All these women are fantastic: Gov. Martinez, Rep. McMorris Rodgers, Sen. Ayotte

Lots of news today about the VP choice, with Kelly Ayotte suddenly getting a lot of attention. Here’s the latest, plus the interview where Ann Romney confirms they’re considering a woman for the ticket. I have been touting Gov Susana Martinez of NM for quite some time. She’s been very aggressive, however, about not being interested because of family reasons. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ name keeps coming up as well. You know Allen west is one of my personal favorites but I think he’d be terrific as Secretary of Defense. What’s your take on who should be in that slot, and why?

Mitt Romney may be tight-lipped about his vice presidential short list, warning that only he and longtime aide Beth Myers know who is on it, but a close examination of the campaign’s activity suggests four contenders have risen through the ranks: Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell may be considered wild cards, and Romney has said he’s thoroughly vetting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, though the first-term lawmaker’s status appears unchanged…

On readiness for office, conversations with Romney insiders and allies suggest that they have no qualms about Portman or Pawlenty. One of Romney’s biggest complaints about President Obama is that he is in over his head and had “never run anything before.” Pawlenty governed the state of Minnesota for two terms; Portman ran the Office of Management and Budget as well as the Office of the United States Trade Representative. Jindal is in his second term as governor of Louisiana. Paul Ryan, however, falls short in this regard; he was a Capitol Hill staffer and a marketing consultant before becoming a congressman at age 28.

As for chemistry with the candidate, Pawlenty, Portman and Ryan have all campaigned alongside him multiple times. Each endorsed him at critical moments in the primary process and appeared with him on the stump when they did. And each got a turn as his key surrogate on Romney’s June bus tour, which ran through their states. Jindal has not yet campaigned with the presumptive nominee, so look for that to happen soon in a swing state near you…

Here’s part of the CBS interview from this morning with Ann Romney and her husband. She notes the Obama campaign strategy is “Kill Romney,” and they discuss the VP potential discussion.

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  1. gkin31 says:

    Im starting to think that Tim Pawlenty wouldn’t be a bad choice for VP. But I would still prefer Allen West or Susana Martinez.

  2. sourkraut says:

    Rubio and Ayotte are non starters. Neither one has been around long enough, with no major accomplishments and too close to the establishment Repubs. Susana Martinez is an unknown, similar to Sarah Palin. With her stance on illegals, etc. the libs would eat her alive. Jindal does not have the photogenic appeal needed in an “American Idol” society, as well as his Indian background would be a major roadblock, regardless of his accomplishments in the state.(A Mormon and a guy from India?) Portman is too close to the W administration and Obama would unleash the hounds. Knowing that Romney does not have the “stones” to pick Allen West,( better as Defense Sec) the only alternative would be Pawlenty or McDonnell. Legislators do not make good executives, unless they have a military background in command, like West. Whomever Mitt picks, they must be able to take it to the DB with no holds barred”. They must adopt the “take no prisoners” approach the “Chicago Thug” machine has adopted. In order to be victorious, we must be as ruthless as the enemy, play their game (better)and show the American people that this country is worth fighting for.

  3. flaggman says:

    What conservatives are looking for is a person of real accomplishment, not a demographic or a concept or a star or a phoney (Crispy Cream Christie). I don’t believe we’ll be placated with someone like Ayotte or Ryan or Rubio, about whom only time will tell. If you ask me (which no one does), that leaves John Bolton (endless int’l affairs experience), Scott Walker (most accomplished sitting governor in America), Sarah Palin (self-evident), and Allen West (military experience). Palin wouldn’t do it, and I don’t think Mitt could put up with West overshadowing him, so I’d say if he doesn’t take Bolton or Walker, he’s crazy. Walker would probably demur given that he just fought for re-election, so Bolton it is. Romney/Bolton 2012, try it on for size.

  4. geezee says:

    oh yes, pleez JESUS let’s leave Bobby Jindal in LA! I’m from New Orleans, and I luv him as guv there… he is needed there! I laughed, Tammy, yes, that response of his back in ’08 was something right out of SNL. omg, nightmare – sweet little Barney Fife! not VP material!

    And yes to John Bolton! Why is this man never mentioned? is it the funny cookie duster?! he’s the man to fix our URKEL MESS all over the world!

    Speaking of no mentions, on a tangent here… why has no one referred to Urkel calling the Supreme Court ‘just a bunch of unelected folks’ …or whatever his derogatory remark was…? Suddenly he no longer thinks that? Suddenly they are all rocket scientists in his eyes. No one calls him on it. Michael Savage is right: there is no opposition party. that’s why urkel gets away with EVERYTHING. he has no opposition. if i have to look at john boehner one more minute, i’m gonna be sick!

