Not. Kidding. Petty, classless jackasses all of them. Use this as another reminder about why we have to stand up to these self-obsessed bullies.

Via the Daily Mail.

The Chicago home where the late President Ronald Reagan grew up is slated to be demolished and potentially turned into a parking lot for President Obama’s Library, it was revealed today. The home, at 832 E. 57th Street, was where Reagan survived a near-fatal bout of pneumonia in 1915 and he has written fondly of playing in the Hyde Park neighborhood with his brother and others. But the University of Chicago has recently purchased the apartment building and they have announced plans to raze it and make it a parking lot.

Some have said that the liberal Chicago establishment does not want a reminder that Reagan, a conservative icon, once lived in the city.
Its current mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, was the White House Chief of Staff during Obama’s first term.

Hyde Park Historical Society board member Jack Spicer said, ‘Whatever you think of Reagan — once the building’s gone, it’s gone forever.’

The elite university has begun aggressively lobbying to become the site for President Obama’s future Presidential Library, leaving some to wonder if the parking spaces are being built to accommodate future visitors, the Washington Times reported. Obama taught Constitutional law at Chicago’s law school and his wife, Michelle, and one of his closest advisers, Valerie Jarrett, are former executives at the university as well. And the site is near Obama’s current Chicago residence.

Last year, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks denied Reagan’s home landmark status. University officials have said a plaque alone could suffice in commemorating Reagan’s former residence. Earlier this month, the residence was granted a temporary stay from demolition but as of now construction may begin in about 90 days. Frank Grabowski, who sold the building to the university, said the official he dealt with knew Reagan had lived there, but ‘wasn’t concerned and wanted to pull it down.’

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  1. Patricia says:

    These childish, intellectually challenged jackasses will do anything – they have absolutely no common decency and don’t give a damn about this country or her history. I hope they enjoy this bit of Chicago mob-style thuggery – we WILL have the last laugh. I can imagine Ronald Reagan smiling and shaking his head at this idiocy.

  2. Rob_W says:

    They can destroy the symbols, but the legacy lives on.

  3. Dave says:

    They are dead set on laying waste to every reminder of conservatism that still exists in America. The sad part is that all nations except Israel would love to see it happen and assist in any way they can. They all will pay for their pride.

  4. otlset says:

    This insult is akin to Muslims tearing down a church and building a mosque over it! Pigs, all of them.

  5. Chuck says:

    They are the aristocratic riffraff.

  6. plaisir says:

    Why are we surprised? He and his acolytes destroy everything in their path.

  7. geezee says:

    I say Reagan might like getting the hell out of that cesspool city.

  8. ShArKy666 says:

    areyou KIDDING me? why do they need THAT spot of land? seems like a total spit in the eye

  9. midget says:

    I’m surprised they didnt pick the spot over Lincoln’s memorial gravesite.

  10. MaryVal says:

    Talk about haters. These people are the ultimate.

  11. idaho_karen says:

    Different reaction from DEMs and Press if it was Obama’s childhood home.. Hypocrites.

  12. idaho_karen says:

    Whoops – found this later – Michael Reagan (@ReaganWorld) says it is not true regarding RR Chicago home….

  13. deaves1 says:

    This is outrageous. You know the left is doing this out of plain spite, while the establishment right quietly sits by and says nothing. Ole Jeb is right, this is no longer the republican party of Reagan. It is the liberal republican party of the Bushes. America has been Bush whacked too much. Time to take a stand.

  14. FrankRemley says:

    Couldn’t they tear down Al Capone’s home instead?

  15. Irishbrewer says:

    Shouldn’t the Imperial Jackass have his library in Hawaii.. or better yet Moscow?

  16. aardvark says:

    S H A M E L E S S.

  17. handsofmajic says:

    The Islamist call them victory Mosques. Socialists & Fascist just want it smoothed over, eliminated, and gone. Just Say-N

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