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TAM VitadMD wrote the following on FaceBook, and she posted it on the TAMWire. She has graciously consented to allow me to reprint it here. My response follows:

A long 10 days of darkness and cold due to destructive wind, rain, and snow produced a certain kind of anxiety and frustration all too familiar living in Westchester, NY. As depressing as that was, it paled in comparison to an even more foreboding darkness of spirit after the disaster of Election Day 2012. That night, in an emotionally crushing but not entirely surprising manner, our electoral resistance suffered a severe setback – resistance to the occupation (“Occupy Wall Street” has officially become “Occupy America”), to the “revengers” (remember the electorate was encouraged to “vote for revenge” by this president), to the looters, the destroyers and their regime. Most heartbreaking is the notion that so many good, decent, hard-working people allowed themselves to be deceived, divided, indeed balkanized, and manipulated by a malevolent demagogue and a documented fraud, elevated and supported by a corrupt, immensely powerful and determined political machine-union thug-media complex… once again. What do they think they won? – Well, the bread and circuses certainly continue in the form of food stamps, political payoffs/paybacks, and sex scandals.

For the half of Americans who saw through the con since the beginning – it’s Ground Hog Day. For the other half – how bad does he need to be before he is stopped? How many more lies will be tolerated? How many more people need to die? How many more trillions? How many more wars?… Well, 8 to 9 million Democrats confronted the reality of their party this time around. Sadly, 2 to 3 million Republicans simply gave up on theirs.

In any case, as the post-election dust settles, it’s a new day. Perhaps this is where we need to be as a nation. Perhaps there hasn’t been enough pain, enough farce, corruption and betrayal – inflicted by both sides of the political establishment…

Dear VitadMD,

Thanks so much for sharing your FB post with the TAMS. One week after the election, I also began thinking of sharing my thoughts about the recent events. I will tell you what the significance of one week – seven days – has for me.

Many of us shared the events of that evening together. I was very grateful for the opportunity to have so many TAMs, and Tammy, in the chatroom. It made the pain of that evening so much more bearable.

As I began to watch the events unfold, I asked my husband why he was not watching the election results. “I don’t have to,” he said, as he worked on a NYT crossword puzzle, in pen. (Yes, he’s *that* good!)

“Oh?” I asked, although we already had this conversation several times.

“Obama is going to win,” he said.

I then launched into my reasoning as to why Obama would lose.

My husband listened, quietly. When I finished, he looked at me, sadly. “Shifra, you give the average voter too much credit.”

Unfortunately for all of us, he was correct.

When my husband and I got married, 43 years ago, we were both very young, and we were full of hope for the future. I guess somewhere in back of my mind, I imagined that we might hit some “bumps on the road.” But never could we possibly imagine that we would have a POTUS who referred to the deaths of four Americans as “bumps on the road.”

The past four years have been very difficult for all of us. And for me – as a wife, mother, grandmother, baby boomer, Jewish woman – I had never before felt “existentially threatened.” But the prospect of four more years — the specter of Obamacare, racial tensions, class warfare, all the regulations, the looming tax increases, the pain that will be inflicted on so many of us – is frightening.

I think the worst moment for me, as a Jew, occurred in April, ’09, when Obama declared that in the U.S., “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

So we now have a POTUS who devalues a fundamental truth about our country, that the U.S. was founded by Christians who believed passionately in religious freedom, and who created a country unique in the history of Western civilization. And it is precisely because the country was founded by Christians, on Judeo-Christian principles, that Jews have been able to lead their lives in freedom.

I mentioned that I had begun to think about writing to the TAMS one week after the election. One week – seven days; it is an ancient Jewish tradition that when there is a death in the family, the immediate family members gather together for seven days. It is called “sitting shiva.” (“shiva” means “seven”) The mourners do not leave the house for seven days, while a steady stream of neighbors, friends and extended family visit and offer condolences. After seven days, although still in mourning, we “get up from shiva,” which is to say, we return to our regular routine. It occurred to me that, in a sense, half the country was “sitting shiva.” There was much talk about “the death of our country as we know it,” “the death of our Constitution,” etc. There was also much talk of turning within, tuning out the outside world, not reading newspapers, tuning out the pundits. As one friend texted me, the day after the election: “Please call me in four years. I think I will have to go into a coma until 2016.”

