No matter what else they say to you, this is what it is: amnesty. Bottom line for Obama–800,000 potential voters including in the swing states of Colorado, Nevada and Florida. So far, only Allen West has spoken forcefully against this. Miss Lindsey had a few tweets whining, but until he takes of his boa and gets to work to stop this madness, I’m not taking him seriously.

YOUR MISSION? Contact your representatives in Congress now! Tell them to stop this now.

Obama administration to offer immunity to up to 800,000 illegals

The Obama Administration will stop deporting and issue work permits to as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have never committed a crime, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday.

Napolitano said the change is needed to ensure enforcement resources are not expended on “low-priority cases” and are instead focused on people who “meet enforcement priorities.” But the move angered Republicans, who viewed it as an overreach by the administration on a matter that should be addressed legislatively.

“Today, I am announcing that effective immediately, young people brought to U.S. by no fault of their own and meet several criteria no longer are removed from country or entered into removal proceedings,” Napolitano said in a conference call with reporters.

The election-year announcement was met with surprise and question by GOP lawmakers, while raised by at least one leading Capitol Hill Democrat…

Here’s CNN’s spin:

Under the new policy, people younger than 30 who came to the United States before the age of 16, pose no criminal or security threat, and were successful students or served in the military can get a two-year deferral from deportation, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

It also will allow those meeting the requirements to apply for work permits, Napolitano said, adding that participants must be in the United States now and be able to prove they have been living in the country continuously for at least five years.

The change is part of a department effort to target resources at illegal immigrants who pose a greater threat, such as criminals and those trying to enter the country now, Napolitano said.

It “is not immunity, it is not amnesty,” she told reporters, adding the shift is “well within the framework of existing laws” and “is simply the right thing to do.”

That’s all, of course, BS. This move immediately puts makes over 800,000 people ‘legal residents.’ They’ll have work permits, which means they’ll demand/get legal ID which means they’ll be voting. It also means citizen taxpayers are immediately on the hook. They’ll be eligible for unemployment, Earned Income credits (immediate welfare), etc. If this is allowed to stand, these under 30 “young people” will pour into the welfare system as they vote for Obama. It is the ultimate redistribution of income–now to illegal aliens, but it is also a dilution of your rights as a citizen in general. Not only the right to vote is affected (which he is trying to give away), but he’s eliminating congressional action required for this sort of a massive national scheme.

Remember when Obama said he’d prefer to have the power of the Chinese premiere? Ed Klein’s “The Amateur” has Obama complaining to international leaders that he hates having to talk with Congresspeople from “Palookaville.” Well, now he is like the Chinese premiere taking unilateral action. What’s Congress going to do about it? That’s up to you.

From December 2011 here is Obama campaign director Jim Messina in a 3 minute video explaining their strategies to stay in the White House, which includes “expanding the electorate.” I noted at the time this meant AMNESTY.

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  1. Timbo says:

    and this surprises anyone? call Congress every hour, every day for the next 4 months…what else would he do? He hates us. They think we are stupid and lazy…prove them wrong

    and we are not impeaching this guy? GOP…hello?

  2. radargeek says:

    I called my Senators and House Rep. today to voice my opinion that this o’dicktater is circumventing our representatives and “We the people!” I hope my fellow citizens do the same. This is a travisty!

  3. Chuck says:

    This is easier than having to say “Sí, se puede” or “Cinco de cuatro” on Univision.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Nero only fiddled. BHO actively sets fires, an arsonist yelling look at the fire, you need me to save you from the fires.

    BHO is a constitutional scholar like a bank robber is a financial expert.

  5. otlset says:

    Seriously, somebody should (forcefully) tell the power-mad jerk he just can’t wave his hand and decree laws like a king. We all know this has nothing to do with helping illegals, but has everything to do with helping Obama the narcissist for some hoped-for political gain. Everything’s about him!

    Sic semper tyrannis!

  6. Alain41 says:

    March 15, Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back, et tu Brutus?

    June 15, Uncle Sam was stabbed in the back, et tu Barack?

  7. persecutor says:

    So,it’s a policy of catch, release and vote!

