It doesn’t surprise any Tea Partier that we’re in this position. Tea Party started because of government overreach and abuse of citizens. And golly gee, look at what’s happening. This is an excellent reminder to everyone that Obama is targeting regular Americans for daring to become involved and especially for having the gall to say “No!” to a regime whose actions reflect the classic definition of tyranny. Participate tomorrow at any local Tea Party protest. Let’s make sure everyone remembers why Tea Party was necessary in the first place.

Tea Party Patriots Info Page (may take some time to load; they’re busy 🙂 )

Tea Party Patriots plan nationwide protests at IRS buildings

The organizers of the Tea Party Patriots have called for a nationwide protest Tuesday against the Internal Revenue Service to challenge the government agency’s abuse of power while targeting Tea Party groups.

The planned protests will take place at IRS offices around the country at noon. The Tea Party Patriots website highlights more than 100 IRS offices where protests are planned.

Although many Tea Party groups exist, the Tea Party Patriots is one of the most influential coalitions, with more than 3,000 organized chapters.

The organization is sending out protest information, talking points, sample press releases and sample sign messages, as grassroots organizers demand a Congressional investigation of the IRS.

Tea Party Patriots is also asking group organizers to report IRS abuses, by filling out a “Did the IRS target you?” form.

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  1. SwimnLA says:

    Attention Los Angeles TAMs – I just looked up the location of the LA IRS building in Tammys link (above) it provides a location at 611 W 6th Street 90071 – but additional searches direct me to 300 N Los Angeles Street 90012. Are there any LA based TAMs plannig to attend? I work in downtown and plan to take the subway to Civic Center. Power to the Teapole!!!

  2. AlThumbs says:

    I’ll be at the HQ IRS office in Phoenix AZ tomorrow..

    • Foreverautumn says:

      AlThumbs, do you know of any LOCAL Phoenix, Tucson, or even Arizona Tea Party presence?

      I’m asking because as far as I know, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association’s website is “currently disabled due to an overdue balance,”’s domain is currently up for sale, and although seems to be still active, it seems to be sharing its website with general topics and health insurance! It’s barely a coherent website now!

      Fortunately, the IRS has an office here in Tucson, so if I can get time off from work on this kind of notice, I’ll be there with my Gadsen flag and my Tucson Tea Party T-Shirt. If it weren’t for Tammy’s announcement on this site, I wouldn’t have known about this protest at all!

      • AlThumbs says:

        I’m not aware of active groups. I’m sure there will be chances to learn of such things at tomorrows Party. I believe that the national website has informtion. They also send out emails about major events..

    • ConservativeSue says:

      I’ll be there too. From my location, I can take the light rail south and get of at the Indian School stop then walk down to the IRS office.

      • AlThumbs says:

        I come from Mesa. Will be in a green shirt and jeans with a sign to wave around. Say ‘hi’ if you’d like. It would be nice to meet a fellow TAM..

  3. Maynard says:

    James Taranto gives a brilliant, thoughtful overview of our troubled democracy in this WSJ post, “A Crisis of Authority: The deeper meaning of the Obama scandals”. I appreciate the tone here, which is trying to make sense of things, rather than just a pursuit of “points” for my team. This is a must-read.

  4. Right Is Right says:

    San Bernardino IRS office, here I come.

  5. Sailing_J says:

    I’ll be at work, but will call my Representatives and Senators at that time.

    On another note. Gabriel Gomez had a campaign event with John McCain. Sigh… so much hope for Gabe, but if this is the route he wants to go if elected he will just be another flash in the pan like Scott Brown.

  6. Ruben says:

    I just returned from the Tea Party Rally outside the Chicago IRS office,mand we had about 150 show up. For only a 24 hour notice, this was a great turn-out for CHICAGO! Tea Party patriot and fmr. US Rep. Joe Walsh was the keynote speaker, and was fabulous as always!

  7. ConservativeSue says:

    There were about 150-200 people the rally. The IRS conveniently rents out the office space where we were, so we had to disperse along Central Ave. Many honks and thumbs up gestures. 🙂 Even the light rail train driver honked the train horn as it passed by. It was very hot at noon and many of us had to find shade for the one hour time we were allowed. My camera was hot from the sun, so I did take a piture from my shady spot. There was an unexpected guest. 😉 I had my picture taken with him. Enjoy the pictures.

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