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  1. Alain41 says:

    Since Tammy is filling in for Laura, I’ll post on a little local Wash. DC story. One of the (few) things that Tammy is horribly wrong on is; Daylight Savings Time – It’s Great. Regardless…

    The Wash. Metro subway train sys. operation can make a mess out of anything. When clocks were turned back to Standard Time recently, the metro sys. said in advance that they would run for one more hour that Sat. eve/Sun. morn. so riders could keep their normal Sat. night party schedule. Well that didn’t happen. When the clock hit 3am DST (2am EST), metro shut down the system instead of staying open for the extra hour to 3am EST like it said that it would. Needless to say, quite a number of riders were stranded in the dark early morning hours with nothing open & taxis hard to find. Metros response – mistakes happen. Sadly, this mistake is a major improvement for metro operation. Unionized government operation of transportation works so well.

  2. EllSee says:


    I’m just finishing my Laura Ingraham podcast and I think this was one of your best shows ever! Thanks for saying what needs to be said! (Could Petraeus’ affair have interfered with his handling of Benghazi?)

  3. Piratin says:

    Tammy, you were fantastic! But I did miss the d*mb b*st*rd comments!

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