As you can tell by the headline here I was extremely impressed with how Romney handled and extrapolated on his 47% comment from the “secret” video. Not only does he not back down or apologize, he uses the remarks to define how he and Obama are different and the choice Americans have this November. Helping his with that definition is another tape==> Obama in 1998 admitting that he “believes in redistribution” of wealth, an early confession of what he told Joe the Plumber in 2008. Well, we’ve seen how that works. Here’s the Romney interview from today with Cavuto, followed by the Obama tape. Romney’s ease with the facts and his assurance in describing what makes him different from Obama is exactly why the left, and Obama’s campaign, is in panic mode. Enjoy!

Obama In 1998: “I Actually Believe In Redistribution”

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  1. radargeek says:

    The voters sitting on the fence or undecided or the ones voting for o’tyrant are essentially voting for a government that will force them and you how to live and die. The government will not recognise The Bill of Rights or our Constitution. Again, we need the Fair Tax (not the Flat Tax) in this country were 100% of the citizenry including the parasites and illegals in this country will pay “their fair share!”
    No one escapes taxes under the Fair Tax system.

  2. sandyl says:

    I got a call from “Romney” on Saturday saying that they were down about 1/2 million $ as compared to Obama. What better way to fight an opponent with more money and all the free press? Get free press yourself. If this video “leak” was the work of the Romney campaign, its Genius. Winning!

  3. MACVEL says:

    Speaking of obama’s Chicago speech, yahoo today said that in Chicago, Chich-Fil-A caved and gave in to gay demands by not funding anti-gay groups and changing its employment policies.

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