When my mother passed away, it was left for my brothers and my sister and me to “sit shiva.” My oldest brother, much older than I, has so many memories of my parents that I do not have. I want to share with you something he told us then. We had been talking about early memories, and he told us his earliest memory of my mother. He was three years old at the time:

My mother is sitting in the kitchen, sobbing and burying her face in a dishtowel. My brother goes over to her. “Why you crying, Mommy?” he asks. She looks up at him and says, “Because we are going to war.”

That day was December 7, 1941.

The U.S. Navy had been crippled, more than 2,400 American lives had been lost. The German and Japanese war machines seemed invincible. It was a dark time.

But we prevailed as a nation.

Here is what I want to say to you, VitadMD: Yes, on Election Day, we experienced a “darkness of spirit,” in an “emotionally crushing manner.” And we grieved. But I do not believe that all is lost.

I do not pretend to know why things happen, but I will tell you what I do know: God is in charge, and the United States of America is still “the greatest country on God’s green earth.” This is *not* “the end of our country as we know it,” unless we give up. And I, for one, refuse to surrender to the Forces of Evil, i.e. the Left. There is much work to be done.

And so, here are my goals for the next four years:

1) Make sure my family and I stay healthy, so we do not need to rely on Obamacare.
2) Do whatever I can to increase the ranks of the Tammy Army, so that the authentic conservative message can go forward.
3) Do whatever I can to make BroncoBama’s political life a living hell.

And I have a feeling Tammy might be helping us out on goal #3.

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  1. Dekamica says:

    Thank you VitadMD and Shifra for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I think all of us have been a bit shell-shocked since the election and not able to toally comprehend what has happened. For me, it’s been like a feeling of impending doom that I can’t quite put my finger on. I wonder if there is such a thing as post traumatic stress from an election? But, like you Shifra, there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of…They (the Libs/Dems) only win if WE LET THEM WIN, and I’m not ready to do that! So, I may not be 100% ready to do battle again but I’ll take it one day at a time and build up my strength to go head to head with the misguided and uneducated Left Wing nut jobs, when the need arises. And if you don’t mind, Shifra, I think I will include your goals for the next four years into my goals; they sound awfully good to me. And, lastly, we can’t give up…for heaven’s sake, lets not forget, we’re damn TAMS! And we’re still going to win the war!

  2. LucyLadley says:

    Again Shifra, you bring a story & family history to life. I just love your stories! It’s so great the way you share little slices of your memories. You are a great American & we all have much to learn from you.

  3. Foreverautumn says:

    Well, on #1 I might very well be screwed. I strongly suspect I’ve got potentially serious health problems, and if I do, I have absolutely no idea what, if anything, I’m going to be able to do about it.

    That being said, MY goals for the next 4 years are:

    1) Get out of debt, so that I’m not beholden to Sallie Mae or anyone else, for that matter. Fortunately, I’m well on my way towards achieving that goal.
    2) Break out of my isolation; I’ve got to find people I can talk to on a consistent basis.
    3) Store up at least a 90-day food supply in case of job loss or, God forbid, economic collapse, so that I’m not as likely to need food stamps. The more food I store up, of course, the better.
    4) Build up an emergency fund, so that I don’t have to whip out the plastic every time an emergency comes up.
    5) Save up at least 6 months worth of living expenses, so that I’m not as likely to have to rely on government assistance in case of job loss.

  4. _CarrieP says:

    VitadMD – Thanks for using such eloquent words to describe the outlook on the state of our nation, post-election 2012. Like you, I often wonder if our country just hasn’t felt enough pain…

    Then there’s Shifra…you’re such a gem! I thank you for sharing another piece of yourself in your reflections. All of us can use that long-ago family memory to put things into perspective. I love your fighting spirit and appreciate the reminder that God is in charge. I also agree with LucyLadley: we all have much to learn from you!

  5. Maynard says:

    Thanks, Shifra. Yes, I mourn for my country, which I fear is forever lost. And yet, here I am, still living comfortably. I ask myself, am I insane, crying over an abstraction when I could be content in the moment? Or do I perceive an ugly reality that my fellows choose to close their eyes to? I’d rather I was crazy; it would make things easier. But, alas, I believe my eyes and brain. We have a problem, a bad one, even a fatal one.

