Here’s a snippet, please do go take a look at the whole thing 🙂 The Guardian is known as a liberal paper so I appreciate their willingness to bring, um, alternative points-of-view to their readers. Liberals aren’t too happy about that, of course, as you’ll see in their comments section. They always cry and spit when their preferred meme is confronted. As I note in the column, many of us have been forced into responding to the left’s craven attempts to score political points on the back of a horrific tragedy. They believe decent people simply will not respond. We will, and it’s our decency that compels that response.

Only law-abiding armed citizens can prevent more Auroras
The liberals trying to exploit this tragedy should realise it makes as much sense to ‘control’ movies like Batman as gun ownership

After the horrific mass murder at the Batman movie launch in Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning, Americans were once again unable to grieve without being pounced on by politicians and liberals seeking to politicize the tragedy for their own political gain. As we are praying for the victims and the families, some of us had to counter the shameless first instinct of liberals to politicize the tragedy.

What was some of the first “reporting” by the news media? In a now infamous act by ABC’s Brian Ross, he got political. Instead of focusing on the extraordinary stories of heroism by first responders, the efforts by churchgoers who, in another theatre, rushed out to carry victims to safety and minister to those who were targeted by a psychopathic stranger, Ross decided this obscene event would be a great opportunity to confer blame on the Tea Party…

These liberal zealots have no shame – as they know that there was only one thing that could have stopped the carnage in that theatre: an armed, law-abiding citizenry. In fact, armed Coloradans have already proven how they save lives. In 2007, the mass shooting in Colorado Springs at New Life Church stopped only when churchgoer and concealed-weapon carrier Jeanne Assam shot and killed the suspect, ultimately saving hundreds of lives.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Apologize to all, this is a horrible tragedy and a liberal paper presenting a defense of 2nd amendment rights is great, but still I’m going off-topic.

    I have a fear of the unknown; what if during her vacay Tammy discovered that she liked silence, starts the show and then shuts up because she can. Speak Tammy Speak! Alternatively, what if she’s built up an avalance of ideas that she must get out all at once, forgets to breathe and faints. Breathe Tammy Breathe!


  2. Ayeboots says:

    Absolutely! An Armed population is a safe population. Why didn’t some of those
    young bucks in the theater attack the Bastard. The American population has been
    whipped out by the Social Media and the Education System. I am sure a couple of
    guys could have gotten behind him and taken him down.

  3. Patricia says:

    Excellent column Tammy: by the comments you can tell the liberals heads are spinning. Ahhhh, Tammy’s back, life dealing with libs is fun again 😉

  4. JHSII says:

    Funny how in a country so willing to submit itself to Sharia (England) without protest, they are telling us that we can’t defend ourselves…

  5. persecutor says:

    Superb piece, Ms. Bruce; superb piece.

  6. strider says:

    Great article. All those comments sound like they were written by the same person or many people clinging to same stale dogma.

  7. critter64 says:

    Thank God the century clip hung up. This my suspicion, when we had these in Somalia they kept hanging up when we where trying them out. We called the manufacturer and they informed us that if we were using 5.56mmA2 ammo that they are slightly longer and we had to fire a 100 – 200 rounds through the clips so that a groove could form allowing for the ammo not to hang up. Thankfully this fool didn’t know this if that was the case.

  8. Maynard says:

    Kind of interesting that our Sen. Feinstein said it’s good that the audience was disarmed. The following information used to be on Wikipedia, but it seems to have been removed. Clipped from here:

    Senator Feinstein is a staunch gun control advocate. Despite her stance, in the 1970s, she obtained a concealed firearms carry permit, and carried a handgun with her. A CCW permit was then rare in California, and was the only such permit in San Francisco. At the time, she was the target of a terrorist group that had shot out all the windows in her home. She no longer carries a gun.

    One set of rules for you, one set of rules for me.

  9. Shifra says:

    I jumped into the fray, and commented on their site. Nasty bunch of Libs, to say the least. I was told I was guilty of “projection,” and it made no sense, but I’m sure he/she/it was proud to use a big word. Seems their two fav words were “moron” and “eff.” Love how Tammy rattles their cage 🙂

  10. Southrider says:

    I wonder if Sen Feinstein wants to outlaw gasoline too? A can of gas and a match killed a lot more fun seekers one night than this turd did…

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