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The following genius brought to you by the usual suspect, IBD’s Michael Ramirez.

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  1. Shifra says:

    For those who were too young to remember Jimmah Carter, here’s the deal: Yes, he *was* an awful, incompetent president. But he was not in our faces every three minutes. Rosalynn was a nice-enough First Lady, seemed like a typical stay-at-home mom. We did not hear or see much of her, or their daughter Amy. When Carter went on TV, it was a Big Deal. The President of the United States is going on TV! He has something to say to us! Everyone tuned in. And their vacations? Camp David, and sometimes to home in Georgia.

    Now, we have Mr. and Mrs. DB. I think of them as cleaning fluid. You know, the kind that you think is really going to take out a stain on your fav shirt,and the pungent odor gets in your nose, but so powerfully that you think the fumes went to your brain. *That* is what they remind me of…. (And someday I’ll tell you what I *really* think of them! 🙂 )

    The *one* positive thing that came out of the DB presidency is that more people now know how to spell “narcissism” 🙂

    • Chuck says:

      Well said, Shifra. I remember Carter very well and agree with your assessment.

    • LJZumpano says:

      oh yes, I remember Carter. Even when he failed to free the Iran hostages, felt he had tried. We all wanted him to succeed, and were not so much angry with him as saddened at the failure. The gas lines were awful, but again, was seen as an attempt to do something to help rather than destroy. His attempts to bring peace to the Middle East were also an attempt to do the honorable thing. It would never have occurred to me that Carter didn’t love America and want to do what was best for her. He did show that good intentions are often not enough and after four years, America was ready for Reagan. I will always remember voting that year. A neighbor was on line with me. He was almost jumping out of his skin, so excited about casting his vote. This would be his first time. He had a house, five children, a wife who worked and a small business. He was definitely not into politics, but he had personally felt the agony of the the Carter years. He had had enough and was going to express his feeling with that vote for Reagan. IMO, there are a lot of folks like Eddie out there this year. You won’t find them discussing politics and tactics and agendas, but come election day, you will find them in line at the voting booth, waiting to cast their vote to defeat BHO.

      • Samster1 says:

        I keep getting the feeling as you do that there is a silent majority out there who are not into politics but will vote against the DB in November. (I also pray every day that the truth keeps coming out to benefit those who are not into the new media.)

    • Cernunnos81 says:

      I can’t wait to hear your opinion of them Shifra m’lass. Being nice because he is the sitting DB in Chief and don’t want the Secret Squirrels to pull a Ted Nugent on you?

      The things I could tell… oh, the things I could tell. *sigh* We’ll get rid of him all legal and proper. 3years and too much crap too late, but still legal and proper.

  2. jeaneeinabottle says:

    Yes, I remember those wonderful gas lines we had to wait in, odd and even days, it was sad, now they just raise the price and screw us that way. There are so many that are brainwashed, thinking we don’t have the amount of oil we do. Drill baby drill is what I say!! 🙂 grrrr! (I won’t even mention…the DB tonight, blek)

  3. Maynard says:

    Drudge linked to this article, “Cameron to tell Merkel she is the only person who can save the euro”. I was interested by the note, near the bottom, indicating that Obama is urging Europe to follow his own failed path of endless spending:

    Obama wants EU to ease up on austerity

    The US is to offer Europe prescriptions to stimulate growth and stave off further turmoil in the eurozone.

    At the G8 meeting starting tonight, Barack Obama is expected to reiterate the view that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s austerity-only approach must be counter-balanced with some stimulus spending. As the G8 leaders discuss “actions” to restore growth in the EU, Mr Obama will remind them of his own record of signing an $862bn stimulus package in 2009 when the US was tilting into a depression.

    So Obama saved us, did he? His supporters trumpet that Obama turned the country around, but the story didn’t end there. He turned the country around, and then he bent it over, and then he sodomized it. Yes, print and spend, print and spend, our one-trick-pony’s one trick is wearing thin.

  4. Alain41 says:

    The narcissist’s thinking probably continues like this: GW owned slaves, killed native americans, didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize, and had no jump shot. I’m doing the world a favor.

  5. LJZumpano says:

    on the issue of whether or not Wright is an issue. Amusing that MSM is doing the very thing the Super PAC intended — exposing who he is and his relationship with BHO.

  6. MaryVal says:

    The world was very different when Carter was President. We had 3 television channels, broadcasts stopped at midnight. At midnight the television station showed a flag and played the Star Spangled Banner, then you had the test pattern until 6 a.m. BO has so many more opportunities to put himself in front of the voters, you can’t even come up with a number. However, Carter didn’t have the compulsion to be a celebrity that BO has. I don’t think we’d see Carter on every form of communication, perpetually, the way BO is. Carter: depressive, negative, sour, anti-Israeli if not anti-Semitic; a scold. Stop yuh whinin’, turn down the heat, wear a sweatah. Kissing up to Arafat. A real “it can’t be fixed”, America is declining attitude; a bumbling incompetent unfit for office, something he has in common with BO. I agree though that Carter didn’t desire America’s decline. He thought it was inevitable and we should resign ourselves to it. Thank you God for Ronald Reagan.

  7. LucyLadley says:

    Old clips of this person during his college days, still reek of an inflated ego. Looking at his facial expressions from when he was in his 20’s show contempt & disdain. Why did the American Public embrace electing a person like this? Why are there citizens still wanting this personality type leading our country? I thought the leaders of our country were supposed to have the heart of a public servant. Facial expressions & mannerisms speak as loud as words. Expressions reflecting pride & confidence are different than contempt & disdain. Being a public servant with no personal goal, is the greatest service our President could do for The United States Of America.

  8. jmm says:

    Read Ed Klein’s book “The Amatuer”. Fascinating read especially about DB’s relationship with Mooch, Valerie, Oprah and Wright. You see quickly that Mr. & Mrs. DB have a history of using people and then kicking them to the curb. No one, not even Oprah escapes their wrath. DB supporters say, Wright gave the interview to Klein because he was dumped on by the Obama’s. Who know’s? Even its half true its a portrait of a pathetic man that happens to be the President and leader of the free world.

  9. midget says:

    What I remember about Carter, is not the gas lines or the incompetence as much as how he angered the Iranian students by welcoming the Shah of Iran after they had revolted against his regime and kicked him out of Iran.Even though it has been proved that the Muslim leaders actually met with Hitler to plot against the USA, I believe it was Carter that aroused the beast of Islam because it was then that we heard our country being called “The Great Satan”. When President Reagan on Jan 20th knew the hostages were released, He led us in strength even though they continued their assault, ie the bombing of the Marine Barracks etc. But now that obama has shown weakness and even admiration for those that have proven to be our enemies, he makes Carter look almost preferable. As for the cartoon- excellent ! Pretty soon he’ll be taking credit for parting the red sea…

    • Charles_TX says:

      It wasn’t that Carter aroused the “beast of Islam,” Carter’s sin was much worse: he let the radical Iranian Islamists out of their cage to start devouring everyone in the vicinity. It will take generations to undo the chaos that Carter unleashed. If we’re lucky, and don’t elect any more weaklings to the presidency!

  10. radargeek says:

    Our “composite” prez…Not a real President!

  11. snit3 says:

    I’m depressed…everything sucks…fiddlesticks!

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