A very brave young woman standing up against the horrors of  sharia law and the inequities she sees in her Muslim religion.  Raised in New York, Omnia Hegazy is trying to draw attention to issues in her homeland of Egypt.  As Tammy has mentioned quite often – it will take the Women of the Middle East to change the backward, caveman mentality.

From FoxNews:

Pop singer Omnia Hegazyisn’t one to keep quiet about inequities she sees in her Muslim religion. The young artist is working to draw attention to issues in her homeland of Egypt that she says that many would rather ignore, while treading a fine line between critiquing her community and defending it.

The New York-raised recording artist said it was a recent visit to her home country that sparked songs which upset some of her friends.

“I have always been the person at the dinner table to argue with you about politics and I will not shut up,” Hegazy told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Music is an avenue for me to express that.”

“There are a lot of issues, like honor killing, that go on,” she said. “For instance, we were at a beach, and it was extremely hot. All the women were covered up head-to-toe in black, and all the men were wearing Speedos, and that’s how I started writing my song ‘Grace.’ We are all covered up and you men are not, what’s going on here?”

“Grace,” which Hegazy says celebrates female empowerment and beauty in all ages, shapes and sizes, is featured on her sophomore album “Judgment Day,” released earlier this month. Indeed its lyrics are quite direct:

Cover your face
Before you poison all our souls
Cover your mouth
Before it tells us something we don’t know
Cover your body
For your skin incinerates
The will of weakened men who just might lose their faith

Our heads our full of color inside
Why is it that we should hide
Who ever gave you the right to step on our pride?

“Grace” Official Music Video-Omnia Hegazy

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  1. Shifra says:

    She is very courageous, but I worry about her safety. I’m sure too many of her “co-religionists” would like to cause her great harm.

  2. Maynard says:

    I think a lot of us would find much common ground if this “moderate Islam” we keep hearing about were a real force in the world. Our culture does too much to promote degradation and hedonism. I’m seeing lottery promotions that offend me: “Believe in something greater than yourself,” the billboard reads, followed by a huge dollar figure. Is nothing sacred? Yes, we need more discretion, more modesty, a sense of the holy. And indeed we’ll find that plea in many churches and synagogues. As a result, I feel commonality with some sects and cultures that aren’t my own. But from Islam the voices of extremism drown out the rest. Honor killings. Jihad. Brutality. It’s politically correct to respond that the extremists are a minority. If that’s a valid point, then why are the moderates failing to deal with the excesses of their brothers? Where are the Islamists marching to end the wars against honor killings or jihad or wars against Israel? The Islamic attitude that would allow for peaceful coexistence is relatively impotent. That’s why people like this artist are in danger.

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