Really, WTH is wrong with her? I have a tiny feeling your captions might shed some light on her mind’s inner workings. Or we could just try to guess how many beers she had before this swearing-in ceremony. Yep, this was at an official event swearing in the new Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs. She always looks like she’s ready for the cover of “Giving Up” Magazine (stolen from Hot in Cleveland ;). I can’t wait until November 6th.

Have at it!

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Greetings from the planet, Feline. We come in peace to drink your beer.

  2. careless says:

    “Oh Bill, not the cigar again!” Aunt Bee’s never looked better. #moronpoliticians

  3. midget says:

    Pay no attention to the person behind the glasses !

  4. Patricia says:

    I really think she needs her meds adjusted or did she think she was at Mardi Gras?

  5. mr_richcarter says:

    I now dub you sir skips alot

  6. imacat says:

    “They’re coming to take me away, ho ho he he ha ha!”

  7. Shifra says:

    noH QapmeH wo’ Qaw’lu’chugh yay chavbe’lu’, ‘ej wo’ choqmeH may’ DoHlu’chugh lujbe’lu’


    Welcome, Klingons for Obama !!!

  8. otlset says:

    “To the Batcave Hillary! The Hopenchanger is up to his old tricks!”

  9. Shifra says:

    Listen up, peeps: Instead of The Pledge of Allegiance, we will be singing “The Eensy Beensy Spider”

  10. dennisl59 says:

    ‘Do these glasses make my ass look fat?”

  11. Chuck says:

    “I’m beautiful in my way
    ‘Cause God makes no mistakes
    I’m on the right track, baby
    I was born this way …”

  12. otlset says:

    Hillary models the new DNC virtual reality glasses that filter out liberal hypocrisies and highlight conservative evildoing.

  13. SwimnLA says:

    As with all drunk libs:
    Its just a jump to the left – and no steps to the right…
    Put your hands on your hips, and your knees (pads) in tight…
    But is the voting thrust (union thugs, union thugs)
    That makes us go insaaaaane…
    Lets do the Hilary warp again…

  14. FrankRemley says:

    “What do you mean there’s no role for Catwoman’s mother in the new Batman flick?”

  15. HotWasabiPeas says:

    Of course she’s a drunk…check out this avatar of Hill trying to enter a plane..I love it!

  16. flaggman says:

    “Lookin’ for my, lost shaker of salt…”

  17. radargeek says:

    I can see you people naked with my x-ray glasses!

  18. Kevin says:

    Please uuuhhh, someone uuuhhh, help me.

  19. Dave says:

    Why, oh why, did I ever get into following politics. I was happy with the NFL.


    or… she looks like she might be saying…. ” Oooooo!-hee hee!! I think a scorpion just crawled up my doodie!! “

  20. strider says:

    “Bill wants me to run for President – what do you think?”

  21. dr4ensic says:

    The New “Suspension of Disbelief Glasses” by Ronco

  22. n9zf says:

    So, this is how Merriweather got the Batman?

  23. Shifra says:

    Please don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

  24. jll101 says:

    Look at me! I’m Catwoman!

  25. skunky says:

    Bat-Sh**-Crazy Woman!

  26. radargeek says:

    In reference to the Gay Activists Visiting White House And Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait story today:

    Maybe the Log Cabin Republicans can take these boys out to the ‘wood’ shed.

  27. tamcat says:

    “Why should I be serious? This administration is a joke.”

  28. trevy says:

    If you wear these glasses you’ll see that the economy is great, gas prices are low, the country has a national surplus, and the country can be powered by fairy farts.

  29. trevy says:

    Bill, do these glasses make me as desirable as Monica?

  30. trevy says:

    Barack, these are the latest in teleprompter technology.

  31. _1GOPkid says:

    Bitch, please! NO ONE can mistake me for Madelline Albright or Janet Napolitano now!

  32. PopArt says:

    Borrowing a favorite line from the movie Almost Famous… “Heeeey, your Aura is purple!”

  33. AlThumbs says:

    “I ain’t by no wayz tired.. ok ok How about Gucci, Gucci, kewl…”

  34. strider says:

    “…let’s borrow money from China, waste it, and leave our grandchildren with the debt.”

  35. RuBegonia says:

    To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

  36. Pat_S says:

    Hey, I’m just as surprised as you are. When they asked me if I wanted fancy glasses I said, “No thanks, I’ll drink right out of the bottle”.

  37. TAM I am says:

    How many beers did I have? THISH many!

  38. Sixth Sensical says:

    “Things are going great, and they’re only getting better … the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” h/t Timbuk3

  39. […] Readers: In 2008, Obama’s campaign was touted to have a most fundraising team. Is that team now out drinking with Hillary Clinton?It seems that their new donation tactic is now the center of a Category 4 Twitter-Storm, with […]

  40. Sally says:

    Where’s nurse Ratched when we need her?

  41. mrcannon says:

    “I’m one-sixteenth black swan, and I’m proud of my heritage.”

  42. Teri says:

    Tammy, I think we are beyond beers. This woman is a nutcase. I am embarrassed by such behavior. God help us.

  43. Maynard says:

    “I can’t imagine why Bill would even look at another woman!”

  44. sourkraut says:

    Can anyone imagine Condi or Madeline doing this? Hillary is only mimicing the joke that the DB is. Now laid out for the world to see. So goes the DB, so goes his administration.

  45. jimmer says:

    Klaatu barada nikto

  46. lct123 says:

    I bought these beer goggles especially for this occasion.

  47. ancientwrrior says:

    Have I been drinking, am I drunk? Of course I’m drunk, do you think I could do this job for the D.B. sober?

  48. dennisl59 says:

    “Fools! I’ll have you know these hands are registered lethal weapons!”

  49. persecutor says:

    “I’ll get you and your little dog too!”

  50. Tom LeMay says:

    I can see ruination from here!

  51. aardvark says:

    “Up Twinkles for Barry!!”

  52. wilde1 says:

    Hillary behaves in this manner when she is giddy about screwing a fellow Democrat. In this case, it is Obama. She is saying that she does not care how his administration appears. She is leaving and is happy that her husband will be the only re-elected democrat since FDR. She has done this before. Watch footage of Bush 43’s inauguration in 2000. The Clinton’s were no fans of Al Gore. Al Gore looked numb and thought he should be sworn in. Hillary was laughing her head off and clapping with delight with Bill when she should of behaved as if she was attending a funeral.

  53. PopArt says:

    I can see the Planet Zogg from my house.

  54. Trish S says:

    Has anyone seen the keys to my broom? I am not too drunk to drive. Really.

  55. geezee says:

    why yes! as long as you’re going to the bar….!

  56. MVSGeek says:

    But daaaaahling, Drag is SUPPOSED to be outrageous!

  57. deaves1 says:

    This cow gives we beer drinkers a bad name. I’m only concerned that Leverne and Shirley stay gainfully employed.

  58. Chuck says:

    Dame Edna is the Secretary of State?

  59. rtthorne says:

    No really, I’ve had enough. But if you’re buying, I’ll have another!!!!!

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