Debbie’s had a makeover! I’m all for women looking their best, but this just has to be the most preciously cynical thing I’ve ever seen. Looks like the Libs will throw their “trademark” hair under the bus as quickly as they do their own grandmas, friends, and consultant/strategists.

And is it just me or has Debbie Downer also had a nose job? But why should we be surprised–for the Left it’s all about appearance–because you looking beneath the surface would be way, way too scary. (HT Styleite)

In a video about bullying just a few weeks ago, before she threw her hair under the bus, she proclaimed:

“When I was in school, I was teased mercilessly, all the time, about my curly hair,” she shares. “Kids even made up a mean song about me and sang it over and over. It made me so sad. But now my hair is my signature look, and I wouldn’t change it for anyone, because it’s part of what makes me who I am.

Until it’s not politically convenient anymore, then I’ll be the new Who I Am!

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  1. iris354 says:

    Bleeding hypocrite! This bullying will end on Jan. 20, 2013 when the DB and Michelle depart DC.

    Nose job? Probably. Her face looks thinner, too.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    Did she save her receipt for the work? ‘Just in case…’

    posted 4/14 1050am Texas[Earl Scheib] Time

  3. Ayeboots says:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not a leader she is an enabler – her sophistic appeal to the mediocre is an emotional appeal to dumb and dumber. Stand up and be counted and kick ass. There is right and wrong, there is reason and dissolution, pride and slovenliness, be the best that you can be and never stop trying. Lincoln considered
    himself a failure and yet he became a great President. The left appeals to sophistry to entrap society, don’t listen to the Syrians sing or you will fail individually and bring society down with you. Now, is the hour of our trial we cannot allow ourselves to fail.

  4. Patricia says:

    Ummm – are you sure that is Debbie Downer Tammy? More than a “hair and nose-job” it appears. Does she think if she changes how she looks people will no longer refer to her as Debbie Downer? You are correct – no beauty on the inside and all she has to do is open her pie hole to prove it.

    Thanks for a great week of shows, DTBs Tammy – you rock!

  5. sandyl says:

    Well this just proves my theory–that libs are actually alien shape-shifters! They know we are repulsed by their true form. 🙂

  6. strider says:

    Looks like they took a little too much off the nose.

  7. RuBegonia says:

    This side by side stuff is priceless… I took the meat of these clips and put them side by side. ☛ Thanks Tammy for pointing out this great WOOFAW!

  8. LJZumpano says:

    Appearances can be deceiving. In 1966 when I began a new job as bank teller in NYC, there was a two-week intensive training period during which time we were expected to become experts on the proper way to count money, identify counterfeits, handle transactions and provide excellent customer service for the clients of the bank. When the instructor walked in, I was unprepared to see a blatantly conservatively dressed woman of at least 50. Her most striking feature was her hair. Totally gray, meticulously wrapped in braids at the top of her head. Had I met her in the hallway, I would have assumed she was someone’s Scandinavian grandmother who had lost her way in the 20 story building. She turned out to have a wealth of knowledge about banking and molded our motley crew into tellers ready to step into our new jobs.
    A few years later as the mini-skirts got ultra short and pantsuits became a phase, some of us women who worked at 57th & Park decided to approach the manager about allowing pantsuits for work. We prepared a respectful memo and outlined our reasons. (I know, today that sounds silly, we’ve reached a time when employers have to explain to employees why wearing beach sandals is not appropriate work dress, but we loved our jobs and didn’t want to bring any dishonor to the bank).Our final point, that no one could see what a teller had on below the waist, might have been part of the reason the bank okayed it. We were very proud. We had behaved properly, gone through channels, made our case and got a good result. Things were changing, or so I thought. I later heard a rumor that our teacher had been forced by the bank to cut her hair. It was considered too old-fashioned and out of place in a modern bank. Hearing that broke my heart. We wanted choices, not restrictions. I wondered how long her hair must have been to produce those glorious braids. How painful it must have been to be told your job or your hair. That hair made her special. It said I know who I am, and I am not afraid to be who I am. I am a woman and I can do a job some think only men can do, and I do not have to be a faux-man to succeed.
    I don’t like Debbie W-S, and I especially don’t like her hair, but I can’t help feeling a bit bad that she might have been coerced into changing it. It’s like having someone steal a piece of your soul.

  9. paul14 says:

    Does she really believe we’re not still laughing?

  10. LucyLadley says:

    On the hair topic. To me, it is a time factor. For many years Debbie has had the freedom of time to spend on “More Important Things…” than straightening her hair every morning. An “Add Water & Stir” hairdo, has given her more time to “plot” out her day. I personally loved her free spirited curls. I wish she would have used a little upside down toss & shake to really fluff those curls out from “Coast to Coast”. She could have had hair like “Miss Ross” – Diana. If she wants to spend the 30 minutes every morning straightening those curls before leaving the house, then that will be 30 minutes less every morning she’ll have to map out her strategy for keeping the progressives in power. I’m in the Conservative Fox Hole in the morning, not fighting with a straightening iron. Maybe all the progressives should get labor intensive hairdos.

    • longhorn mama says:

      Very good points. And I agree. If Debbie had just fluffed up the curls each morning, they would have been a pretty cloud around her face.

  11. otlset says:

    Out – Cocker Spaniel.

    In – Irish Setter!

  12. snit3 says:

    At first I thought she was speaking to me. Alas, I was wrong. Apparently, her advise is directed only to the “odd” people out there. Oops! Am I allowed to say that? Oh! Well…Anyway, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, I liked your hair the way it was. I wasn’t even making up nasty songs about you. But now?

  13. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Her hagatha still shines through!! Do they really think they can hide all that hate with a little color and a flat iron?? Pffft!!!

