I agree with Ann here. Andrea Saul’s response to the outrageous Obama’s steelworker ad blaming Romney for the death of a woman is that she would have been covered under Romneycare in Massachusetts!! Ann makes all the points and is appropriately outraged over such a remarkably asinine response. This is the kind of rank incompetence that must be denounced by us and dealt with immediately by the Romney camp in an effort to not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. You know everything Saul said was discussed and approved, including the ‘she would have had health care in Massachusetts” line, which means this is a response the Romney campaign thought was good. Infreakingexplicable.

Here’s Ann’s comments, followed below with the Andrea Saul interview that has sparked this. Videos via Mediaite.

Saul steps in it at the 1:53 mark:

Appearing on Fox News Channel with anchor Bill Hemmer, Mitt Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul attacked a pro-Barack Obama PAC ad which links the GOP presidential candidate to the cancer-related death of a former steelworker’s wife. Saul veered off message, however, when she said that the fired steel worker would have had access to health care if he had lived in Massachusetts where, under Romney’s plan, health care coverage is extended to the uninsured.

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Press Secretary Andrea Saul Professional Political Bio(extracted from a website):

    *Press Secretary for Carly Fiorina’s U.S. Senate race in California.
    *Communications director for Gov. Charlie Crist during his recent U.S. Senate run but resigned in April 2010 upon his decision to switch party affiliation.
    *Press secretary to U.S Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) during much of 2009.
    *Director of media affairs for McCain-Palin, responsible for organizing all television, radio and surrogate activity.
    *Director of media affairs at the Republican National Committee, 2007-08.
    *Associate account executive at DCI Group, 2005-07.
    *Graduate of Vanderbilt University, 2004.

    OK, graduated in 2004, immediately got a job with a “L” (read: K)Street PR outfit, then to the RNC, then to the McCain campaign, then to Hatch, then to Crist, then to Fiorina. Loser, RINO, Backstabber, and Loser.

    Now far be it from me to question how this person got jobs with more responsibilty and pay, but we’ve all seen these types in business. A standard generic resume should include successful, measurable, tangible results, impacts and/or projects you’ve had in that business or with customers(internal/external).

    So tell me…What the He** has she done to rate the title of Press Secretary in a knock down, all in, political fight like this one? Answer: Nothing. She is clearly over her head in this position.

    Me? I’d hire a cigar smoking, rumpled shirt, old bald headed white guy who has nothing to prove or lose and frankly doesn’t give a crap, that takes no insult, and would kick El Presidente’ right in the doo-dads every chance he had by making El Presidente’s syncophants and shills and the Media frauds eat their own words, and in their face, night and day and twice on Sunday.

    But that’s ‘just me’ LOL!

    Time for a sabbatical Andrea…

    posted 8/8 1010pm Texas[Gloves Off!] Time

    • flaggman says:

      All signs point to a campaign being run by frat boys and sorority girls gone wild. They’re a freaking disaster. But that’s what I expected. It was about this time last year that the RomneyBots were gloating over Mike Tyson’s rape fantasy of Governor Palin.

  2. Pat_S says:

    I swear I saw a clip of Romney responding to this ad and it was pretty wimpy. Something generalized about campaign ads. I can’t find it now. This is an example of what is so unsettling about Romney. He is not politically agile. He’s a tone deaf technocrat. His campaign and staff reflect the candidate.

    • brandonj1973 says:

      Agreed-and if he loses to Obama in November, he has no one to blame but himself. I for one am fed up with the Republicans-the last decent nominee they’ve had was Reagan. Romney may very well win (and I hope he does as we simply cannot afford 4 more years of Obama), but I really do have to wonder-is Romney the best we can do?

  3. makeshifty says:

    This is reminding me of the gaffe the Romney campaign made after the SC decision on the ACA. A spokesman called the Individual Mandate a “penalty” just after the SC called it a “tax.” The next day the campaign corrected itself and called it a “tax.” To me, this was a search for credibility. The intelligentsia was arguing it was a penalty, disagreeing with the SC. Romney agrees with them to get in with them. After all, he believed in penalties for non-compliance with RomneyCare in MA. Then the conservatives in the GOP whisper as loud as they can behind the scenes, “PSSST!! Hey, it’s a TAX! The SC says it’s a tax, and if you undercut that we might not be able to repeal it through reconciliation in the Senate, you dumba**!” Then Romney comes out and says, “Oh…yeah. It’s a tax…” Then in this case, to point out what a great guy Romney is, Ann Saul talks up RomneyCare in MA. “See? He was thinking of people like that lady who died of cancer. He came up with a solution for people like her. Too bad Romney was “only” governor of MA at the time. She couldn’t benefit from it. Imagine what he can do as president.” That’s what Ann was saying.

