instances.

  6. TX Soldier254 says:

    Cactus, I believe Zimmerman is a Scapegoat for:
    The Obama’s White House 2nd Golden Ticket, Al Sharpton’s permanent Easy Chair Seat on MSNBC, Holder’s reason for Continuing to be Our AG, and yes Little Corey’s Future Political Judgeship.

    So yes Cactus, Zimmerman is the Racist Liberal’s Wet Dream for 2012.

    Ann L. Romney 2012

  7. otlset says:

    The thought of this show trial getting as far as choosing a jury frightens me. I’ve been saddened and cynical about jury trials since the OJ Simpson farce. This must be a total nightmare for Zimmerman. But perhaps hopefully a judge will throw it out before it gets that far.

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