A History of Islamic Outrage, through the genius of our favorite editorial cartoonist, Michael Ramirez over at IBD.

Here’s some other news of the day to start things off. Looking forward to seeing what’s on your mind this weekend.

Obama To Release One Third of Gitmo Detainees

President Barack Obama is about to release or transfer 55 Gitmo prisoners, despite reports that the Libyan believed to be behind the killing of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was a former Guantanamo inmate transferred to Libyan custody. The large percentage of those scheduled to be released are Yemeni, according to a list made public by the Obama administration.

He’s a freaking maniac, truly Obama To Condemn Mohammed Film During His U.N. Speech

President Obama will address “the recent unrest in the Muslim world” in his speech Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, the White House is saying. That includes denouncing both the protests at American diplomatic posts in the Middle East — including the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya — and the anti-Islam film that is inspiring some of the protests.

Hmm. Slipping away? Obama campaign manager now says DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO NATIONAL POLLS

Disgusting. Ahmadinejad arrives in NYC

From 60 Minutes: Romney: My Campaign Doesn’t Need a Turnaround (Video)

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  1. n9zf says:

    The slogan, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste, give to the united negro college fund.” comes to mind when I read the daily news. So sad that Obama’s empty chair isn’t making these decisions, since apparently, it was a long time stand in for Obama when he was out smoking a doobie.

  2. aardvark says:

    Taliban Attack Results In Worst American Airpower Loss Since Vietnam — And it wasn’t reported.


    They wore US Army Uniforms to infiltrate Afghan base, kill 2 Marines, destroy 6 jet fighters and damage 2 more. NOT a small loss — as it may appear — but, “arguably the worst day in [U.S. Marine Corps] aviation history since the Tet Offensive of 1968.”

  3. deaves1 says:

    It would not surprise me one bit if this president kicks loose every detainee in Gitmo before we boot him from office. That is above and beyond him pardoning Eric Holder for any crimes he has committed.

  4. Alain41 says:

    Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal in her soon to open movie, Won’t Back Down (irony alert) plays a single mom who fights a non-caring public school system including union teachers to get a good education for her child.

    Well, the movie (she?) has received criticism about its portrayal of union school teachers. Sunday NY Post has an article/interview with Ms. Gyllenhaal that I view as a favor to her so she can mea culpa, I am pro-union.

    Quote: “I think the people who are saying it’s anti-union,” says Gyllenhaal, “a lot of that is coming from people who haven’t seen it.” After all, “I come from, like, the leftist of the left,” she says of her family (which includes actor brother Jake). “I would never be able to go home for Thanksgiving if it were anti-union!”

    Gee the normal response is, I am an actor paid to play roles and it was a good role. So note to actresses, play safe roles like Norma Rae or a pyschotic stalker and maybe they will really like you. Any role even remotely with a union antagonist is, well risky, and they know where you live.


    • Alain41 says:

      Sept. 25 Wash. Examiner has some additional info. on movie.

      “…Won’t Back Down was produced by Walden Media, whose owner is conservative billionaire Philip Anshutz. (Anshutz is also the owner of Clarity Media Group, which owns the Examiner.)…”

  5. strider says:

    The President cavorts with TV personalities, golfs, makes beer, etc. as if he’s content with how things are unfolding. Hillary is just wrecked.

  6. IslandLibertarian says:

    “Sep 14, 2010 – Daniel Dae Kim greeted a crowd of about 5,000 people who came to Sunset on the Beach last night for the premiere of the new “Hawaii Five-0.”

    “Sep 11, 2011 – A crowd of 10000 people packed Waikiki Beach Saturday night for a special Sunset on the Beach “Hawaii Five-0″ premiere.”

    Guess what’s happening tonight?….?….?…http://www.sunsetonthebeach.net/

    ….hey, it’s news…it doesn’t all have to be bad……Aloha

  7. radargeek says:

    Every day is a scorched earth day with Xerxes in charge. The lawless one, the father of lies and deception, the proud and envious one, chaos and destruction follow him and his followers…

  8. midget says:

    Cartoon is informative but left out Muslim leader meeting with Hitler to discuss destroying America in 1940’s, the Iranian hostage crisis 1970’s, the bombing of WTC in 1993, not to mention the Muslim takeover of Jerusalem from the Crusaders.They’ve been messing with the world since the 7th century. And God bless the dead of the USS Cole and the marines in the barracks in the 1980’s.

  9. Piratin says:

    nothing like a good political cartoon to get to the point!

  10. Alain41 says:

    Recent Mort Zuckerman comments:

    “Mortimer Zuckerman, the influential Democrat editior-in-chief of U.S. News & World Report called the Obama campaign “dishonest, divisive” in an article published in the online edition of the magazine.

    “It is a dishonest, divisive campaign. It’s discouraging of enterprise,” he penned. “It does the opposite of uniting the country to deal with the current economic crisis.”…”

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