Love. It. Send this around. I do hope this is one that they’ll air specifically in the swing states. Does a great job juxtaposing how unserious Obama is versus Romney’s presidential approach. Excellent.

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  1. geezee says:

    i am guessing the writer who came up with “horses & bayonets” is getting his ass kicked down a white house hall right about now (by mooch??)

  2. Maynard says:

    ‘Toons o’ the Day:

    1) Ramirez

    2) Brains!

    • jimbo says:

      As usual, Ramirez nailed it. It’s breathtaking to see Obama deny having said things when he is on videotape. Somebody should play the Rose Garden tape for him and ask him to pinpoint exactly WHERE he said Benghazi was a terrorist attack. At best, he deplored terrorism in general. Maybe he saw his chances of a 2nd term circling the drain.

  3. angelaisms says:

    Don’t forget “Romnesia.” *eyeroll*

    Dear Mr. President,

    Jeff Foxworthy called — he wants his comedy routine back. Please comply, as Mr. Foxworthy’s version is actually funny.

    Love, America

  4. Maynard says:

    Heard on Leno:

    One of President Obama’s winning points last night was about how sanctions against Iran are crippling their economy. And believe me, if anyone knows how to cripple an economy it’s President Obama.

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