Here’s that great new ad from the RNC on Obama’s astonishing “You didn’t build that” gaffe, along with Krauthammer encouraging Romney to play this on an “endless loop until the end of time.” Bwahahaha!

This is good stuff, now let’s hope Romney keeps up this unrelenting tone during the debates. Click here for Krauthammer’s fabulous response.

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  1. Shifra says:

    I’ve got to stop watching this. But I can’t. It’s soooo good. Ok, I’ve finished watching. Um, OK, just once more…. 🙂

  2. trevy says:

    Hey RNC, do you think you wrote this great ad because you’re so smart or hard working? You didn’t write this terrific ad! Obummer opening his big mouth and sticking both of his feet in it made that happen!

  3. Maynard says:

    My gosh, what a wrong-headed jerk we’ve put in charge.

    Obviously a lot of blowback from this latest assault against individual initiative. Take a peek at this picture.

    Speaking of Obama’s morons, did you catch this Drudge-linked 1-minute video of Jay Carney’s comments regarding the capital of Israel? Must see! You’ll never find better waffling!

    For anyone not familiar with the background: Israel’s capital was Tel Aviv, but was moved to Jerusalem after Israel captured the city in its entirety in the 6-Day War. But, in order to avoid annoying the Arabs, most nations pretend the capital is still in Tel Aviv, and all the official documents and actions reflect that attitude. I have some memory of Reagan acknowledging the capital as Jerusalem, but am I remembering correctly? I think subsequent presidents have gone back and forth on this a bit, although I don’t remember whether we moved our embassy back or forth. This stuff is mostly symbolic, of course. But symbolic actions convey a sense of where one’s heart is. And perhaps give some sense of what one will do when push comes to shove.

    • Shifra says:

      Maynard, someone sent me the Carney clip today, and I was thinking of writing a post about this issue. But your summation of the topic is excellent.

      Our oldest child was born in Jerusalem, and her U.S. passport states the country of birth as “Jerusalem.” No mention of Israel!

      (“olim” means “those who return to Israel.”)

      Btw, the U.S. Embassy is in Tel Aviv; the U.S. Consulate is in Jerusalem.

      I found the Carney clip especially interesting because I was told it was posted on Facebook by a Jewish man who wrote: “I don’t think I can vote for Obama again, after seeing this clip.” (I would love to ask him what took him so long to come to this conclusion, with all the b.s. of the last four years, but I’m glad he has come to his senses.)

  4. Obama’s latest commercial where he has to try and explain himself, reminded me a lot of that Christine O’Donnell bit, where she begins, “I’m not a witch…” It is just as sad and pathetic that he has to go on TV and try desperately to redefine the narrative. He is in panic mode and very reactive. That now infamous speech he gave, was simply just him trying to go on offense, and define the big differences between him and Romney. During 2008, there was so much bad going on that he could just be very vague about things. (We’re gonna change this, and heal that. We’re gonna end corruption, and stop all bad stuff and make good stuff happen.) Now he has to try and get a little deeper in his rhetoric, and when he does that, he will always get into trouble, because 90% of what he “truly” believes is so abhorrent to at least 65% of Americans. I can’t wait to watch Dinesh D’Souza’s moive 2016!!

  5. greenlantern2011 says:

    Usually, I just like relish on my hot dog, but I must admit I watch CK’s response to that ad with relish, too.

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