    I think this is an indication of where Romney’s real inclinations are going to lie if he’s elected. Let us remember the gaffe from former MN Sen. Norm Coleman, who’s been working on the Romney campaign, where he said point blank that Romney is *not* going to repeal the ACA. He said, “We’re going to significantly modify it.” The Romney campaign came out with a strong response later saying, “Romney will repeal ObamaCare.”

    An isolated incident we can ignore as a “mistake,” but when this keeps happening around the health care issue, it’s looking to me like little hints are getting out about what Romney and those around him truly believe, but they’re trying to hide it.

    I just want to point out Romney has *never* spoken of his health care effort in MA as a “mistake,” or “bad policy.” He’s always said he thought it was a good idea. Why do you think that is? I’m not suggesting that Romney agrees with the ACA in all aspects, but what is it *about* RomneyCare that he really believes in? I think the fact of the matter is that he, in the mold of G. W. Bush, is a “compassionate conservative.” He can’t countenance the idea that people who need or want health care might end up going without it, for whatever reason. He could’ve said in MA, “Look, if people keep abusing the hospitals, using the ER without paying for it, it’s eventually going to close. And then you wont have an ER, or maybe not even a hospital.” This actually happened to some hospitals in southern CA 10 years ago. He could’ve allowed hospitals to demand proof of insurance, or that people in their community put up earnest money that would be held in trust until it’s needed. If people did not contribute, they’d be allowed some access to medical services, but not the ER, and up front deposits could be demanded before medical services were rendered. If none of these conditions were met, the hospital could turn people away. If enough sad stories happened of people needing health care who didn’t get it, because they didn’t do any of these things, then people would get the message: If you want medical care, you have to provide a way to pay for the service you receive. Instead of doing that, he roped everyone in MA into the insurance system, and said it was “going after the deadbeats.”

    The ACA was crony capitalism. It wouldn’t surprise me if RomneyCare was the same. These are two aspects of the problem with Romney’s thinking. On the one hand, rather than take steps to encourage a market approach to health care, he goes the other direction, because he thinks that people are too stupid to understand that health care is like any other business in a market economy. The other is that he’s probably willing to have the government be buddy-buddy with big business, so that both they and the government get a steady, guaranteed flow of cash. There’s no market discipline or accountability.

    Ann Coulter slipped a bit saying, “It’s not worth working for Oba–I mean, Romney, if he’s going to have spokespeople like this.” Exactly… I’m real glad to see she’s figured this out.

    Personally I feel like some conservatives have gotten weak in the knees at the prospect of an another Obama term, and have convinced themselves that Romney is our only choice in changing direction. Is Romney *really* a choice??? Think about that, please.

    I’ve been wanting to say this for a while, because it’s a fear that’s been growing inside me. Ever since the Bowles-Simpson commission has talked about a fiscal-financial calamity if the federal gov’t’s deficits are not brought down to size, I’ve wondered if we’re going to find our way out of this. I used to have faith that responsible people in government, sober voices, would say, “We’ve got to do something about this.” From all indicators I’ve seen, I think there’s a good possibility we’re going to sleep walk right into this financial calamity, no matter who wins the presidency, unless Tea Party candidates get enough seats to have something to say about this.

    From what I’ve been hearing about what the Romney campaign says are his spending plans, there is nothing that gives anyone confidence that he’s going to significantly cut the deficit. So I feel like I’m faced with the most ungodly of decisions: Who do I want to be president when the SHTF? Do I want Obama there, or do I want Romney? I really don’t like thinking like this, but I feel like I have to, for the sake of the country. I feel like if Obama is there, then there’s an outside chance that he and the Democrats will be blamed for the problem. Oh, they’ll come up with some “messaging” to blame Republicans in congress, and Wall Street for it. You can be sure of that, but maybe some people will say, “You are president. You are responsible.” What I fear is that if Romney is in the seat when it happens, the Republican Party will be discredited for a generation. The American people won’t trust it. We will become a one-party state, and that to me is worse than a 2nd Obama term in office. Maybe a third party would get going that would be competitive, but I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in that. I refer back to the state of the GOP during the Depression.

    The sad thing is I don’t know what Romney could do that would convince me he’d be serious about deficit reduction. I guess what would help is if proposed some things that he thought were politically dangerous to touch, and he stuck by them, despite the criticism that would inevitably come his way. I’ve gotta be frank. From what I’ve been hearing from the Tea Party, “Romney is not a fighter.” It’s looking like he is an able infighter, but he is not a leader. I think if there is any hope, the conservatives are going to have to lead from congress, not from the presidency, again, no matter who wins, and that’s going to be tough. I’m truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Of course, I would be ecstatic if I was wrong about all this.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Thank you Ann. Bouquets!

