Politico: Carville: ‘Not the best speech of convention’

WaPo sad. very sad! “President Obama needs more than words to overcome problems”

From the Left==> Daily Beast: Obama: A Pedestrian and Overconfident Speech

From the Right==> Noonan: “Barack Obama is deeply overexposed and often boring. He never seems to be saying what he’s thinking. His speech Thursday was weirdly anticlimactic…”


Krauthammer says it best, “He gave one of the emptiest speeches I’ve ever heard on a national stage.”

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  1. Shifra says:

    Dick Morris made an interesting point: Not one word about Obamacare, or of the Stimulus?

    I thought the speech was incoherent. But I do have difficulty following “Lib logic” so I may not be a good judge of the speech. (I also thought Clinton’s speech was rambling and difficult to follow.)

    Watching the Obama-rama Clown Show the past three days, one thing seems clear: the Dems were really spooked by Tampa. Good!

    Let the games begin!

    • Maynard says:

      Can’t look back because the view is littered with failure.

      Can’t look forward because the truth would repulse too many voters and the glorious imagery of 2008 has faded.

      Can’t look at themselves because their inner ugliness and darkness has become all too visible.

      Can point at the others, point and mock, point and scream, louder and louder. Demonize. Sow seeds of discord, of hate. Turn brother against brother. Children, angry and afraid.

      Can focus on trivia. Abortion. Birth control. Ah, if only we could make those greedy rich people subsidize Sandra Fluke’s sex, then nation would be saved. (One wonders if, some years down the the, this grown girl-child will come to see how she has been used, exploited. Will she feel resentment, shame? Or will she never grow up, and never have to face such questions?)

      Can offer the vaguest of vagaries. Wonderful future; wonderful wonderful future. (Don’t ask how. Just have faith.) (This from the crowd that mocks God. Faith in Him: BAD. Faith in ME: GOOD.)

      Tampa was positive. Felt good.

      But…good isn’t enough. Feeling isn’t enough. Need great. True great.


      I hope so. Don’t want to be the generation that lost America. Don’t want to let the next guy (or gal) down. We owe them more than that. (Yes, a point of vanity. Admitted.)

  2. NeverSurrender says:

    Clint Eastwood’s empty chair skit doesn’t look so “bizarre” now, does it, Libs.

  3. NeverSurrender says:

    Obama’s speech was so boring Tom Brokaw thought he accidentally took another Ambien.

  4. fuego con fuego says:

    The crowd was so primed to cheer for Barry but, geez, did he deflate that room. Did the DNC take “passion” and “inspiration” out of the dem platform too?

    • sandyl says:

      We can thank Obama for waking the sleeping giant, and now we can thank him for exposing the DNC for who & what they really are…..as fake as the faux Greek columns and Fauxcahontis and just as useless too.

  5. fuego con fuego says:

    The speech was a very strange hybrid of his go-to, crowd-goosing buzzwords; ill-conceived references to the past that only served to highlight his shortcomings; and a not-unexpected-but-flatly-delivered reinterpretation of his record that morphed into an assertion that WE were now responsible for it. (“You did that!”) As he lumbered on, the camera operators had an increasingly difficult time finding genuine, positive crowd reactions. Many times a shot of one person standing & clapping would be shown shot as tight as possible to try to crop out the surrounding people that were sitting with the hopeful expectation slowly draining from their faces. On a lighter note, for me the funniest line of the night was “thousands have jobs building wind turbines and long-lasting batteries”. Seriously?

  6. IslandLibertarian says:

    Note to all of you in the mainland……the oceans started to rise again…..and the planet just sneezed……… “NO MORE YEARS! NO MORE YEARS! NO MORE YEARS!”

  7. Gordon says:

    Step #1: Steal underwear, Step #2: Huh…huh…umm, Step #3: Make profit.

  8. Alain41 says:

    Dems set up for the speech was not their norm. They got NFL football to move its game to Wed., but MTV video music awards were last night. That must have cut into their youth base. Top it off with moving venue from big stadium and no balloons, and it just wasn’t the normal Democrats party. Crocodile tears! Ha!

  9. strider says:

    Obedient media is spinning like an out of balance washing machine this morning.

  10. dennisl59 says:

    I’ve heard more convincing speeches from someone why they shouldn’t be kicked off Hell’s Kitchen!

    posted 9/7 1025am Texas[Jacket Please!]Time

  11. flaggman says:

    Would have come off even worse in an outdoor cavern. It was a small speech of petty guttersniping, obvious misdirections, and outright lies, with the only coherent thing being his code speak to the far-left base that “ours is a long hard road” and “we’ll keep going forward”. Talking about the road to chop middle America down to size and making all of its citizens completely subservient to masterminds in Washington, New York and Brussels.

