Gee, thanks Daddy! Supposedly this is “Michelle’s advice” which apparently both she and the Secretary of State should follow instead of dolling out. Does anyone know if they screened “My Fair Lady” after the address? Because after all, no one at Barnard is worried about getting a job now that they’ve graduated. No, they’re just wantin’ to look goooood and now with Barack “Higgins” Obama on their side, Yes They Can! be stylish! And women of Barnard, if you’re wondering why people don’t take you seriously try listening to yourselves screaming for Obama like little girls at a Justin Bieber concert. Now that he’s gone what will you do? Oh yeah, say hello to the unemployment line and food stamps. Congratulations! Pathetic and embarrassing.

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    When you can’t find a job because of the Dumb Bastard you get depressed,
    When you get depressed you eat gallons of Hagen-Daz ice cream,
    When you eat gallons of Hagen-Daz ice cream you get fat,
    When you get fat you get angry and beat your significant other to a pulp,
    When you beat your significant other to a pulp you get put in jail,

    Don’t get put in jail…Vote Romney.

    posted 5/14 620pm Texas[Pass the Chocolate Chocolate Chip] Time

      • Shifra says:

        Funny stuff, Dennisl59 – *but* — when you can’t find a job because of the Dumb Bastard, you get depressed, and when you get depressed, you can’t afford to eat Haagen Dasz because it is too expensive; instead, you eat really bad no-brand-name freezer-burned ice cream goo. *Then* you get fat, etc.

        • dennisl59 says:

          The Häagen-Dazs(East Coast) reference was specifically made for you Shifra. That’s what all the Long Island Co-eds would order when I used to deliver Blimpies Subs to Georgetown, George Washington, and American Universities in D.C. back in the early ’70’s in my Mercury Capri from the store at the intersection of Wisconsin and M Street in Georgetown.

          posted 5/14 1030pm Texas[Extra Provolone!]Time

    • NancyB says:

      Too funny Dennis! A vicious cycle indeed, again this whole “presidency” has been a vicious cycle of events.

  2. Maynard says:

    Michelle also offers sage advice. See her on the “Ask Michelle” video.

  3. IslandLibertarian says:

    He had to throw in the “stylish” angle…..hasn’t he been stylin’ by hangin’ with Clooney……..singin’ and dancin’ with Jagger? Oh wait, didn’t Mick relocate to the South of France to avoid TAXES????? And how many loopholes does George use and what kind of deduction does an A-List Obama worship party get you?
    Maybe he could have gotten Sir Paul to sing “Tax Man”!

  4. geezee says:

    How siiickening, this condescending SOB. does anyone remember when saddam hussein was video-taped years ago, when he was still in power… little kids were obviously made to stand around him for the video and he was caressing one for the camera like he was Big Daddy Emperor, and the child was miserably uncomfortable…? KING PREEZY reminds me of that. Big Daddy Preezy!! caressing all the lucky little graduate girls! telling em what they can be when they grow up! same arrogant condescension when he called sandra fluke and told her HER PARENTS MUST BE SOOOO PROUD of her. WHATT??? this is modern feminism, MOMMY & DADDY are proud of itty bitty baby girl?? and why are they proud?? cuz she’s responsible about birth control!?

    Tammy, help! you were a feminist, why do these women take this? no walk outs?? he is so insulting! flagrant, condescending, full of himself, UGH!

    i have news folks, i was married to a narcissist like The Preezy, and for the next 25 years, we are going to watch him break his arm patting himself on the back & congratulating himself about what a fine job he did in office. Prepare for a lifetime supply of books he’ll write about the wondrous miracles he performed in office….it’s the toothache that’s never going away.

  5. Trish S says:

    Thing 1 and Thing 2 are nuts.

  6. Alain41 says:

    I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, but seeing/hearing today’s commencement speakers makes me truly thankful that my commencement speaker was Father Theodore Hesburgh, then Notre Dame’s President. Unserious commencements can be fun when they occur, but a serious commencement with a serious speaker is best in the long run.

  7. deaves1 says:

    This president is such a complete idiot. This is your fault Juan McRino. You didn’t want to be President, but accepted the nomination anyway. Look at the suffering this Nation and it’s people are going through. This is all your fault Juan.

  8. LucyLadley says:

    When I was in Jr. High, we had something called slam books. They are not allowed anymore, due to the nature of their cruelty. After seeing this clip, I had a slam book flash back. If I would have heard this in Jr. High, not to mention, High School, College or currently grandmotherhood, I would put “DORK” on the page next to this inane speech.

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