    I can say only this much: My disquiet serves no purpose unless it results in some practical action on my part. And that’s what frustrates me: What am I supposed to do? I’ll accept my fate and our nation’s fate for good or ill, if only I proceed with the sense that I’m doing what I can, what I should. What more can anyone do?

    There are no easy answers. Indeed, we get leaders like Obama because people are seduced by the siren song of easy answers. We fear we are lost and beyond hope, so we beg for a master who will save us from hard choices, and will instead herd us like sheep. The idea that we must choose the righteous path because we are driven from within, rather than because we are coerced by our powerful brothers; that’s a path that guarantees us a life of struggle and frustration. However, it’s the only path that nurtures our souls rather than destroys them.

    So the struggle will continue, no matter who our leaders are. I appreciate being with people that remind me to seek the light in these times of darkness.

  6. ShArKy666 says:

    no matter who won this latest foresaken election (lol) the BIGGEST most disturbing reality (for me anyway) was the fact that in the most important election of the last 160 years, barely more than 1 THIRD of the people voted. that is a horrible circumstance which our system won’t survive. the founders knew people had to stay alert & engaged, but because either people are too complacent, stupid, or some other things, a constitutional republic won’t survive much longer when that many people aren’t interested. i know some people might say that “well as long as the right people show up more, well be fine” but in reality, unless we get a much higher voter turn out, the will of the people won’t EVER fully be heard because it could’ve been just a louder, more mobilized minority of the whole who won the majority of the amount of voters. if almost 2 thirds of the american people DIDN’T CARE enough to vote. that’s the reason we’ll lose our society & country. it’s very hard to accept this reality. my heart bleeds for our country.

  7. WalkStar says:

    Thank you and big hugs to you, Shifra! Thank God we all have each other and our Tammy!

  8. Kitten says:

    What a great post, Shifra! To say the election result was a disappointment would be a gross understatement. However, my faith in God and the Tammy Army family continue to be my source of strength and encouragement for the future of our “still” great and exceptional country.

    The foundational truth of why America is the greatest nation in history is rooted in its Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our founding principles (the Constitution and Bill of Rights) are under attack from the current administration and its water-bearing progressive media.

    That said, we will fight on to cripple the agenda of BroncoBama and his big government by seeking out, nominating, and electing true conservatives into office like Allen West, Mia Love, etc (you know, people who actually care about the country). As a lover of “the Jesus” and the Jews, my prayer is that these types of people will want to run for office. Even so, I fully agree with Shifra and others, that God is still in control.

  9. Runnyonempty says:

    I ran into a friend the other day, she asked how I was coping with the election results. We both chuckled when we learned that we both immediately turned to God for comfort and support…indeed, for one week off went the TV, the podcasts, the Twitter feed etc (Sorry, I even turned off Tammy)… Yup, I turned to God for he strengthens me…I intend to be a happy warrior…I will not let evil sour my outlook on life–my God created life!

  10. pamelarice says:

    Thank you Shifra and VitadMd – An eloquent and touching post. Brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart.

  11. midget says:

    Vita and Shifra are great reminders of real hope and the need to change the minds of so many blinded Americans.TBN had a documentary that stated “The people of WW2 were able to defeat Hitler and Hirohito because Christianity was their priority. The fight was between Mein Kampf and the Holy Bible.” They continued, “When nations lose their moral compass, they lose their identity and are vulnerable to tryanny.” Its a mans unspoken theology of worship which distinguishes Pharoah from Moses, Saul from David and tyrants from liberators. My Dad fought in a B-24 Liberator as a 18 year old, he lived a long,quiet life in this free America because of that. My Mom waited for him to come back to her and now they lie together in their grave unaware of what this country faces. I put America and Israel in Gods capable hands.

  12. jmm says:

    Thank you VitahMD and Shifra. An OUTSTANDING read.

    Im still depressed about the outcome of this election. I have not listend to or watched cable news since the election. I am skeptical of “lets keep fighting” 2014 things will change. I dont think much will change unless the news media, hollywood, pop culture and the GOP change.

    I see Obama taking more control via mandates and the Republicans sitting on the sidelines checking their calendars for the next cocktail party.

    Lets face it we are outnumbered. Most Americans would rather live in a fantasy world and remain uninformed. I too believe, that things will not change until America is really hurting.

