There’s action you may need to take even if you’ve checked and your computer is free of the virus. First, go to the FBI site where they check your computer automatically to make sure it doesn’t have the virus itself. Even if you’re green and clear, watch this video just to be sure your DNS hasn’t been changed at some point in the past. Here is your “DNSBlackout Avoidance Changer” lesson:

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  1. Piratin says:

    O/T: Hey, remember those ppl in PA who offered a discount to anyone who showed to dinner with a church bulletin (Tammy mentioned them on her show)?

    Here’s their site and some things you can buy to support them:

    This restaurant looks great…You can also purchase a gift card for someone and offer your written support here:

    This restaurant must be in the heart of Amish country. That John Wolff (the guy suing them( is one heckuva malicious moron…

  2. Trish S says:

    Thanks for this info Tammy!

  3. mrcannon says:

    Yes, thank you so much, Tammy–everything you need to know in six minutes, especially if you’re running Windows.

  4. dennisl59 says:

    A clear and consise explaination of the issue…Thanks Tammy!

    posted 7/7 736am Texas[Got DHCP?] Time

  5. Rob_W says:

    Thanks for looking out for us, Tammy.

    Virus protection software does not detect all malware. I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in addition to my virus protection. The free trial download will scan and remove malware.

  6. geezer says:

    Thanks Ru and Tammy.

    One thing I don’t understand about this… maybe another TAM knows the answer… why didn’t the FBI reach out all the stragglers who still use their bogus DNS address by intercepting those users at the DNS server and redirecting them to a page which tells them about the issue and how to fix it?

    Anyone who has used free public wi-fi has seen the way that no matter what URL you enter, everyone first goes to the “accept terms” page. Why not do something like that to catch everyone who is still trying to use the bogus DNS before the jurisdiction date runs out. Can’t get more targeted than that to reach ONLY and ALL of the affected people.

    This could have been done from day one or even just starting ten days before the FBI DNS servers are required to go off line.

    As it stands now, it seems like people who don’t get the word via the publicity campaign are simply going to fall off the cliff on July 9. A helpful page starting on say July 1 with a message about how to fix the issue would seem far more desirable than a “DNS not available” error starting on July 9.

    Seems like this must have occurred to someone on the team working on this at the FBI. So maybe there is a technical reason why it wouldn’t work. Or maybe the court order prohibited them from altering the normal DNS function.

    I could think of some non-technical reasons why the FBI might jump at the chance to host a DNS server which legally collects behavioral data about millions of affected citizens while they conduct the PR campaign to get the word out, but that introduces a bogey man I would rather not bring into a discussion of the government simply trying to do something good for the citizens who are affected by an internet virus.

    Oh well, it’s a mystery. Anyone know the answer?

  7. Bash1955 says:

    thanks Tammy!!

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