I’ve argued for quite some time the hoax of “climate change” has always been an excuse to tax Americans. Now right out of the gate, it looks like Obama is going for it. If you want to continue to punch the economy in the face and drive up energy and gas costs (causing inflation across the board) this is a sure-fire way to do it.

Via the Washington Post.

Barack Obama may consider introducing a tax on carbon emissions to help cut the U.S. budget deficit after winning a second term as president, according to HSBC Holdings Plc.

A tax starting at $20 a metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent and rising at about 6 percent a year could raise $154 billion by 2021, Nick Robins, an analyst at the bank in London, said today in an e-mailed research note, citing Congressional Research Service estimates. “Applied to the Congressional Budget Office’s 2012 baseline, this would halve the fiscal deficit by 2022,” Robins said…

North American discharges fell 1.3 percent last year amid slowing economic growth. In China, the world’s biggest emitter, greenhouse gases from fuel use rose more than 9 percent in 2011, according to BP Plc statistics published on June 13.

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  1. strider says:

    Obama’s discharges have been adding about 1 trillion per year to the debit. Does this mean that by 2022 we will be only adding 1/2 trillion per year? I would guess that we’ll have passed the meltdown point before then (20 – 25 trillion ?) if we try to power our economic engine with wind, solar, fermented corn, old nuclear plants and a suppressed fossil fuel industry. No energy has been “renewed” since the big bang.

  2. NeverSurrender says:

    The carbon tax would raise $154 billion in 9 years? That’s only $17 billion a year – barely enough to cover Mooch’s expenses. Looks like obama plans on nickel and diming us on an array of taxes just to remind us of who’s in control.

    • Sailing_J says:

      Covering Mooch’s expenses is all they really care about though isn’t it? Yes, he will nickel and dime us putting the country’s money into the pockets of his donors and progressive causes. With John Boehner as Speaker, I think that Obama may has well have America’s pin number and bank card… I just hope it doesn’t turn into America’s EBT card. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • J_likesTea says:

        I doubt it will be enough to cover her expenses! Do you see that scowl on her face? She won’t be happy until we are all cold, hungry and begging them for scraps.

  3. Foreverautumn says:

    A new tax to help with the deficit? That’s a frikkin’ LAUGH! The gov’t won’t apply a penny of it to reduce the deficit, they’ll just spend it all on something else!

    Oh, and this just occurred to me: is Urkel going to tax our BREATHING now?

  4. geezee says:

    I say bring on the taxes. I know Tammy has cautioned us against this thinking, but I am so mad. my worry is, will the OBOTS get hit with the fallout from what’s coming? the entitlement crew don’t have jobs, they won’t get fired or pay taxes. how do THEY get hit? or do they??

  5. otlset says:

    Plants love CO2. They are a major player in the carbon cycle. Plant growth is stimulated by greater concentrations of atmospheric CO2. More plant growth means more food supply, and more oxygen in our air as plants ingest more CO2 (thus ironically removing it from the air at the same time) and thrive.

    Why does the Obama administration hate plants?

  6. Alain41 says:

    It’s not just a tax raiser. The higher a carbon tax, the more affordable wind and solar energy become. Eg, if you make the carbon tax high enough, Solyndra et al would not have gone under. Therefore, more green energy loans can be made in the second term and the companies will survive and Obama can claim that the first term green energy investments weren’t wrong, the timing was just bad.

  7. CO2aintpoison says:

    Mark Levin’s legal group has filed suit on this issue to fight the kommies.

  8. radargeek says:

    I see jeb bush already positioning himself for 2016. Yeah, GOP that’s the ticket: morons! Thanks for forcing crap politicians on us (though, I did like Romney and family more in the end). I noticed most people who voted for o’incompetent voted for what they can “get out of” the government rather than what they could “do for the country.” Selfish B & B moochers et al! No more empathy explaining to dems and libs what to expect. They all crapped in their mess-kit voting for this fraud and now they can eat it. They will wish to eat the sour grapes and the frustation I feel when all is finished. They will feel the poverty, low standard of living, and loss of opportunity in their sorry azzez lives and their kids lives to come. Enough said!

  9. Maynard says:

    The funny (not funny) thing is that China emits more CO2 than America. (See Wiki chart.) Moving our industry to China saves the carbon tax and protects against future carbon taxes, while eliminating jobs and running up the debt. Then Obama campaigns on a promise to end the tax breaks for companies that ship jobs offshore, when the reality is there are no such tax breaks except for the one Obama is trying mightily to create. But it’s good politics, and has spawned an industry that consumes much and produces nothing and has made $100 million for Al Gore and a lot more for his fellow travelers.

    And for the record, I think it’s fair to be concerned about the rising level of atmospheric CO2, which is indeed caused by human activity. Yes, altering one of the fundamental parameters of a complex ecosystem has potential to affect climate. But let’s be practical here. Just as it’s fair to be concerned about CO2, so it’s fair to ask whether the billions of dollars spent directly and indirectly are actually accomplishing anything. Because it seems to me this is all a colossal payoff to political cronies, doing no good and wasting vast resources. In other words, the “solution” to global warming is more brown than green.

  10. Mr.Gates says:

    If you pile up 100,000 dollar bills and this pile represents the composition of the atmosphere, the amount of CO2 is $38. Happily, there isn’t enough CO2 to make any difference. And by the way, there was always CO2. So are we supposed to believe $8. worth made all the difference? Only if we’re prone to gullibility.

    CO2 is plant food. Plant life grows faster, denser and larger in response to increased CO2 levels. If CO2 is a problem, and it isn’t, the natural balancing forces of nature will correct it …naturally.

    Warming stopped more than a decade ago. Gradual cooling has kicked in. Anthropogenic Global Warming is a huge HOAX, designed to separate fools from their money.

    The first scientists to write about using the environment as a ploy to control the people were Karl Marx and Fredric Engels … political scientists. AGW is evil Marxist manipulation.

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