  8. thething1982 says:

    Its Catch, Release, Vote Democrat

  9. geezee says:

    I think there is a possibility that 800k mexicans would vote pro-life…could it be possible obama is bringing in 800k votes for Romney??? at any rate, this should be the right’s mission, to spread the word throughout all of illegal immigrant world & mexico: that obama is pro-abortion. otherwise (and anyway), i do fear obama is stealing this election, right under our noses.

    Tammy, since you were on the left, tell me, why do you think it is that none of these lame stream media crowds don’t blow the whistle on this bastard??? is it possible they don’t realize the media is the FIRST to go when it comes to dictators and bastards like obama? i just don’t get it. the gays will be hanging in streets and they say nothing? the media will hang next to them, yet it’s crickets. why why why? what’s your gut answer? i heard you ask david limbaugh a similar question about the house & senate…no one wants to be labeled racist. but this is a different question, don’t you think??? i’m baffled. all i can think is, the ONE WORLDERS my father (WWII vet, now rolling in his grave) railed against….. are here.

  10. strider says:

    Another handfull of sand gets thrown into the gears.

  11. jmm says:

    This President is DISGUSTING! Im soooo mad i cant speak or type!

  12. Maynard says:

    The issue of illegal immigration again illustrates, and perhaps more clearly than any other issue, how the American government no longer represents the people, but exists only to cater to special interests. Because nobody wants an uncontrolled border. As far as I can tell, this cuts across every line of party affiliation, demographics, ethnicity, gender, whatever. You go to the people and they say that the border should be controlled. But then you go to the party organizers that think they’ll have votes in their pockets, or you go to the businesses that think they’ll hold down labor costs, and that’s where you get the strong support for the open borders. So why do these self-serving bad-for-the-country policies prevail over the national interests and the will of the people? They get away with this because, like Bill Clinton and his sexual escapades, they can. And they beat us into submission, these selfish sons-of-bitches, by calling us filthy names for daring to argue the point. It’s disgusting.

    By the way, how can they keep saying they’re only allowing non-criminals to stay in the country? Damn it, entering the country illegally is a criminal act. That’s why they’re illegal aliens. What mad universe have we fallen into that I have to point this out?

  13. Maynard says:

    One more comment, this about the young illegal aliens who are criminals “through no fault of their own.” Okay, let’s make an analogy. Let’s say a father brings his 10-year-old son along while he robs a convenience store. So the police are going to arrest the father, but they won’t file criminal charges against the child. However, this doesn’t mean the kid gets to keep the stolen money. That’s the problem here, just because you didn’t decide to commit a criminal act yourself doesn’t mean you get to keep the fruits of that criminal act.

  14. strider says:

    A timely distraction as the security leaks have effectively blinded us in the middle east and Iran wraps up it’s projects.

  15. ancientwrrior says:

    We no longer have a president of these United States of America. He is president in name only, what we now have is an unmitigated power mad Socialist/Communist/Dictator. The wolf is no longer at the door, he is sitting at our kitchen table deciding on which of us he is going to devour next. It is past time for talk trying to get him out of the house, but to grab the woods mans axe and make of him wolf soup! Why oh why don’t we stop this creep. I’ll say why, because we have been conditioned not to because, (here it comes), he is BLACK! The powers behind the throne are using his blackness as a weapon to destroy us. I see this along with most of the Tamms here, but will those we put in power, the Congress, Senate, and Judiciary see it. It is up to us to light fires under them to get them to act.

  16. AniMel says:

    Wait…so he wasn’t willing to issue an executive order to stop DADT, and he refuses to stop DOMA the same way, but he’ll stop the deportation of certain classes of illegals by executive order?

    Yeah, he’s pro-gay. I’m a believer!

  17. sandyl says:

    I really can’t decide who I am more disgusted with…….Dear Leader DB, the LSM or Congress, because not only has Congress done nothing to stop this dick- tator, they are complicit in destroying this country. They feign outrage, promise to stop all this, but do nothing because it is all a dog and pony show. I pray the day will come soon, when the fires will stop, we can begin the healing process, and we can stop for an instant and take a breath.

    Note to Maynard: Excellent analogy of the bank robber. And I too have always wondered why people say “illegal” aliens have committed no crimes.

  18. ShArKy666 says:

    i’ve called my rep NAN HAYWORTH yesterday & expressed my outrage over this SCUMBAG’S crimial acts!!…he’s gotta be arrested after we kick his sorry ass to the curb!!

