Excellent stuff. You could tell Obama, despite smiling and the occasional laugh, did not like being in a room that was essentially laughing at him. Ridicule is a powerful weapon, here at Tammy Blog and Radio we implement it against Obama every day. It’s about time Obama faced it personally.

Romney was funny and *biting.* His timing was excellent, he was comfortable, and enjoyed being there. Another fabulous evening for the Romneys. Here’s the whole speech, it’s about 10 minutes long.


List of Who Attended Tonight’s Al Smith Dinner in NY w Obama & Romney

Here’s a pic posted by @TVspurs on Twitter. What a couple, and an absolutely stunning dress worn by Mrs. Romney.

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  1. JuanitaDugas says:

    Perfect pitch, Mr. President!

  2. wilde1 says:

    I hope to see many photos like this from White House in January. See this:


  3. geezee says:

    Mitt was totally brilliant, his comedic timing is spot on. WHAT A BONUS FOR US!! Obama was just awwwwful. As a Catholic, I was displeased Obama was invited and a close catholic friend has been FURIOUS Obama was invited to speak. We talked about it and actually thought this very thing might happen. God draws straight with crooked lines.

    Had Obama not been there, we could be left to imagine he might have done well. He BOMBED. Had he gone first, it would have been even worse for Obama, a blood bath. IMHO, Mitt Romney won the election tonight. Even the rats will be jumping off the Obama ship… the H’wood elite. B/c they are vapid, they follow the money… I’ve long said it, who in the WORLD is going to hire Obama to speak as a past president? HA! You think Letterman wil have him again, ever? doubt it. Even Chris Matthews is gonna hate him now. Jay Leno? Forget it. He will be a has been and then some on November 7. He’s a has been today, but it will be official on Nov 7. Stick a fork in him, he is DONE. YAHOO!

  4. EllSee says:

    Wow! I think I see Chris Matthews. Was there a tinkle going down his leg?

  5. […] Video: Romney’s Speech at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner […]

  6. Maynard says:

    Interesting. Romney issued more challenges to Obama in any 30-second segment of this speech than John McCain did in the entirety of his 2008 campaign.

  7. _CarrieP says:

    Here’s my take on what’s going on in the DB’s little mind in that picture:

    The irony of the seating arrangement just hit him and Obama’s thinking this can’t be good. How is it that I’ve gone from women fainting in my presence at rallies, partying with Hollywood’s elite and golfing whenever I please…to being a participant in one of those “A Morman, a Catholic and a Muslim walk into a bar” jokes?

  8. ShArKy666 says:

    romney said as he was coming up to the microphone to someone “you’re an equal opportunity basher”…also the comments he made about cuomo’s terms of serivice are EXACTLY the same as his…one term governor & dad who was a former governor.

  9. elleb says:

    I detect a little Dennis Miller humor in the speech. It was excellent ! (Dennis Miller was with him this week.)

  10. larrygeary says:

    I watched the entire video here: http://blogs.suntimes.com/politics/2012/10/transcript_mitt_romney_at_the_alfred_w_smith_dinner.html
    and that picture captures the moment after Romney’s speech when the person at the lectern says “I’m gonna take you up on that designated driver time.” Obama was looking over for Romney’s reaction. This is very much like the pictures that freeze a moment that are totally different when seen in context that you mentioned recently – I’m thinking of the photo of Muhammed Ali you talked about.

    • Alain41 says:

      I appreciated Tammy addressing that Ali photo. I had never thought about it that much and the image is indelible.

      The opponent was Sonny Liston, before the fight the reigning heavyweight champion. It was expected that Liston would destroy Ali.

  11. Alain41 says:

    Jim Geraghty, NRO, reports a good line that we didn’t hear:

    “…But the single biggest metaphorical crotch-kick of the night came from great-grandson Al Smith IV, who told President Obama, “We recognize that you have some challenges this year. It’s never good when your opponent has produced more sons than you have jobs.”…”

  12. GiMiller says:

    Wow!! Funny Stuff and Great Photo!! 🙂

  13. midget says:

    Great stand-up by Romney. He proved he’s not a racist by treating Obama as an equal, unafraid to poke fun. As for the pic of Obama looking at the Romney’s in a befuddled manner, I remember the same look on Clinton’s face,on the Inaugural dais,watching G.W. hug his father. It’s called jealousy.

  14. radargeek says:

    I sense alot of President Reagan in Gov. Romney’s humor. He should do more of it in the last debate mocking o’db.
    I am worried of being too confident of Gov. Romney winning this race. I suppose it was because I and most people I know were confident that Obamacare/tax was going to be defeated by the Supreme Court. A self-serving DC cocktail partier Roberts made sure it wasn’t defeated. I pray to God Gov. Romney wins, but I also know that His will be done!

  15. Piratin says:

    Am listening to Tammy right now re the top Obama/Romney(s) photo:

    I think Obama’s expression is one of disdain for Romney. He hates him. He resents him. How horrible, the animosity.

    How lovely: THE ROMNEYS!!

    I absolutely love both of them!!!!

    btw, was Mooch present?

  16. annagreye says:

    Obama looking over at Romney – the photo says it all – he’s realizing he doesn’t belong, that the charade is over — and he has nothing in common with the Archbishop because the church he went to for 20 yrs preaches hate and entitlement, not love and charity.

    Mitt and Anne in white tie attire look so effortlessly stunning it took my breath away.

  17. strider says:

    Nice picture of Mr. & Mrs. the Romney, the President looks like he’s lost his fizz.

  18. greenlantern2011 says:

    If you haven’t watched Obama’s speech at this dinner, you’re missing out on a lot of good schadenfreude. There are more than a few “awkward” moments. Think of Norman Maine’s drunk speech in “A Star is Born”. It is also clear that a couple of BO’s jokes had been done before by Romney–and better–so that also took a lot of air out of the room.


