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Here we go: 1) The headline using the word, ‘reportedly’?!. Either they are or aren’t! Another journalism intern at work. Dunce. 2) The only thing missing is a brim from the hat and it would be an exact copy of ‘Mao’s famous cap. 3) And no one at Ralph Ralph Lauren even thought that having these Made in China was OK? Not even our own Olympic Committee? WTH?…We now live in a real time Idiocracy. God Help Us.

Team USA uniforms reportedly made in China — again

The Olympics haven’t even started, but China has already taken gold from America — by manufacturing the uniforms Team USA will wear during the opening ceremonies.

With corporate sponsor Ralph Lauren designing the duds, the job of making the red, white and blue uniforms falls to its apparel contractors in China, the New York Daily News reports. Every item in the uniforms that the U.S. athletes will wear at the opening ceremony in London will carry an overseas label.
The company, in a statement, said the outfits aim to embody “the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship.”

But fashion designer Nanette Lepore said she was shocked that none of the uniforms had been made stateside, telling ABC News that it was “absolutely” possible that the Olympians could have been fitted in U.S.-made clothing for the opening ceremony.

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  1. persecutor says:

    Looks like the uniforms that Mooseshell designed for the Obama Youth.

    Just an observation, but the only two leaders that have had their very own symbols were Hitler (Swastika) and the Dumb Bastard (“Rainbow Swoosh”).

  2. strider says:

    On their way to help Judge Smails christen the new yacht.

  3. Maynard says:

    Yeah, clothing, like everything else, is imported. We’ve driven our productivity offshore. Who knew?

    Fortunately, we have a president who’s aware of the problem, and is working tirelessly to alleviate it. You can rest assured that for every business that flees the country to escape from Obama’s anti-business policies, there will be an expansion of the public sector to take care of those people that lose their jobs. Food stamps, health care, housing, whatever. Uncle Sugar’s got your back with another check, a bag of goodies. So there’s nothing to worry about.

    The world is too big and too stupid for me to save it alone. But I try, in my miniscule way, to push in the right direction. Hey, look, here is where you boys can get American-made socks and underwear! I wear this myself, and (trust me on this) I look darn good in it.

  4. AniMel says:

    Word is that Harry Reid is calling for the uniforms to be burned. He apparently said that he’d rather have our athletes wearing t-shirts with “USA” hand-painted on them.

    Suddenly, American exceptionalism rears its “ugly head” amongst the liberal ranks. So much for diversity, eh, Reid?

  5. Shifra says:

    When Mitt Romney was head of the 2002 Salt Lake Organizing Committee, did the Olympic athletes wear uniforms made in China?

    • wilde1 says:

      No. Their outfits were made from the company Roots that make their clothes in Canada. It was Winter Games so they wore berets as well. I am not sure why Ralph Lauren chose berets for summer. The outfits are based on 1940’s style suits. My family has attended every Olympic Games since 1936. The US athletes since 1976 wear ridiculous clothes. I appreciate that they asked Ralph Lauren to design the clothes since 2010. When Italy marches in the stadium, they wear Giorgio Armani. The Germans wear Jil Sander or Hugo Boss. The USA is the only country that the athletes have to raise their own money to attend. No US government assistance or taxes paid for the athletes.

  6. Pat_S says:

    The decision to make the clothes in China may be bad taste but it is a rational market economics choice—a fashion favorite of conservatives. If the shoe fits…

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