Two things going on here–the height of moral equivalency and regular pot use. What else could explain this rambling, nonsensical drivel? (Via Newsbusters).

Here’s the amazing video. The only thing missing is the bong.

PIERS MORGAN: What would you do about Iran if you were the American President?

TED TURNER: Well, first of all, I believe in total nuclear disarmament. That’s the only way we’re ever going to get there. We all got to play by the same set of rules. We have 2,000 or several thousand nuclear weapons. Iran has none at the current time. It’s okay for Israel to have 100, but it’s not okay for Iran to have two. That’s, that’s, you’re not treating everybody equally.

Um, because Iran murders their own people in broad daylight in the street, is the world’s leading terrorist-exporting country, harbors al-Qaida, has vowed to “wipe Israel off the map,” and hangs the gays from cranes?

You have no strong position except force. Only by force can it be done. I think we’ve already voted at the U.N. and the Security Council to get rid of nuclear weapons. Let’s get rid of them. Let’s get rid of ours, and then Iran will stop, I believe, and everybody else will because if everybody doesn’t have them, then we’re safe – at least safe from a nuclear attack.

If we disarm then Iran will “stop.” Just like how the Manson family decided to not kill all those people because they were unarmed. And just like how the Taliban don’t murder children or throw acid in the faces of little girls because they’re unarmed. Oh, wait…

I mean, if we have full-scale nuclear exchange, it’s going to destroy life on Earth, all life. Maybe there will be a few cockroaches left, but that’s all, and I find that crazy. This is such a nice world, and most of the people are really nice here.

But, you know, and if you treat people with dignity, respect, and friendliness like I did with the Russians and the Soviets before them with the Goodwill Games, if you try and make friends, you can make friends and you can do that even with former enemies. Japan bombed us at Pearl Harbor, and now we’re good friends with the Japanese. We fought China in the Cold War, but now we’re good friends with the Chinese, most of us are.

I vaguely recall a thing called The Bomb helped us along with getting the Japanese to be our friends. It took convincing. And China? I;m thinking it might be better to not be “good friends” with mass murderers. But maybe that’s just me.

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  1. Shifra says:

    It’s the “Mr. Rogers approach” to foreign affairs:

    It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood
    A beautiful day for a neighbor
    Would you be mine
    Could you be mine

    It works well on PBS. In the Middle East… not so much…

    Notice how Libs *always* see the potential goodness in every genocidal maniac. Evil exists only in the… wait for it.. Tea Party!

  2. Maynard says:

    The disturbing thing is that people with such dangerously insane ideas reach such a high level of influence and power. Haven’t we learned the hard way that you don’t tame a lion by sticking your head in its mouth? How many millions more must die before the Turners of the world absorb this lesson?

    As a technical point, it’s worth noting that Iran is a signatory to the Nonproliferation Treaty, and Israel is not. When you sign on, you get certain benefits (you can participate in and benefit from international nuclear commerce) and are bound to certain obligations (you are subject to international inspection, and will not enrich the fissionable material beyond the point required for civilian nuclear technology, which is much lower than the enrichment required for nuclear weapons). That’s why we didn’t have much to say about India or Pakistan’s nuclear arms; they, like Israel, didn’t sign, so we could squawk but couldn’t do much else. Iran signed up, and is now in violation. We may be uncertain about exactly what Iran is doing with their nuclear material, but it’s a hard fact that Iran stands in substantial breach of the Treaty. (By the way, North Korea also signed but later withdrew.)

  3. dennisl59 says:

    Ted Turner and Joe Biden should be opposing ‘guest contestants’ on Password or The 100,000 Dollar Pyramid…Tammy would be ‘The Quiz Master’…use your imagination…

    But more importantly: We need to know who did the picture of the “pot” head?

    posted 5/4 652pm Texas[Farberware]Time.

  4. ancientwrrior says:

    The country seems to be chock full of those POTHEADS. They are predominately present on the right and left coasts. Hmm, must have something to do with their proximity to sea water.

  5. JHSII says:

    Ted Turner has been watching too many badly written movies on his own network. A full scale nuclear war with everything thrown in would NOT destroy “all” life on earth. Dull, boring technical details aside, most people (particularly in South America and Africa) would barely notice.
    The real problem is nuclear blackmail – especially if Ted gets his way and we unilaterally disarm.

  6. Dave says:

    Yeah Ted, great idea, why didn’t I think of that… and know what?… expedite things along we could just GIVE our military resources, Subs, tanks, missiles , planes, all of it… AWAY to the countries that NEED THEM!!! Yes!!!
    Its sorta like SHARING THE WEALTH…. I mean,….if we disarm, all that stuff would just sit there and rust, until it was melted down by heat from nuclear incomings!

  7. Alain41 says:

    If only we had played nice with Hitler, he wouldn’t have had his tantrum.

    Stalin, Mao, Castro, they’re all misunderstood. They love people, enslaved or dead.

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