  19. angelaisms says:

    If that Obama picture is what we think it might be, it actually gives me hope for the man.

    Let me back up; I am a person who was blessed with a fair amount of strong raw talent. I allowed having these talents to make me arrogant in them — though that arrogance did, looking back, spring from a well of insecurity. In my arrogance, I felt that I had no need of improving upon my raw talents, and became both lazy and angry that others didn’t see how brilliant I clearly was.

    My awakening came in college, and it was a rude one, but sorely needed. My turnaround was slow, but I can easily and honestly say that I am a much happier person now than I was ten years ago, and that my sense of curiosity has been reawakened with my realization that being naturally good at something doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to improve yourself.

    The road to recovery, personal and otherwise, starts with seeing things as they are. If Obama truly had a moment of looking at Romney and honestly wondering what makes the man tick, then I don’t think he’s past being able to have a “rude awakening” and use it in a constructive way, rather than just letting himself become embittered by it.

    Don’t get me wrong — I want that man out of the White House and as far away from it as possible, as soon as possible. In his current position, I firmly believe that he is a menace to our nation, and therefore, because of America’s prominence, to the rest of the world. I believe that his policies, followed to their natural conclusion, would lead to the destruction of the Constitution and to us being America In Name Only, and it’s the very definition of understatement to say that I do not want these things in the slightest.

    I completely realize that, like larrygeary said, that we may be projecting a bit on this photo, and that it could be analogous to the Ali photo. But this is the first photo I’ve seen in which Obama is looking at Romney without either a forced smile or a look of utmost contempt on his face, but a look that seems to be one of honest wondering, which suggests to me that there may be a shadow of a shred of humility left in the man. And for his sake, and for his daughters’ sake, I truly hope and pray that, if it’s really there, he can someday find that shred of humility and cultivate it rather than squashing it.

  20. pamelarice says:

    Looking at the referenced photo of Obama in Tammy’s podcast as she walks us through it. Detached, jealous, lonely. Facsinating.
    And the pic of Mr. and Mrs. Romney…beautiful. Can’t wait to have pride in my President and the First Lady. One word: class

    • Sally says:

      I thought the same thing last night while watching Obama bomb; and commented in chat. He must be a very lonely man. Sad really, but I want him long gone on November 7.

  21. eleebee says:

    Outstanding — Elegantisimo!! Look Mooch — no over weighted necklace no ugly brooches and OMG no boob belt !! Magnifique


  22. Sailing_J says:

    What a beautiful first couple.

  23. eleebee says:

    The President Elect is mighty handsome too — they just don’t make them like that any more == sigh — not at 60 yrs old

  24. mrcannon says:

    You know, several months ago I posted a comment where I declared that Lieutenant Commander Data has more charisma and better hair than Mitt Romney. I think it’s high time I ate crow. Mister Romney is clearly a man of great character and has the potential to be a great leader. He is firmly in the driver’s seat, and he did it by being himself, without coining a catch phrase, without going on The Daily Show or Letterman or schmoozing with brain-dead celebrities.

    I actually hope I have hair like he does when I get to be his age. I know I’ll never be as charismatic–at the very least I can spell the word–but I will be proud to cast my vote for the Governor for President of the United States.

    • Squirrel says:

      Governor Romney was not my first choice either. I am now an enthusiastic supporter of the Governor. I too, will be proud to cast my vote for him in 2012, and no doubt in 2016.

  25. rosebud2186 says:

    Look how gorgeous Anne Romney is – compared to Mooch in that mummy dress!? I am so ready for these 2 to take over the White House.

  26. fuego con fuego says:

    There was a lot of symbolism, some certainly unintended, in the evening’s optics. First what immediately stood out to me was the empty chair beside Obama. I assumed it was meant for Michelle. While she may have had an excellent, campaign-related reason for not being there, her absence just looked bad. The visual that the empty space created, underscored the President’s increasing aura of abandonment and isolation. And the contrast with the loving, united front that the Romneys quite naturally presented, was devastating. Furthermore, any empty chair near Barry these days is going to instantly put one in mind of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair performance — not good for the db.

    Then there was Chris Matthews seated directly behind Obama. (Were you close enough there Chris? Do ya just wanna sit in his lap next time?) Matthews looked rumpled, puffy, distracted and anxious. He looked like someone who knew the jig was up and was reluctantly bearing witness to the beginning of the end. The thrill, it appears, has definitely departed Matthews’ leg and wherever else it may have migrated.

    Speech-wise, Romney did great. I loved that he didn’t let off the gas. He was agreeably self-deprecating (and truly funny) but he also just decimated Barry. Though humorous, none of Romney’s remards were simply benign jabs. All were powerful body blows. I agree with radargeek. There were hints of Reagan in Romney’s remarks. Though he can’t totally match Reagan’s genial ease, Romney can deliver a barb, humorous or not, without it ever seeming mean-spirited or ill-put.

    As to the db’s remarks, I agree with Greenlantern2011, there were more than a few awkward moments during Barry’s speech. He attempted to recycle his joking references to his debate debacle that garnered cheers in Los Angeles. Umm, lefty, lib celebs or not, I never thought they were laughing WITH him the first time and it fell decidedly flat the second time around. Indeed for most of his remarks, Obama seemed to be struggling to find his footing. Very much in the vein of “fake it til you make it”, he leaned on his usual mannerisms and cadence to mimic a humorous ease. However, it was palpably absent and his humor seemed forced. This was the first time I have seen his stagecraft utterly fail him. In the past, he might have relied on the audience’s adoration to buoy him. Tonight, however, though the audience was filled with liberal heavyweights, this was no longer HIS crowd.

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