  19. Maynard says:

    Disrespect at a press conference? Unprecedented? Flashback: Richard Nixon’s press conference, 10/26/73:

    [17.] Q. Mr. President!

    THE PRESIDENT [to Clark R. Mollenhoff, Des Moines Register and Tribune]. You are so loud, I will have to take you.

    Q. I have to be, because you happen to dodge my questions all of the time.

    THE PRESIDENT. You had three last time.

  20. Timbo says:

    and Congress will say and do NOTHING…

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  22. paul14 says:

    Boehner? Boehner? Bueller? Bueller?

  23. paul14 says:

    I hope contacting congress has as much effect “now” as it did with healthcare!
    Oh wait,,,,,,,,,,,never mind!

  24. Dave says:

    You’ve all seen Frankenstein right?…..Pitchforks, and torches, alotta them.

  25. Samster1 says:

    I will hold my anger directed toward congress in the hope that they will be doing something about this on Monday. Oh and those who count on the referenced illegals to not vote for Obama because he is not pro-life, umm, those who will vote illegally have already “sold their souls” don’t you think?

    • sandyl says:

      Exactly! An illegal has already shown no respect for us, our laws or our *way* of life- but their pro-life morals will guide them to vote Republican?? All they are thinking about is all the things they are getting for free by not following the law. Typical liberals and they will vote liberal. Remember, liberals only practice their religion on Sundays.

  26. angelaisms says:

    I sent a letter to my Congresscritters. I’ll be submitting this to Misfit Politics (where I am a contributor) as well. And I’ll post it here in case it helps anyone else with composing their own message:

    Dear [Name],

    I was deeply disturbed to hear of President Obama’s announcement this past Friday, June 15 2012, that his administration has taken upon itself to decide which parts of our immigration laws ought or ought not to be enforced.

    Janet Napolitano, in her statement on the matter, made it sound as though the matter is one of conserving limited resources. However, I have a very difficult time believing that President Obama, who has in recent weeks been regaling the people of this nation with sordid tales of insufficiently staffed local police departments, and who also had no problem whatsoever with swelling by thousands the ranks of the IRS in anticipation of the implementation of Obamacare, is somehow unable to fill the ranks at ICE. I am aware that our country is operating in the red, financially speaking. But I find the argument that fiscal concerns could stay the hand of the man who’s thrown barrels of money at various political cronies, while apparently being completely at ease with the fact that he has yet to sign a budget his entire term in office, far from plausible.

    As I am sure you are aware, the enumerated powers of the executive branch of our federal government, as per the United States Constitution (aka the supreme law of this nation), have nothing whatever to do with making or interpreting laws; the executive branch, rather, is tasked with enforcing those laws.

    I understand that we do not see eye to eye on very many issues, but I hope this is one on which we are agreed – that to allow this degree of lawlessness to go unanswered not only puts our nation in a precarious position in the present, but also sets a dangerous precedent for future holders of the office of President of the United States. Simply put, the Presidency does not entitle its occupant to treat this nation as though it were his own personal fiefdom. Furthermore, as evidenced by his remarks on Univision last year, President Obama is fully aware of the illegality of his actions. His brazenness would suggest that he doesn’t think that anyone in Congress will mount a sufficient resistance to stop him.

    He may be right on that point. I dearly hope he is not.

    I will admit that I don’t have a lot of faith that you will act in this matter. I hope to be proven wrong.

    The systematic weakening of the United States of America, of which this latest outrage by the President is part, is no laughing matter. America is a load-bearing wall on the global scene. The question now is, will you oppose those who are going after that wall with pickaxes and power tools in hopes of finding Narnia on the other side? Or are you with them?

    You made an oath. Keep it.

  27. sharon says:

    A very very sad state of affairs. He must be voted out of office. We have work to do, there is no more pussy footing around.

  28. uncannyfornia says:

    This is like throwing Afro Americans under the bus. traditionally mass immigration,amnesty has hurt the black community!

    one has to wonder if the song Obama uses “we’ve got his back” to Court the black community on radio will leave an arrow an his back after this!

    Obama look’s like Fan boy from fan boy an chum chum anyway.

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