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  1. Piratin says:

    This should be called The Obamacare Tax so it’s differentiated from all the other taxes he imposes on us (inflation, for example). Calling it The Obamacare Tax keeps it associated with “health reform” so when Romney talks about repealing it, everyone knows he’s talking about this specific tax.

    Obama Dictatorship: Coercion through taxation!!

  2. radargeek says:

    The virus of prog-social-comm of both parties and its leader has affected (not destroyed yet) the individual sovereignty, just as they destroyed the state sovereignty through the illegals/no borders earlier. We see that the virus had a worm hole in the SCOTUS. Once they kill the individual and state (that was to protect the citizen); what is next is the national sovereignty. We only have one more antidote to stop this virus and that is Novembers vote. God help us all if that does not stop this.

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