  14. strider says:

    Today’s school children are being put in debt to places like China and Saudi Arabia in large part due to the lack of energy self sufficiency that Debbie and her political party are forcing on the country.

  15. Shifra says:

    Little Debbie promises us that “things *will* get better” and that there is “light at the end of the tunnel.” Excellent! That means our national nightmare is soon over – the Obummers, DWS, Hillary “we couldn’t breathe for 35 minutes” Clinton, Crazy Uncle Joe, and the whole crew of assorted Dem freaks will soon be gone.

    Nice makeover, Debbie. Now, how about some intensive psychotherapy to get to the root of your rageful shameless twisting of the truth for your own political advantage?

  16. wilde1 says:

    It is hair straightening, new hair color, and new makeup job with contouring of the nose. The eye makeup is changed as well. She should keep the old hair with the new makeup.

  17. Sally says:

    Now that I have stopped laughing, I took a look at the pics. I guess she had a redo! I haven’t watched her for months. I switch the channel. However, I stomached the video, cry me a river. I have curly hair too.

    • Sally says:

      btw, I should add, that I was bullied in 3rd grade by 3 boys in 6th on the playground…had no idea why I was singled out, I didn’t know them. I was spit on, terrified. Ran to the front lobby, crying, and my teacher found me, I still had NO idea why, or what they were saying. It turned out I was singled out because my parents went to PTA meetings and were against sex education in school for those my age. It was a hot topic in the early 70’s. My Dad went to the school and took care of it with the lib principle. And it was done. So I know about lib bullying. It’s been going on for forever. He told me all was good, and I believed him, and it was. Leave it to libs to pick on a 3rd grade girl with 6th grade boys! Cowards. I’m still dealing with the curly hair though! I love ya Tams!

      • Shifra says:

        Sally, now that you are a TAM, there will be no more bullying 🙂 One obnoxious tweet from a Lib, and TAMS are on the attack! It is something to behold! 🙂 I almost feel sorry for these Libs. Almost… on second thought, nah, they deserve what they get ! 🙂

  18. TAM2010 says:

    wish I could get that three minutes back….

  19. tamcat says:

    To listen or watch Debbie Downer is painful. I avoid her entirely.

  20. Charles_TX says:

    The title says it all: beauty does come from the inside, that’s why conservative women are _always_ more attractive than their liberal counterparts. The libs never seem to learn that a pretty wrapper only hides their inner ugly as long as they don’t speak.

  21. LJZumpano says:

    Love being a TAM and having a private place to share freely thoughts which outsiders might not appreciate. It helps so much to be able to vent. It helps to get it out of your system, and let it all go. Being able to get snarky is good for the soul, and helps relieve the tension.
    DWS reveals a bit about herself in the bully clip. Someone who has been bullied as much as she claims she was as a child risks growing up with a warped sense of right and wrong. Because she felt herself to be a target, she would be forced to create a defense mechanism to protect her self-esteem. Those who disagree with her today are merely like those childhood bullies who can’t see past her appearance. Those who agree with her are her true allies. Knowing her past helps explain why she utters some of the most ridiculous statements and why she has become such a useful idiot for the Democrats. She can’t envision that what she says and stands for may be wrong. Negative attacks on her position are really only bullying because folks don’t like the way she looks. I’ve seen lots of really nasty attacks by frustrated folks on twitter who rather than focus on the wrongness of what DWS says, choose to mock her appearance. This reinforces her attitude and reaffirms her belief that everything she stands for is right, and opposition is really just an attempt by bullies to cut her down. It is so easy to take pot shots at people we don’t like, and very tempting to try to hurt them, but in the end it doesn’t accomplish our goal.
    Conservative women have been called every name in the book by folks trying to silence them. They’ve grown tough skins to deal with the slurs and understand that the attacks demonstrate that they are being effective in getting out their message. They know that the liberals can’t defeat them with the facts, and so need to resort to childhood style bullying.
    When a DWS, Fluke or HilaryRosen is attacked on a personal level, we are ignoring that we do have truth and facts on our sides. Why not use those weapons against them? Resorting to slurs only convinces the left that we are like them, unprepared to have an honest debate. We have to stand up to bullies, force them to see that their positions are weak, distortions and simply wrong. We need to use our words to force them to retreat. Ridicule is an effective tool, but it requires a finesse and has it’s limits.
    The left has an endless supply of useful idiots ready to replace the current crop. It is to their advantage to create a war between bullies, which forces most people to completely tune out. The only thing they fear is the truth. That can’t be allowed to get out, and we have seen the lengths they will go to prevent it. If we are to win in the end it will be because finally we have gotten the facts out and convinced our fellow Americans that our position makes sense. Today we have tools that didn’t even exist in 2008. Social media and independent voices like Tammy can help us direct our fury in constructive and meaningful ways, but we must always be aware that while we can be unruly and independent, we are not a mob. We have a goal, and need to direct our energies toward accomplishing that goal.
    So keep up the snark, but don’t forget the facts. I think we can handle both, cause we are TAMs!

  22. dingohead says:

    Be careful with the nose Debbie. That’s how it all started for Michael. One day you’re getting your nose done, next thing you know you’re a rich pedophile, who overdoses on propofol. Be afraid….be very afraid!

  23. dennisl59 says:

    And speaking of Car Wrecks: My new favorite TV show?

    “Last Chance Driving School”, set in Queens(!), New York on A&E.

    posted 4/15 150pm Texas[Brake!Don’t Brake!Stay in the Lane! Holy S***!]Time

  24. Kat says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig! #JustSayin… That is all!

  25. Cathode Rays says:

    Still looks like a dumb liberal to me. 🙂

    Say, has anyone ever noticed an ability to pick out liberal versus conservative, before they’ve said anything on a talk show?

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