    • Cernunnos81 says:

      jmm, it isn’t that we are outnumbered, because we are not. It is the fact that the Statist Left has no qualms about how it comes to and maintains power. There are so many “anomalies” in this last election that point to voter fraud on the part of the left, but they will not be investigated because the left currently hold the positions that Would investigate them. We have to dig out the proofs and show the people of this nation what is really happening.

      We need to tell the GOP that it is no longer Grand.

      So many changed their vote between 2008 and 2012. 2010 was a wake up call to the Left, that is why they stole this election. They knew that if things were done in a fair and legal manner that the DB would have lost in a landslide.

      Yes, Obama will do his best to take more and more control, that is what statists Do. What we have to Do is we have to show the Left that their tricks and schemes won’t win things for them.

      Don’t be depressed lass, be Angry. They cheated to win. They abused the system for their own personal power, not to help the people, and people will See that. Unless the DB declares himself El Jeffe y Presidente por Vida, we’re good to go.

  13. Cernunnos81 says:

    1,000 TAM Points for referencing the Grand Curmudgeon. I also like the statements TANSTAAFL and TANJ. He reiterated again and again in his books the point that if someone is getting something “Free” someone else is actually paying for it in the long run. and TANJ is self evident of late.

  14. midget says:

    J.R.R.Tolkien said “As a Christian, I see history as a long defeat with only occassional glimpses of final victory.” Yesterday, in my church, we celebrated the feast of Christ the King. Remember the colonists battle cry, “We have no King but Jesus.”

  15. SoCalGal says:

    Wow, what a wonderful blog, Shifra. Your friends and of course also your own statements. I feel a little better after reading it. Of course, the depression of the Presidential Election has not gone away, and like your friend said, wake me up in 2016, although I didn’t think I would have to wait that long again. I will fight for my country, but I must say, this defeat has taken some of my resolve in the American people away. I’m sure in the long run, this defeat will only make me stronger, and even more of a fighter. Your husband was so right, unfortunately, and I know others who said the same thing. That no matter what Romney said or did, Obama would win again. I didn’t believe them. Fight, fight, fight. By the way, was this posted on Facebook?

  16. Lin says:

    Precious Tam-sister Schrifra,
    This last post was one of your most poignant ever! My heart to this day remains “heavy” and burdened by the results of the election. I fear that your husband may indeed be right. Like you, I may be giving the American voting public “too much credit”!
    I support the proposed “to do list” that you shared at the end of your blog post. I do believe that G-d is still in control and fortunately for us, He is a loving and patient creator. It seems more inevitable than not that the citizens of America (as a whole) have lost their collective “moral compass”.
    Thank you for your thought provoking posts!
    Lin (aka Ruetday/ProudtamFan)

  17. Kimj7157 says:

    The initial shock and numbness are wearing off. I hate that BO gets four more years. Can’t believe that many conservatives didn’t show up knowing how important this was, but here we are.

    It’s helped me to put things in perspective. These times we’re in are bad, but they aren’t anywhere near Civil War times bad. So there’s that.

    And I have to believe that there’s a reason in the grand scheme. Eight years of BO had to happen, so that something else could be set in motion–something good. Can’t really imagine what it could possibly be now. His ways are not our ways. I truly believe God is in control, and I find comfort in that knowledge.

    And a couple of thoughts I’ve heard recently as to what we can possibly do now:

    1) Hold to your convictions and beliefs. Don’t back down. Continue to speak the TRUTH. Truth is like a light that shines. And…

    2) Remember that the seeds from which this great Nation grew are still there/here. The American Spirit is like none other. We’ll survive this train wreck and rise stronger from the ashes.

    • ShArKy666 says:

      i like your optimism, & i’m struggling to keep mine, but i fear that things WILL get as bad as the civil war times, if the american people can’t hold the country together. we know obastard WANTS us split in civil war by his actions & DHS is predicting one based on the condition of things in the coming years, but i’ve gotta have more faith in the american people than that to prevent one. i just don’t know if i’ll be correct or not. i just wish i had more faith in the people than i do, but after elections like the last 2 (2008 & 2012) it’s hard to keep that faith.

  18. n9zf says:

    My study of history and the relationship between the rise and fall of nations and the Graces of God lead me to believe that America can once again be great, but we do need a revival in the country for that to happen.

