What are the Demorats going to do? Every time they put this guy in from of a microphone he digs an even deeper hole for all of them. And we thought Uncle Joe Biden was the gift that kept on giving. It seems now that Obama realizes the jig is up he can’t cope. At all.

So, the Golfer-in-Chief had a press conference this morning and got nailed by the Big Elbow of Karma. He managed to make a complete ass of himself, looking like a scared rabbit as he declared the economy in the private sector was “fine,” and then went on to “Uhhh” himself through a question about national security leaks flowing from the White House. Congratulations liberals–you thought you were going “fundamentally change” the United States. Instead, you’ve fundamentally destroyed your own reputation and party. Jerks, each and every one of you.

First, here’s his comments about the private sector being just “fine.”

The RNC already has an ad out, “Doing Fine,” mocking Obamuhhh for the revelation that he obviously has no clue what’s wrong.

Romney was also right out of the gate nailing Obama on the rank absurdity of the comment.

Video: Then comes his greatest, uhh, moment, of uhh, answering a uhhh question about the national, uuuh, security leaks from the White, uhh, House.

Even the Washington Post was aghast at what they heard.

‘Uhhh,’ the president’s ‘uhhh’ press conference was ‘uhhh’ terrible

If you are president of the United States and you don’t have anything to say, don’t have a press conference to say it. If you’re the president of the United States and by Thursday it’s widely believed you’ve had one of the worst weeks of your presidency, take Friday off, and specifically avoid having a press conference.

Anytime you are president and you’re speaking in public at an ill-timed press conference after a bad week, try to have something to say, and do a good job in saying it. I watched the whole thing, but it’s not easy to think of one useful thing that he had to say. And what he said, he said very poorly. Was it just me, or did the president seem a little dazed and confused? He should have had a cup of coffee before the press conference.

But wait! Obama must have been hit with a pie, as he now admits the economy is not fine, and that’s why he had…a press conference. Newsflash for Obama– a “press conference” isn’t the answer. Really, you can’t make this up.

“It’s is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine, that’s the reason I had the press conference,” the president said Friday afternoon in response to a reporter’s question.

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  1. Shifra says:

    From answers.com — what is the connection between narcissism and shame?

    “In the Narcissist, shame is so intolerable that the means have been developed not to experience it at all. What psychologists call “bypassed shame” looks like shamelessness or the absence of a conscience, hiding behind a protective barrier of denial, coldness, blame, or rage. Since there are no healthy internal mechanisms available to process this painful feeling, the shame is directed outward, away from the Self. It can never be “my fault.”

    Shame is among the most unbearable of human feelings, regardless of our age or station in life. Unlike guilt, it speaks not to the misdeed but to the misery of a pervasive personal flaw. We first experience shame in the eyes of our mother or primary attachment figure, when, starting around the age of one, we bring her (usually) our excitement and, instead of sharing our pleasure, she scowls and says, “No!” Her unexpected disapproval shatters the illusion of power and importance that is how we see ourselves at that early age, derived from our union with her. Without warning, we have been ejected from this paradise, and it can only be because we are bad. We feel bad, therefore we are bad.
    For some children, this experience, repeated over and over in the course of socialization, is so crushing that they never quite get over it, and they spend their lives avoiding anything that makes them feel ashamed. Recent research in neurobiology has shown that the developing brain is not yet ready to process the intense experience of shame at the age when socialization begins and that the lack of an emotionally attuned parent at this crucial time can actually stunt — for life — the growth of the pathways for regulating such profoundly unpleasant emotions. What helps the infant’s brain develop properly is for parents to provide what the young brain is not yet able to, the soothing of the very shame they have inflicted.”

    Poor Barry – his defenses are not working well lately. And from what we know of Ms. Stanley Dunham, she sounds like she was not exactly an “emotionally attuned parent,” to say the least. (But of course, now it is all the local governments’ fault. Pathetic!)

  2. greenlantern2011 says:

    Word Salad!! A little wilted…

  3. mrcannon says:

    I feel sorry for Jay Carney. If I had his job, I’d have to chug an entire bottle of Maalox daily, just to cope. After an episode like this, however, I’d be slamming my head against the wall to induce a concussion. I would easily take the ICU over having to face the press corps again.

  4. Maynard says:

    The media hasn’t done this man any favors by tossing him softballs for as long as they could get away it. He might have been stronger if only he’d been called upon to answer hard questions along the way. Instead, surrounded by sycophants and enablers, his reasoning abilities have languished. As we enter the endgame and the visible signs of failure can no longer be ignored even by the liberal media, Obama withers. It’s an embarrassment. This is what comes of a “bubble boy presidency”; personal failure and national failure. Thank you, mainstream lapdog media.

  5. IloiloKano says:

    Where’s TOTUS when you need him?

  6. radargeek says:

    If I had a lying traitorist American-hating racist communist amature president; he would look like O’milly-mouth.

