The oh-so-rich irony and mind-numbing hypocrisy that Al Gore, the Goreacle of Global Warming and Condemner of Fossil Fuels, makes $100 million by selling his “failed model” to OIL PRODUCERS. You can’t make this up. Oh, and on top of that, he wanted to jam the deal through before January 1 so he could escape higher taxes. Priceless.

Via Washington Free Beacon.

Al Gore’s Current TV confirmed Wednesday evening that it has been sold to Al Jazeera for an estimated $400 to $500 million, with the former vice president set to pocket up to $100 million from the sale.

In an email sent to Current TV’s staff, co-founder and former chief executive officer Joel Hyatt describes the selling process he and co-founder Al Gore went through in considering sale to Al Jazeera, acknowledging Current TV was a failed model.

Hyatt points to the Al Jazeera’s many accomplishments, including its global reach and for being the “only news network” that Obama-supporter Colin Powell watches, as factors in their decision.

The announcement makes clear that Al Jazeera plans to create a new international news network for an American audience called “Al Jazeera America.”

Hyatt reminds his staff that the Qatari government funds Al Jazeera in the announcement, but fails to mention that the news network is considered by some a political and diplomatic tool for the oil-rich monarchy. Drivers in Qatar currently pay about $1 per gallon at the pump, due to massive oil subsidies handed down by the government.

Gore’s post-vice presidential work has notably centered around reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other green causes. The former vice president will pocket an estimated $100 million on the sale. According to the New York Times, which first broke the story Wednesday, Gore wanted to complete the sale before Jan. 1, 2013 to avoid getting slammed with higher taxes.

The general sentiment on twitter? Exemplified here, LULZ!

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  1. strider says:

    Gore lost his mind after losing to W.

  2. Alain41 says:

    $100 million divided by $600/hr. will release an olympic amount of chakra.

    (Sorry, I can’t see/hear about Gore without remembering his chakra moment.)

  3. Pat_S says:

    Remember when Newt Gingrich was vilified for taking tobacco money? He had to borrow $300,000 from his friend Bob Dole to pay off the ridiculous ethics fine. Bob Dole at the time worked for a law firm that had tobacco clients among its many other clients. Dole did not personally represent any tobacco interests.

    The perks for the Liberal Democrat plutocracy are endless.

    • Shifra says:

      The perks of the Lib Dem plutocracy, Pat S, *and* their b.s. It’s endless.

      I was thinking of sticking my head out of the window and shouting, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” (“Network” movie reference) but it’s quite cold today in NYC. I keep hoping the MSM will wake up and realize the DB and his henchmen/henchwomen “have no clothes” (Hans Christian Andersen short story reference). *That* is one of my top New Year wishes.

      • dr4ensic says:

        Not happenin’ Shifra.

        “You can’t handle the truth!” (“A Few Good Men” movie reference) or

        “I was born a poor black child”. (“The Jerk” movie reference)

  4. otlset says:

    The western media must not be liberal and anti-American enough for the way over-rated and over-praised Colin Powell. No, only a strict diet of genuine anti-American and anti-Israel reporting from the Arab view will do for this fool.

  5. Maynard says:

    FWIW…from Business Week

    Current TV’s investors included funds controlled by Los Angeles billionaire Ron Burkle and San Francisco money manager Richard Blum, according to a 2008 Securities and Exchange Commission filing when the company unsuccessfully sought to sell stock to the public. Blum is married to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from San Francisco.

  6. Alain41 says:

    Terry Keenan column on liberals who acted before the new taxes on 1/1/13 includes the following info.

    “…[George] Lucas finally proposed to his girlfriend of seven years. The new Mrs. Lucas, Mellody Hobson, is an Obama family favorite, dating back to their years in Chicago, and an impressive bundler of Obama campaign donors….”

  7. Alain41 says:

    Current TV staffers evaluate Al Gore.

    “…The displeasure with Gore among the staff was thick enough to cut with a scimitar. “We all know now that Al Gore is nothing but a bulls***ter,” said the staffer bluntly. We do stories on the tax code, and he sells the network before the tax code kicked in? “Al was always lecturing us about green. He kept his word about green all right—as in cold, hard cash!”…”

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