  19. 1ntbtn says:

    Thank you, Shifra, very well said. God is in charge and we must not let this administration get our spirits down. It says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  20. sandyl says:

    I too have tuned out all but Tammy. I asked God “why?” The answer He sent me was if His people turn their face from Him, He turns His grace from us. We had people vote for a Godless Jew-hating commie, gay marriage, tax-funded abortion, and drug legalization. We have turned our face. In 2008 many people woke up, but we need a spiritual awakening. God is not concerned with elections, nor countries, but rather wants only to bring more people to Christ. This is God’s plan; He is in control; Evil is no match for God! No matter what happens we must keep the faith and get back to our Judeo-Christian principles. No man or government can “save” us. May God bless us and shed His grace on America once again.

    As 1tnbtn pointed out, God’s words say it far better than I.

  21. naga5 says:

    great post, vitad and shifra.
    as part of my family’s post election de-brief, my wife, who was staying with my daughter in Kansas who just gave birth, asked what happened? how could people vote DFB back in? as shifra’s husband said, it was partly because of the “low information” voter. our family has a saying and it is that there usually plenty of blame to go around. rampant voter fraud, LSM completely failing to vet anything DFB does like benghazi or fast and furious or solyndra, small ball campaign on economic experience rather than the complete economic malfeasance thru the epa, EO’s, the creeping majority of looters and moochers, the model of growing governmental failure that is the liberal california where i call home-ah the list goes on.
    juxtaposed to that is the birth of grandchildren. innocence and nothing but potential in front of them. is this our legacy to them? as tammy says, are we the generation that eff’ed it up for them?
    not without a fight. there was the revolutionary war and we survived; civil war and we survived, WWII and we survived. my dad 18 when he was in the internment camps for five years(yeah, interesting math, study it) and survived it.
    scripture tells of a choice set before us and admonishes us to choose life. as for me and my house, we choose life and the liberty god gives us in it. i choose the struggle because there is freedom in that. i pray for more people to find their spiritual compass first and act as god guides them. worked for our founding fathers…

  22. makeshifty says:

    After the election, I continued my usual habit of arguing to try to convince people about the problems that are set before us, for about a week. Then I think a realization came over me. It’s been creeping up on me for a long time: The people who understand my message already “get it.” The people who hate it don’t, and won’t for a long time. They’re like the fools who put their fingers in their ears and yell “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! I’m not listening to you!” A small voice within me told me I had tried my best to help people realize with words what we should do, but not enough are listening. Not enough know that they should listen. The consequences of their actions will provide a different kind of criticism that will ring louder than anything I could say. Perhaps more will come to realize the errors of their ways then. We can hope for that. My mother gave me some words of wisdom 4 years ago, when Obama got elected. She said, “The people have to experience what’s wrong with this for themselves.” It’s not enough to tell them these policies will lead to ruin. They have to see it. I’ve taken her words to heart. From what I saw in this last election, resentment against the rich still rules the day after 4 years.

    A song that came to mind shortly before this last election was an oldie from the early 1980s called “What About Me?” by Moving Pictures. It seems to express the spoiled, simpering sentiment of our age. As long as we’re about settling scores, we won’t get out of this.

  23. icecream2kitty says:

    As usual Shifra, your posts are ‘spot on’ and a pleasure to read! Keep ’em coming!!!

  24. deaves1 says:

    Shifra, I loved your post. It is easy to understand how you became the Mother hen of chat. Very insightful and well written. I enjoyed your thoughts and read every word. We TAMs are fortunate to have awesome American Patriots such as you in our Army. Rock on sister, and never let the bastards get you down. When you’re right, you’re right!

  25. vitadMD says:

    I am so grateful to my fellow New Yorker and TAM Shifra who evidently has a great husband and family for consistently thoughtful, thought-provoking, and informative commentary. Thanks also to Tammy and all TAMs whom I so appreciate for their steadfast intellectual and moral clarity.

  26. Shifra says:

    Thank you vitadMD for allowing me to reprint your very thoughtful post. It provided me with the framework for putting my thoughts into writing. Also enjoyed speaking with you 🙂

    And thanks to all the TAMS who commented. I read each and every one (more than once!) What a great group of people! As Dekamica notes: We’re DamnTAMS 🙂

  27. marleed says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Shifra and VitadMD. We all seem to share a profound sense of loss coupled with an unwillingness to surrender. So we stand, ready to resist. I’m thankful for and strengthened by the fellowship of like-minded TAMS. In the words of Benjamin Franklin “We must all hang together or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” (Please, God, not literally!!!)

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