It was my pleasure to speak with David Limbaugh today about his new book “The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic.” we also talk about Obama’s announcement today of amnesty for over 800,000 illegal aliens under the age of 30. Like all of us, David’s not very happy about that either.

This is a public podcast and I hope you share it far and wide. Enjoy! You can also follow David on Twitter @DavidLimbaugh

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  1. Shifra says:

    Great interview, Tammy, and *perfect* timing. As you said on the show today, how much more difficult it would have been to hear the latest news without being able to share our outrage. I remember Nixon’s Silent Majority speech, and how powerfully that resonated with so many people. And now, we are silent no more !

  2. rosebud2186 says:

    I still find myself waking up in the morning thinking, “I can’t believe this man is our President.” I will purchase this book for the toolbox : )

  3. PopArt says:

    Great to hear the interview. I’ll add David’s book in the queue when I’m done with the Amateur. I wanted to share a minor but telling story from this evening when my friend and I were window shopping in New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is well known as an artist’s community and a very liberal enclave.

    At the poster store we went to, there was a rack of tins of mints with political art and messages on them. Amidst the leftist ones including one dinging Sarah Palin, I saw tins of mints named thusly “This is change? Disappoint MINTS” with a background image of the iconic Hope poster with a scowling Obama looking over his shoulder. Needless to say, I was happy to spend $4 on a box.

    During my purchase I spoke with the sales girl about all the Obama related merchandise the store had brought in to sell and she wondered what they would do with it all after November. I asked how well they were selling and she admitted pretty poorly. Also while walking through town, I noticed a grand total of two Obama/Biden yard signs and one was posted low to the ground amidst some shrubbery as if the homeowner wasn’t quite proud enough to display it fully.

  4. Chuck says:

    This was a great interview. Thanks Tammy for bringing David on the show. I will be reading his book.

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  6. Piratin says:

    It’s not just Obama’s war. The war on our citizenry is conducted by all who cooperate, collude and are silent…

    how Obama avoids prison:

  7. strider says:

    A clear difference between someone like President Reagan and most other Presidents seems that they had a full life outside politics and could bring that with them to the task of governing in a way that was helpful. President Obama and many of his camp followers in various disciplines are immersed in politics and have no ability to envision let alone accomplish anything other than “getting their way”. Maybe being king of the swamp is their quest.

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