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Once upon a time, men were men, and women were women, and… oh wait, I’m not sure how this goes. Whatever.

But I do know that once upon a time, politicians were politicians, and movie stars lived mostly in Hollywood, where they made movies and lived glamorous lives.

Now, we have a Preezy of the Steezy who sees himself as the Celebrity-in-Chief, while celebs consider themselves pundits, and weigh in on Important Issues.

This, from the Weekly Standard:

At a candlelight vigil for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez in Bolivia, actor Sean Penn offered great praise for the sick strongman:

“He is one of the most important forces we’ve had on this planet. And I will wish him nothing but that great strength he has over and over again. I do it in love, and I do in gratitude. So I just want to say that from my very American point of view, of my friend President Chavez: It is only possible to be as inspiring as he is as a two way street. And he would say his inspiration is the people.”

And this, from the Washington Times:

American actress Sarah Jessica Parker says this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, the European Union, could serve as an example for the United States.
Miss Parker praised the EU’s role in pacifying Europe and uniting different cultures, noting that in the United States, recent elections brought divisions to the surface.

Miss Parker said that although it “might be a controversial” decision to award the EU as it struggles with a financial crisis, the 27-nation bloc embodies ideals and is “a terrific blueprint for us.”

Also, Rocky and Bullwinkle weigh in on wisdom of utilizing Quantitative Easing to stimulate the national economy. An audio clip was unavailable.

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  1. LJZumpano says:

    Once upon a time most folks in the USA might not have graduated from high school, let alone get to go to college. In fact, many in the “greatest” generation, growing up during the depression, quit school before 8th grade in order to support their families. Today we mostly assume getting a high school diploma is the norm, and going to college, even if you have no idea why you should, is often expected. All that education floating around in the American blood system, yet our politicians and celebs treat us as though we have barely made it out of grammar school. The coming crop of “seniors” is probably the most competent, highly educated of any before it and yet we are expected to give serious thought to the babbling of fools. There is an innate goodness in Americans, a sense of politeness which causes many to watch these displays in silence. But, patience can wear out, and I have a feeling in my old bones that the day is approaching when we the people will rise up and give a collective slap to the back of the head of these jokers as we shout “Are you crazy?”

  2. marleed says:

    I’m so old I remember when a person’s curriculum vitae was more important than their “cool factor”. Unfortunately we have evolved (or devolved) into a culture where “cool” is far more likely to determine your perceived ability to contribute than your resume. Just look at the last election if you need convincing. Obama may be a lousy leader and a despicable human being, but his cool factor is off the charts! (or so they claim)

    Maybe we’ll outgrow it!? I hope so, because frankly I have a LOT of trouble taking someone who wears a rosebush for a hat seriously.

  3. LucyLadley says:

    Shifra, LJZumpano & Marleed, I just love you & your WISDOM!!!! I count myself so fortunate to be in the company of such astute TAMS. All TAMS, you all are such a blessing to me!

  4. Alain41 says:

    Hollywood did not support Ronald Reagan for President. They believed that his governorship succeeded for reasons other than him. The Left has always believed that Reagan succeeded as President because he was an actor that people loved not that his conservative ideals/ideas promulgated policies that are good.

    So now, Leftist celebrities believe that they should be believed because they are an actor like Reagan, yet better because they are progressive smart. MSM and Personality magazines empower them by fawning over them. Washington has been called Hollywood East for some time now. The actors want their royalaties.

  5. marleed says:

    Absolutely! Here are a few memorable nuggets of Moose and Squirrel wisdom:

    Rocky: Hey Bullwinkle, we’re in real trouble now!
    Bullwinkle: Oh good, Rocky! I hate that artificial kind!

    Bullwinkle: Well, if you can’t believe what you read in a comic book, what can you believe?

    Rocky: Well, they don’t call him Wrongway Peachfuzz for nothing!
    Bullwinkle: You mean they gotta pay?

    ( “Hokey Smoke! Rocky and Bullwinkle” ( http://bit.ly/VVPKta ) )


  6. Pat_S says:

    This question about why celebrities should have their opinions so sought after came up after one of Janeane Garofalo’s insulting political diatribes. Probably the one about conservatives having a defective limbic brain. Her response was that she had as much right to express an opinion as an accountant. When was the last time you saw a random accountant on TV spouting off about politics?

  7. otlset says:

    Bernanke: “Watch me pull some revenue out of my hat!”

    The people: “Again?”

    *Whoosh* (consumer prices skyrocket)

    Bernanke: “Oops, wrong hat!”

  8. midget says:

    Love Rocky & Bullwinkle especially when they “found a message from some flounder”.40’s Hollywood were patriots not like the mindless ‘elites” of today.Those so called “nobility” as Paul Scofield said as St.Thomas More in “A man For All Seasons” “they would have snored through the Sermon on the Mount”.

  9. Kitten says:

    Didn’t it used to be a time when entertainers would just entertain us and shut up about their politics? When I was younger, I didn’t know or care about how liberal they were…just make me laugh, or cry, or be awed by your talent. But then again, as Midget pointed out, they used to be patriots.

    Nowadays, and as I’ve matured, I find it a complete turnoff when I hear celebrities talking about their politics unless they happen to agree with mine, which is rare! I see them totally differently and can no longer separate fantasy (the character they play) from reality (who they are). So, I’ve stopped supporting their work altogether. That’s my response to their unwelcome, public, political statements.

    • Alain41 says:

      Per TRN, age matters in talk radio. I remember all the late night/early morning female radio hosts whose voice entranced the young male. We didn’t know what they looked like, but their voice… I wish the new show, Good Luck.

      “…The “Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera” will begin January 2, the same day Ingraham will start her new show with Courtside Entertainment Group which also produces Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points.” … Since her departure, columnist and talk show regular Jed Babbin and talk show host Tammy Bruce have been filling in.

      The youth movement was clearly the reason for the change. Ingraham is 48 and Tantaros 34. Tantaros, co-host of the hit Fox show “The Five,” once gabbed about how men were sending her shirtless pictures of themselves. She will stay on The Five… “Andrea and Jason will bridge the age and gender gap that challenges talk radio today in ways no other show can,” … “

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