This tells you everything you need to know about Obama’s agenda. And this from a man still moderating himself as he seeks re-election. Samantha Power wanted a U.S. military invasion of Israel to force them to abide by a peace deal with the Palestinians. Imagine what he’ll unleash in a term when he doesn’t feel compelled to please anyone. For more background on Power and details on her hostility toward Israel, and dare I say Jews in general, click through to Yid With Lid.

Only Barack Obama! Today the President tried to show he was a friend of the Jews with a beautifully crafted speech Holocaust Museum. Showing his words mean nothing, also today Samantha Power began work today as chair of President Barack Obama’s new Atrocities Prevention Board. If you don’t remember Ms Power she once called for a US force to invade Israel and force through a “peace settlement.” Powers also had some unflattering things to say about about America’s Jewish population during the 2008 campaign

How long do you think it will be before Powers uses that board as tool to de-legitimize Israel?

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  1. Shifra says:


    “alienating a domestic constituency” (those pesky American Jews) “of tremendous political and financial import” (who are *all* filthy rich and control the U.S. Congress) — Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, would be so proud of her!

    Powers, the DB, Pelosi, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Biden, Axelrod — *these* are the true atrocities!

    • gingersnap says:

      I would love for you to write an article on this Shifra. You have really educated me and I am sure others regarding the depth of hatred and the serious issues facing Jews and Israel.

  2. dennisl59 says:

    The Female Triumvirate of Amoral, Degenerate, Depraved, Warped, Anti-Israel Foreign Policy Shrews of El Presidente’ aka Barry Sorento:

    Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Power(*)

    (*)Married to Cass Sunstein, Marxist-Leninist True Believer;Alma mater: Harvard University; Opposed impeachment of Clinton, Believes the 1st Amendment should be ‘reformulated’; suggested granting ‘standing’ to animals, citizens ‘should celebrate ‘tax day’ and on and on and on. You get the picture. These two deserve each other’s company, like Ayers and Dorn.

    posted 4/23 1020pm Texas[Fight the Democrat-Media Complex!]Time

  3. naga5 says:

    in a related note, i saw that furkel also sullied the holocaust museum today. at least elie wiesel was there to not give furkel a free pass for politicizing the museum visit.

  4. ReardenSteel says:

    My God, she’s Cass Sunstein’s wife?! Truly the most dangerous couple in America. You’re right on Shifra. Human rights abuses she says. How many thousands of rockets shot into Israel by the “religion of peace”? Sunstein’s book “Nudge” should be required reading. We’re traveling down the road to tyranny my friends. I WILL NOT COMPLY!!!!

  5. mrcannon says:

    Two weeks ago, Michael Medved finally grudgingly admitted that Barack Obama does not mean us well, never mind that he’s been saying the exact opposite on his radio program ever since the DFB took office (“He’s a good man, he’s just wrong on almost everything”, and so forth). I can only hope the rest of the Jewish community worldwide has the same revelation, because according to another nationally syndicated talk show host who visited Israel recently, more Jews still support the president than don’t. The Messiah is no one’s friend, the proof is absolutely everywhere, and I just shake my head in amazement that too many Americans choose not to see.

    • Shifra says:

      I think Medved has a big need to be seen as Mr. Nice Guy, so he has difficulty taking his boxing gloves off and hitting hard.

      But I’m curious which talk show host said that a majority of Israelis suppport Obama; I heard a recent discussion on the Voice of Israel, broadcast from Jerusalem, and they were basically worried that the American economy might pick up a bit in the next few months and give O a boost: they really want him o-u-t. Btw, Romney and Netanyahu worked together in Boston in 1976, for the Boston Consulting Group, where both had been recruited as corporate advisers, and they have been friends ever since. I think when Obama loses in November, there will be celebration in Israel. (Oh yeah, and here too 🙂 )

      • mrcannon says:

        It was Roger Hedgecock. I’m not sure if he himself proclaimed it, or if it was one of his guests, or what it was based on, or even if the person who said it was referring to native Israelis or Jewish Americans, but I know I heard someone say on his show that Obama isn’t nearly as unpopular amongst Jews as he should be. It was startling to hear, however, it was talk radio, not fact, so I took it for what it was worth. It just floored me, though, to hear Medved actually praise Obama’s comments after the Trayvon Marting shooting. It went far beyond trying to be Mr Nice Guy; it was so wrong it was scary.

        BTW I think when Obama loses in November, Jesse Jackson will shed more tears than last time. I can hardly wait to see it.

        • Shifra says:

          Michael Medved *praised* Obama’s Trayvon Martin comments? Did not know that. Thanks for reminding me why I no longer listen to him. 🙂

          Yes, it is unfortunately true that O is not as unpopular among American Jews as he should be. But it slowly seems to be changing….

          • mrcannon says:

            I don’t listen to him, either, but he’s a frequent guest on a local show here in the Puget Sound area. When he said that Obama’s speech was “emotional”, “restrained”, took no sides, and the nauseating “if I had a son” diatribe was undeserving of criticism, I thought I must be in some warped alternate universe.

      • Maynard says:

        Hey, Shifra, I read the article you linked about the Romney/Netanyahu connection. It’s an interesting intersection. I just have to ask…it sounds almost too good to be true, and I wonder if the association is overstated to make for a better story? That is, did these men actually meet and bond in a non-trivial way, or did they just pass each other in the hall? You see why I ask; sometimes these political legends aren’t backed up by reality.

