Horrible news confirming politics, i.e., Obama’s concern for his career, almost certainly played a role in the deaths of our four Americans. Jennifer Griffin does incredible reporting here, this is explosive. There were three separate requests for help that were denied. As requests for help were received everyone was told to stand down. There’s more, please watch the video and click through the links.

Also this:

Examiner: Clinton asked for more security in Benghazi, Obama said no

Last night, it was revealed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had ordered more security at the U.S. mission in Benghazi before it was attacked where four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens were murdered by Al-Qaeda but President Obama denied the request.

The news broke on TheBlazeTV’s “Wilkow!” hosted by Andrew Wilkow, by best-selling author, Ed Klein who said the legal counsel to Clinton had informed him of this information.

Klein also said that those same sources said that former President Bill Clinton has been “urging” his wife [Hillary] to release official State Department documents that prove she called for additional security at the compound in Libya, which would almost certainly result in President Obama losing the election.

Klein explained that everyone knew what was happening in Benghazi from the CIA to the National Security Agency and that there’s intelligence cables that have not been released.

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  1. otlset says:

    Impeach the anti-American SOB!!!

    • mrcannon says:

      I agree. It’s a pointless fantasy, yet I’d like to see the GOP launch impeachment proceedings for two reasons: first to watch the Messiah squirm for his last three months, and second to make the Obama re-elect media stop ignoring this massive story.

  2. midget says:

    Jesus said “No greater love has one then laying down ones life for his friends.” Glen D. and Tyrone W. proved they cared more for others lives then for their own. But the Commander-in-Chief, who took an oath to care for Americans proved that he only loves himself,cowardly afraid to make a stand. I hope people realize this before they waste their vote on him. God Bless Glen and Tyrone in their last struggles and their families who must be so proud. Shame on Obama.

  3. sandyl says:

    Unfortunately many votes for Obama have probably already been cast. In my opinion, these drones and party Dems are accomplices in his crimes. They have drank the kool-aid and have aided him every step of the way. Now we have more dead heroes. Will they wake from their drunken stupor? Doubtful. Perhaps time spent in a small room behind bars for these people will sober them up.

    Awful realization to think that we all knew for 4 years that we had an enemy in the White House, but were hoping it wasn’t true. So sad to find out we were right. God Bless the souls of all the heroes and their families who have suffered and/or died under this evil SOB! God save us from this evil and God Bless America.

  4. Alain41 says:

    We know enough today to know who is responsible for dereliction of duty (at the least). (Restraining my desire to unload on the DB.) Anyway, I’m baffled by certain things. The issue of embassy security should never rise to the President. The Secretary of State should not have to seek permission to order increased embassy security. Further, Congress had appropriated extra money for embassy security that was sitting there. The Commander-in-Chief should not be making what are essentially battlefield decisions. He had to order the raid on Bin Laden because we were going into a sovereign nation that we are not at war with. Once the U.S. is under attack, we are not supposed to need Presidential say-so in order to adequately defend. Denying reinforcements is the same as ordering troop movements – where are the Generals/leaders who are supposed to make those decisions. So the one explanation that I’m left with is, Obama doesn’t delegate anything. So maybe his appearing on TV all the time isn’t just narcissism, maybe it’s to prevent his cabinet secretarys from too many questions, and in a way, to keep them in line – they see/hear his appearances and get the message-don’t mess outside what I say.

  5. trevy says:

    One day Obummer will stand before God and will have to answer to Him why he did that.

  6. Squirrel says:

    H. Clinton asked, “Who do you want answering the phone at 3 a.m.?” Well, now we know it isn’t the D.B. at 3 a.m. or any other time. Just leave a message, I’ll get back to you after my fund raiser in Vegas and after the election.

    May God give peace to the families of our American heroes.

  7. rosebud2186 says:

    Our best friend’s son is en route to Afghanistan tonight with the USMC. Going to be an Ambien sort of night.

  8. LucyLadley says:

    This is evil & frightening!

  9. Cary says:


    Like so many others, I’m infuriated beyond belief over this President’s criminal deriliction of duty in Lybia. All this for a small petty man’s re-electin campaign.

    The military’s default action when one of their own is under attack is to send reinforcements. In order for help not to be sent someone in charge has to actively deny the request. Thanks to testimony in Congress along with emails, dispatches, interviews, and leaks we now know the White House was made aware of what was happening and had the requests for aid within an hour of the attack starting.

    Gen. David Petraeus at the CIA states clearly that it was not anyone at CIA who denied requests for aid. We know that Hillary Clinton requested more security in Benghazi before the attack happened. We also know that Obama, Biden, and Panetta were at the White House during the start of the attack and when the requests for help hit the Situation Room.

    This is hardly difficult to figure out. Panetta would have given the President options for response to the attack and requests for aid. There’s only one person who stood to gain anything by denying the requests for aid. Though we don’t have the documents, yet, showing the name of who gave the ultimate order to stand down there is only one person involved in this who is running for re-election and stands to lose something due to his false narrative on Lybia blowing-up in his big-eared face.

    For anyone who still questions, now you know how far progressives will go to hold onto power. Our President is a monster.

  10. sandyl says:

    I have been so angry at DB that I just realized how horrific Biden’s debate performance was. He actually said they didn’t know the Ambassador wanted extra security. Well he did know they wanted to be rescued and he & the DB allowed them to be slaughtered while they watched. And then he laughed his way through the entire debate. This entire administration is full of monsters. I am filled with horror, disgust and feel like throwing up. I can’t even imagine the pain the loved ones of these 4 men are going through. I will repeat my earlier prayer. God please deliver us from evil!

  11. strider says:

    The President might have been stoned at the time of the attack in preparation for his Las Vegas fund raising trip. Any of his choom gangsta pals on board for that? Can we see the flight passenger list and the WH guest list for the day? Maybe Biden and Panetta wouldn’t allow anyone else in the Situation Room knowing his state. Biden’s buffoonish covering act at the debate equally hideous.

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