I’ll be on live with Alan Colmes to discuss the politics of the day. Hope you can be there 🙂

UPDATE: Well, we were bumped so Fox could continue their coverage of the Romney Ryan rally which was happening at the time in Ohio. I certainly didn’t mind, but I bet Alan Colmes wasn’t too happy about it 🙂 I made them promise to book me for the weekend again soon. Sorry about that folks.

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  1. rosebud2186 says:

    Tammy would be the only reason I’d watch Alen Colmes. ; )

  2. IslandLibertarian says:

    For us Time Zone challenged friends, will there be a LINK to view this civics lesson for Allen Colmes?

  3. MaryVal says:

    Dang, so busy all day, I missed the blog post until it was over. Can’t STAND Alan Colmes though. During radio interviews I’ve listened to he’s angry, snide, impatient, and rude: typical lib. We need a TAM to edit the segment and cut Colmes out of it so we can just watch Tammy :^)

  4. ann b says:

    It wasn’t on when I tuned in, Fox was showing the Romney speech. Anyone know if it will be rebroadcast later?

  5. Shifra says:

    Darn! I was hoping to see Tammy make Colmes cry again. That was so sweet… the memory lingers 🙂

  6. TX Soldier254 says:

    I taped err’ recorded FOX during 3-5pm time slot, No Tammy.

    Me think’s the coming storm, Hurricane Sandy, coupled with the A-Hole-In-Chief speech preempted Hurricane Tammy, damn.

    • KCBob4Tam says:

      Same for me. During Tammy’s slot they were discussing that all important energy drink. Seems as if the storm took up a bunch of time too. Hopefully not too much rain will fall.

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