        • Shifra says:

          Yes, I understand the need to be skeptical of these things, but the article is from the New York Times, so it *must* be accurate 🙂

          Seriously, though, it does sound “on target” to me. I mean, Axelrod hasn’t tried to trash/mock/destroy the story, right?

  6. Maynard says:

    Wow, she sure uses a lot of words to express a pretty simple idea: Withdraw support from the Israeli defense force; Instead “invest” (i.e., “give”) billions of dollars to Hamas and Fatah, and invade Israel to protect the hapless Palestinians; there will of course be criticism from a few powerful domestic malcontents (meanings the dreaded Jewish lobby), but we should ignore those pesky Jews in the interest of perpetrating a “lesser evil”, which is better than the presumed greater evil of allowing Israel to commit genocide. Did I get it right? Gotta admire her rhetoric and flair. This gal was born too late to work with Hitler, but fortunately Obama could use her.

  7. Maynard says:

    Okay, I just looked up the news report.

    Auschwitz Institute Praises Obama’s Creation of Atrocities Prevention Board

    The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation commends the creation of the U.S. Atrocities Prevention Board, announced today by President Obama at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    Auschwitz Institute executive director Tibi Galis will take part in the Board’s first meeting at the White House today. The meeting, which will be moderated by Samantha Power, the Board’s chair, will feature three panel discussions and will be webcast live at 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time…

    So Obama and Samantha Power win the hearty approval of the “Auschwitz Institute”. The irony here is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

  8. Pat_S says:

    So in our thought experiment, i.e., let’s not speak about Israel directly, we should think of you-know-who vis-a-vis the Palestinians as a genocide like Rwanda in its incipient stage. Nothing inflammatory being said here. No, no. Just speaking academically.

    When American power is projected for the best interest of America, the Left screams “Imperialism!”. Doing the same for a radical agenda is “principled thinking”. Sure it’s fundamentally undemocratic, but shrug, that’s how it has to be when the Left wants to do it.

    According to (my emphasis)

    As the APB conducts its first meeting this afternoon, it should ensure that the full range of tools – diplomatic, economic, humanitarian, and military – can be brought to bear on this difficult set of issues, including the ability to interrupt the supply chain from entities that enable atrocities.

    Do you think they’ll take up Syria as a top priority? Would the Board have any advice on pressuring the enabling entities of Russia and Iran?

    Another question, does the Atrocities Prevention Board trump Congress?

    • Maynard says:

      Pat, the APB may not trump Congress if it’s just a domestic panel, but if there are foreigners on it, then it presumably carries the legitimacy and weight to bypass Congress and give marching orders directly to the military. And how could any reasonable person argue with such moral supremacy?

  9. LucyLadley says:

    Revisionism is alive in the USA. I’m praying the citizens of our country will reflect on the importance of the Constitution.

  10. strider says:

    Of course a new agency is required as the number and magnitude of atrocities accelerate. Good cover for making another trillion disappear.

  11. morecowbell says:

    I have no idea what Powers is talking about.. it was a silly premise to begin with and a nonsensical response. Just more very expensive insanity.

  12. otlset says:

    Prevention of atrocities of course would depend on determining the elements and conditions that create atrocities, and then intercepting and disrupting those elements before an atrocity is made. Which of course means more surveillance and pressure on right-wing organizations, groups, Tea Party types and so forth to continue and build upon Holder’s groundbreaking efforts so far. Holder’s ‘people’ exempt as usual of course.

  13. Alain41 says:

    btw, our special Republican Senators Lamnesty and McCan’tfindmyelbow cosponsored resolution to refer Syria ‘situation’ to the new AP Board.

    Article also states that BHO’s Order includes:
    “ordered the 16 U.S. intelligence agencies to prepare a National Intelligence Estimate on the risks of mass atrocities that require U.S. intervention”

    16 federal intelligence agencies!

  14. Alain41 says:

    Also, “require U.S. intervention” !!! Doesn’t that sound like go-it-alone cowboyish diplomacy? Don’t liberals normally say things like; take this to the U.N.?

  15. radargeek says:

    Another FREAK appointed by o’freak. What a surprise…At least o’nutterbetweentheears is consistant. Every day is disaster day yeppy!!

  16. AniMel says:

    Yeah. Let’s invest in Hamas, a terrorist organization who rounded up members of Fatah and slaughtered them wholesale in 2005 simply for not being militant enough. Fatah was bad, Hamas is pure evil.

    Of course, we’re also talking about a group that teaches kids to hate Jews and wish for the complete destruction of Israel, to the point that they videotape kids in elementary school dressed as suicide bombers and saying that they want to grow up to be Shahid. Yeah, Israel really needs to hold back, I tell ya.

  17. Trish S says:

    I am going to go as far as to say she has mentall illness eyes. She and her hubby Cass are one of America’s most dangerous couples. Man, one more troubling piece of news that most Americans have no clue about.

  18. radargeek says:

    So her “unvaluable” wisdom is throwing tens-of-billions more dollars at the problem, send in a military to force Israel into “compliance” and appease the bloodthirsty savages? Nothing about holding Ham-ass acountable, forcing them to change their ways of teaching hate and murdering their’s or other people’s children. By God, we can’t pursue that avenue can we?
    BTW, remember all the billions in foreign-aid given to these psychotics ended-up in Yessir Imafatbasterd’s bank accounts?

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