The terrific new Romney ad highlights Obama’s craven (and revealing) off-the-cuff remark encouraging his supporters to vote for “revenge.” Not us–we’re voting for love of country, our families, and the future.

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  1. Dave says:

    Christie continues to praise Obama today…why is he doing this to Romney?

    Hopefully the “Revenge” remark, wakes ppl up from the Hurricane Hang-Over~ !

  2. Samster1 says:

    Christie is the revenge to Romney for not selecting him for VP? Maybe O bullied Christie with Chicago thuggary methods? Who knows.

    I did notice that O still using teleprompters at his rallies.

    • Dave says:

      I believe the hurricane sputtered Romney,he had to cancel some rallies, etc… while the DB was on TV ” saving New Jersey”…I had no power and def felt “out of the loop”, I lost where the election was at until my power came back… I just hope that damn storm didn’t wipe out four years of hell….Romney was lookin’ good , pulling away a bit, then Sandy hit. But we don’t need Christie constantly patting Obama on the back on National TV.. 3 days out, its making me NERVOUS Samster.

      However the Romney ad here… was a GREAT counter punch.

      • Samster1 says:

        I am nervous too, Dave. And I am praying. I just can’t imagine that our great country will be lost on 3% of people changing a vote because of a storm. The outcome of the election certainly will be telling as to the character of a majority of the people of the country, though.

        I still can’t comprehend how 60% of the country thinks we are on the wrong path but will re-elect the DB. I’m not seeing the signs or the enthusiasm here in a blue state of NM (although the DB is supposedly 8 pts. ahead here). I definitely don’t trust polls or the media. Our newspaper endorsed Romney this Sunday morning and the opinion letters were about 3/4 pro-Romney. The stats just don’t match the sentiment. I guess we’ll see.

  3. Shifra says:

    When Tammy started asking of Obama, “What’s wrong with you?” we laughed, because it was a funny line. It took me awhile to realize the full impact of the question.

    I am no longer laughing. I am horrified. We have a full-blown Personality Disorder in the WH. He really does mean “revenge.” Revenge for daring to criticize him, for daring to oppose him, for daring *not* to adore him.

    How refreshing it will be to have a normal POTUS….

  4. Teri says:

    Remember the sonofabitch also wants to ‘punish his enemies’, those who dare to go against him. He wants revenge. He means every word he says. He hates us. This creature must go or we have had it.

  5. KAZUM1 says:

    the silent magority had better turn out,who knew clint hit the nail on the head,potus O,is heart less ,i wonder if michelle feels like her two kids are a burden.

  6. LucyLadley says:

    My jaw literally dropped when I heard the President Of The United States Of America say, “Vote…For Revenge” I thought that sounds NASTY & SPITEFUL. At first I could not believe the President of our Great Nation used such words. Then I realized a President that “Truly Loved the USA” would not use such an expression.

  7. Alain41 says:

    Kyle Smith, NY Post, has an excellent column today, Sunday, 11/4. The opening paras. are well written, entertaining, and seem to be either a signal that he listens to Tammy or at least he has similar political analysis of 2012 campaign.

    “… By downgrading its adulation, the country has let President Obama down, and the president, whose bizarre dislike for people was compared by one of his own aides to Bill Gates somehow achieving supremacy in the world of software without liking computers, can barely conceal his fury. His base loves this supposedly “engaged and commanding” Obama because they’re equally inflamed about prospects that the statist train of Progress is derailing once again. But it’s hard to picture independent voters failing to notice the bitterness. “He seems to smolder with resentment,” wrote George Will, “that he must actually ask for a second term.” When the history of Campaign 2012 is written, let it not be forgotten that Barack Obama has spent more money on character assassination than anyone at any time in the entire history of humanity. The man who once predicted that Republicans would say about him, “He’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?” has run a campaign based on exactly that level of substance. The shrinks call this “projection.”…”

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