    TAMMY DID YOU GET THE IRISH OATMEAL?! you’ll love it, i promise!

  5. Artgal says:

    Gov. Martinez is my first choice. Part of the reason I like her is because of her tough stance on the border and illegal invasions. She would be very motivating especially as someone of Hispanic descent – it totally goes against the repetitive theme offered by the media and liberals on both sides of the aisle that ‘amnesty’ is embraced by all Hispanics. Martinez and Gabriela Saucedo Mercer (congressional candidate in Arizona who immigrated legally) should be the examples of true American patriots upholding the law of the land. Rubio was not at all supportive of Arizona’s law & is wishy-washy.

    Just a tough love note: we had better adopt an attitude of not caring what leftists think of a GOP candidate’s running mate and be more concerned with who is the right person for the job – the right person being defined as someone who has done right by the voters, has the right vision for the country & in upholding the Constitution. Whoever is tapped as running mate is going to get the Sarah Palin treatment. Gov. Martinez could weather that storm. In fact, I am thinking any of the women noted would be able to do so!

    • Samster1 says:

      Martinez would be very good (she’s my governor, and after Bill Richardson it is such a delight). She is one of the few republicans who can hold an overall 63% favorable rating among all voters in the very left leaning state of NM. She gets trompled on daily from the left and stands up to it very well with calmness, simplicity and the facts. Although we don’t want to lose her, I think she would be great as VP, but I do think she is vehement about remaining in her beloved southwest.

  6. Alain41 says:

    I don’t want it to be Portman because he served with Bush and the BHO machine will canvass everything everywhere with, Romney wants to return us to the failed Bush economic policies, potentially taking away an economic campaign advantage from Mitt.

    If Ryan, the attack ads will be, Republicans want to end Medicare. Jindal maybe, but he still seems a litle new to politics. I think he could get more seasoning as a cabinet Secretary. So out of the four leading candidates, I favor Pawlenty. I think he could be okay.

  7. FrankRemley says:

    I’m sick of Ivy Leaguers. There’s nothing we can do about the top of the ticket since Mitt has an Ivy League graduate degree from Harvard but we can at least try to eliminate the Ivies from the bottom of the ticket. That means farewell Bobby Jindal (degree from Brown) and so long Rob Portman (Dartmouth). Make it between Ryan (Miami of Ohio) and T Paw (Minnesota) if the so-called Final Four list is true. None of the other mentioned candidates have Ivy League degrees either so at least we’re probably not going to be stuck with a ticket exclusively of Cantabs and Yalies. That’s a good thing for the country, IMO, even if Ann Coulter would say different.

  8. Trish S says:

    Martinez or West!

  9. Dave says:

    How about Romney being VP, and we find a candidate THAT CAN PUNCH OBAMA IN THE FACE!!
    C’MON ROMNEY, what the HELL are you doing out there….this guy just LIED his ass off to the nation, and youre on an effin’ speedboat? Im getting nauseous over here. Obama STILL LEADS IN THE POLLS.. HELLO?????? After the last 3 months of these job numbers HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

    I do not understand Tammy’s confidence level that Obama’s going to lose this election.
    I love Tammy, and I hope she’s right…..but here in July…. 120 some odd days to go…. I AINT FEELIN IT FROM ROMNEY! ;-(
    Its not like one softball he can hit….God, its more like a driving range with tees set up for him to smack 100 balls as far as he can hit ’em!… theres so much low hanging fruit to nail Obama on, I WANT TO SEE SOME FIRE. PISS OBAMA OFF!!!
    HE CANNOT KEEP HIS COOL, ITS HIS WEAK POINT! He will overreact, take it personally and look like the jackass he is by flailing around and getting nasty….he cant control his TEMPER!!! C’mom Romney….geeeez.

    • Kimj7157 says:

      There are a lot of people who seem to have short attention spans and memories. I think if Romney peaks too soon as far as the no holds barred/punching BO in the face stuff (which I will VERY much look forward to)–some of the impact will be lost by November. I think Romney is capable of it, and “the fire” is coming. And I’m thinkin’ Ann Romney will be a big help in that area. And…Obama will continue to reveal himself over the next 5 months. He can’t help it.

      I’m with Tammy as far as confidence in Obama losing. All that enthusiasm for the unknown commodity has greatly declined. And there are more of “us” than “them” this time around. Things are VERY different than they were 4 years ago–the state of the economy and the Tea Party movement to name just two.

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