  12. Ladybug13USA says:

    The speech was an epic fail, the jobs report this morning was devastating and to top it off…Clint Eastwood broke his silence with a sledge hammer blow to the “Empty Suit” in the “Empty Chair”… “President Obama is the Greatest Hoax ever perpetrated on the American People.” http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/09/clint-eastwood-president-obama-is-the-greatest-hoax-ever-perpetrated-on-the-american-people/
    Good morning Tamily !! 🙂

  13. kwilder says:

    My 3-letter word for the speech: sucked! My 3-letter word for MST3000: fabulous. Thanx Tammy

  14. angelaisms says:

    The lies and straw men came so fast it was hard to keep up with them. But if I, a chick in Hawaii who was derping around on an MMO during Obama’s speech — if even I know he’s totally talking out his bum, then he has issues.

    Also, nothing gets my dander up more than when he pretends to give a solitary rat’s ass about the military. “Civilian security force,” bowing to terrorists, making insane ROE worse, leaking classified intel, taking credit for the SEALs’ job, trying to jack up TriCare premiums by 300% while cheerfully whistling past unionized defense contractors, Fort Hood was “workplace violence,” his comment about “air-raiding villages and killing civilians,” apologizing for the Koran burnings…. I’ve had enough of President Autopen. Words whisper; actions scream.

  15. sandyl says:

    I just have to ask … Why is Noonan relevant? She was fawning over DB in 2008. She should shut the pie-hole and go away. IMHO.

    • Maynard says:

      That’s exactly the reason Noonan is relevant. She saw things differently. Her visions have evolved differently. And there are others like her. That’s how Obama took the prize in 2008. If Noonan finds more common ground with us today than she did in 2008, that’s an important thing. If we want to win the coming election, we’ll need people like this on board. These are exactly the people we must build bridges with. That’s how we’ll win 2012 after losing in 2008.

      If, on the other hand, we’d rather lose, then we should shun and mock everyone that got it wrong last time around. Let’s see how many of them we can drive back into Obama’s camp. And shun Tammy while you’re at it; her history is blemished too.

      Also, I’ll be generous with Noonan because I find her thought-provoking. Her arguments are reasoned. I can see where she’s coming from. I may argue with her on some points, but she rarely says things I consider too ridiculous to contemplate.

      • sandyl says:

        Good point Maynard. I do want everyone in our camp. I am not calling for the mocking of anyone. As far as a blemished past, I used to be a Democrat. I just have no interest in Noonan’s opinion, but I am coming from the position of never having seen Noonan as someone who was relevant. Simply a talking-head, speech writer. An elitist who thinks her opinion is relevant because she is somehow “above it all,” and can therefore impart her wisdom to us.

        This is the problem I have with liberals, they live in the world of theory and never fully see or realize the impact of policies on real people. To them it is only an academic, political discussion/debate. I know that the 24 hour news cycle has become less about news and more about talking heads having these academic discussions, but I don’t place much relevance in any of them. Which is exactly why I choose to listen to “talking heads” like Tammy and others. To me they are doing what they do out of a real concern and love for America and its people. To them it is not merely an academic or political discussion because they understand the real impact of policies and politicians on real people.

        I think the only place we differ is that her opinion is of interest to you, but not to me. I guess in the end, no matter how we get there, the important thing is that we all see the truth in things.

        • Maynard says:

          I certainly wouldn’t tell you to be interested in something that doesn’t interest you. Some of this is personal taste, and there’s no arguing that. We like what we like.

          You probably know this, but I’ll note that Noonan was one of Reagan’s speechwriters, meaning that RR himself saw something in her. And she wrote a book about that era, “What I Saw at the Revolution”.

  16. Maynard says:

    FoxNews: “Clint Eastwood talks about convention chat with chair”.

    Interesting discussion. Eastwood’s rambling style conveyed the sense of an extemporaneous dialogue, but maybe he was just struggling with a script? No, it really was impromptu; even the chair part. Guy backstage offered him a chair to sit down; he put it to use. Very nice.

    Someone from the other camp had mentioned the event to me. Seemed under the impression that “everyone” thought Eastwood had messed up. Funny how that social immersion works. I thought “everyone” was impressed.

    What’s the objective reality? Well, here we are, still basking in the moment, and pointing at empty chairs and chuckling. Sometimes something touches a nerve. We know when it happens, although sometimes we don’t know why. It happened here. I say that because I saw it and felt it, not because it’s my talking point. There’s no denying that Eastwood hit it out of the park.

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