    Washington Examiner columnist writes that this response is essentially a David Frum view. (Isn’t Frum a NY Times columnist?)

    From the WE article; “…Romney consistently attempts to make up with tactics what he lacks in vision. Romney’s campaign isn’t driven by any core ideology or governing philosophy, but by responding to news cycles….”


  5. Timbo says:

    Why does Romney have a neophyte speaking for him? Does he want to win or not? I am beginning to wonder..

  6. Rob_W says:

    We would not have been burdened with such incompetence in a Sarah Palin campaign. Congratulations, RINOs.

    I remember Romney talking about firing people that perform poorly. Well, Mitt?

  7. ffigtree says:

    Romney’s new spokeswomen: Ann Coulter & Tammy Bruce.

  8. _CarrieP says:

    I completely agree with Tammy on this and said so to those on twitter yesterday who were lamenting and whining and saying things like “How are we going to beat Obama if WE are the ones beating up on our own guy? These kinds of missteps will happen, don’t beat up on our guy”

    I say screw that!

    The greater question is this: what kind of environment is going on behind the scenes at Team Romney where it’s okay to THINK this…let alone SAY it…out loud…on TV?

    And we are told this man will work to repeal Obamacare if we elect him? Really?

    As my friend’s Jewish mother would say……Oy Vay!

  9. paul14 says:

    Ann won me back! I’m not happy with Romney, I’m not happy with the convention! But.. if they put a suit on A wino, I will vote for him. Palin left us one big mess! I hope, & pray we can pull this off, if we can, it will be in spite of Romney, not because of him.

  10. Shifra says:

    Brava, Ann !

    I have become increasingly annoyed/disgusted with the teeny-bopper Fox commentators, babbling as though they were experts, but in fact just showing how little they know, and how little they understand how little they really know. (Do I need to name names?) And now this Andrea chick/child ? Attention all children: get off the field! The grown-ups are taking over!

    How about a Bruce/Coulter show on Fox? Now *that* would be something! 🙂

    • Timbo says:

      with you Shifra…Where are the damn grown ups…? Someone, anyone with some real experience. It is like watching a bunch of unsupervised children in a classroom..This why I can no longer watch cable or broadcast news…no substance to be found

  11. idaho_karen says:

    I believe Ann saw a man who ‘looks like’ a President, with no proper vetting of his beliefs. Occasionally, Romney surprises me with great speeches, but I have always thought he was all “form and no substance”. Romney’s best speeches are after Obamao reveals his Socialist/Communist views and plans for the country (ignore the Constitution, comes to mind). Remember when Romney used to say Obamao was a nice man (whoo!)? Romney is not a true conservative so can’t really express his views in a way that can communicate conservative values. Really – Ann shouldn’t be surprised when he betrays conservatism by surrounding himself with non-conservative voices.

  12. n9zf says:

    Proof RINOs come in two genders

  13. FrankRemley says:

    Andrea Saul is barely qualified to work in a tollbooth much less be Press Secretary for a presidential campaign. From reading into her background it appears that her father was a major Republican monetary contributor down in Georgia and he pulled strings to get his precious princess into jobs with first a lobbying firm and then the RNC. Sweet cheeks Andrea then followed the Peter Principle of rising to the level of her own incompetence. Still, you can’t really blame her. She is what she is. I blame Mittenz for hiring this silly twit in the first place

  14. strider says:

    If you’re going to climb into a pit with people of a mind set of an ill-tempered rabid skunk you had best be prepared or stay away.

  15. Pat_S says:

    I found the clip of Romney’s weak response. He was on Bill Bennet’s radio show this morning. Stuart Varney and Carl Cameron discussed the response on Cavuto’s show.

    Romney quote:

    In the past when people point out something was inaccurate, campaigns pulled the ad, they were embarrassed. Today they just blast ahead. I have seen some of the ads. I don’t what happened to a campaign of “hope and change.” I thought he was a new kind of politician.

    Here’s the link for the quote and ensuing discussion between Varney and Cameron.


  16. Nightowl says:

    Romney is not a conservative. The reality remains it is either Romney or the worse choice Obama. What I would like to know is how a majority of women are supporting Obama? Romney has to reach out to them better.

  17. ShArKy666 says:

    i’ve said all along, whoever won the GOP nomination would DESTROY the competition, if they hired our tammy to speak for them…

    • brandonj1973 says:

      Come on now-they don’t even have the balls to pick Allen West for VP. How on earth would they ever be able to find the courage to pick Tammy as their spokesperson?

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