  7. strider says:

    The decline of the private sector is just fine with him.

  8. Mutnodjmet says:

    Obama threw Obama under the bus.

  9. ancientwrrior says:

    The big Zero looks like his missus has been feeding him sour grapes all week.

  10. Maynard says:

    Hey, I got a idea! Maybe Obama should try blaming everything on his successor’s predecessor!

  11. Alain41 says:

    The flaw in the philosophy of, Never let a crisis go to waste, is it works well when you are on the outside. Once you are on the inside and responsible for leading, you have a history of your leadership and if things are bad, then to continue pursuing your crisis philosophy you must change your policies & actions ala Bill Clinton pivoting. But Obama doesn’t want to change his policies & actions, and with the well of it’s Bush’s fault drying up, he has nowhere to go. So it’s look at the shiny thing and deny. I’m laughing at you Obama, not with you.

  12. WalkStar says:

    Great thread, guys! I can see November from my house!

  13. WalkStar says:

    O-RAT-Or. The Great Orator? Looks like a secret message from my Flash Gordon Decoder ring! Note the Os flanking the rat …

  14. persecutor says:

    This is becoming the Stepford presidency. Scary.

  15. LucyLadley says:

    Simply shaking my head…. If there is no personal accountability for the president, there is no reason to write a history book about one.

  16. snit3 says:

    (I see I posted this comment in the wrong place yesterday – fits better here)

    As a public service I have transcribed (with great difficulty I might add) the rambling of the Dumb Bastard from his June 8th press briefing. Hopefully this will help clarify the “word salad” presented in the audio Tammy played today. I made no attempt to fully transcribe the actual questions, since they appear rather meaningless in light of the answers given. Obama’s words, however, are as precisely transcribed as possible:

    Question:(not a transcription) What’s your reaction to the kill list getting out to the public, and, what’s your reaction to lawmakers charging that you’re using this information to bolster your re-election bid?

    Obama: First of all, I’m not going to comment on the, the details of… what are…ah…sposed (sic) to be…classified…items….Ah…Second…ah, as Commander and Chief…ah..the issues…ah, that aaaaah…you’ve mentioned…touch on our national security…touch on critical issues of war and peace…ah..and are classified for a reason…because they’re sensitive…and… because…ah…the people involved…ah may in some cases may be in danger if they’re carrying out some of these missions….and when this information…ah…or reports, whether true or false, surface…ahhh..on the front page of newspapers…ah…that makes the job of folks on the front lines tougher, and it makes my job tougher…which is why since I’ve been in office my attitude has been zero tolerance… for, ah, these kinds of.. ah..leaks and speculation. Now…aa..we have mechanisms in place where if we can root out folks who have leaked..ah..they will suffer consequences. In some cases it’s criminal, ah…these are criminal acts when they release information like this…ahh…and ah…we will conduct thorough investigations..ahh..as we have in the past. The notion that…my White House would purposely…release…classified national security information…is offensive. It’s wrong… and…aaaaaaaaa…ya know, people need to have a better sense of how I approach this office, and the people..ah.. around me here approach this office. Ah…we’re dealing with issues…that can touch on, ahh, the safely and security of the American people…our families…ahh..or..our military personell, or our allies…and so we don’t play with that, ah, and…ah..it is a source of consistent frustration not just for my administration but for previous administrations when this stuff happens…ahhmm……and we will continue..ah..
    to…ah.. let everybody know in government…ahh…or after they leave government, they have, they have certain obligations that they should carry out…ah, but..ah…as I think has been indicated from these articles…ah…whether or not the information they received is true…ahh…the writers of these articles have all stated unequivocally that they didn’t come from this White House…ahh…and that’s not how we operate.

    Question: (not a transcription) Something about “going on now?”

    Obama: What I’m saying is..is that we consistently, whenever, ahh..there is classified information…that..ahh..is put out into the public..ah…we try to find out where that came from…………………All right? OK! Thank you very much everybody.

  17. MACVEL says:

    “Surely this is an Onion post, right? Even Urkel could not be THIS stupid,” said Macvel naively.

  18. otlset says:

    Grounds for a presidential drug test if you ask me. They should have drug-tested the numbskull when he signed “2008” on the Queen’s registry in 2011 — I still can’t get over that one. A positive result would explain a lot of things.

  19. geezee says:


    i think he is a little uplifted here, he’s talking about his exciting now career in Hollywood once he gets free of us unwashed masses living down here in these dirty utters of reality. he is just sick and tired of having to answer to anyone, thus we get this paralyzed performance. he’s doing the very best he can do–THIS– till he gets the hell out to CA.

  20. AniMel says:

    And Obama broke out in song…

    “Ooooohhhhh, I love to dance a little sidestep – now they see me, now they don’t, I’ve come and gone! Oooooohhhhh, I love to sweep around the wide step! Cut a little swath and lead the people ooooonnnnn!”

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