Here’s the video I discussed on last night’s Daily TAM Briefing podcast. This is why the establishment does not like Cruz, because he simply tells the truth and is not afraid to do so to people’s faces. This is also why we need to get more Tea Party in the Senate.

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  1. groundpounder67 says:

    I’m sorry to say my fellow Vietnam veteran,John McCain, may have been “socialized” as opposed to “communized” while he spent 51/2 yrs in soviet backed North Vietnamese prison. Of course, they did not abide by Geneva convention as they labeled U S military “criminals”. so John got a first class indoctrination into the Marxists/soviet/Ho Chi Mihn style of running a gov’t. My point? If one follows his career in gov’t. we see a drifting toward big gov’t control and spending and less of the hands off gov’t policies he went to Vietnam to defend..In the ’60 s we would call him a “pinko”.

  2. sandyl says:

    We definitely need more like Cruz. The only thing I would disagree with, is that American’s don’t get glazed eyes when we hear meaningless political talk in the Senate…we get ANGRY!!! GO SENATOR CRUZ!!

  3. Dave says:

    I’m a combat wounded Vietnam Vet like groundpounder67 and I agree with his post about McCain. He has served long enough he needs to go home instead of hanging with all the rotten libs in the Senate. They’re rubbing off on him.

  4. idaho_karen says:

    He goes to the right to be elected and then goes left during his term. I wish Sarah wouldn’t be silent abt this – guess she feels loyalty to McCain, but he doesn’t deserve it.

    • Alain41 says:

      And MSM are silent when someone campaigns as conservative but then operates liberal. Whereas if someone campaigns as liberal and then operates as conservative, the MSM will trumpet that incessantly.

      • makeshifty says:

        They excuse campaigning as a conservative, but governing liberal, because they *know* that the “yahoos in the hastings” are ignorant rubes, who “cling to their guns and religion.” So it’s excusable for a politician to campaign conservative, because how else can they win, poor things? But once they get into office, they realize “what needs to be done,” which is to govern like a liberal. Serious people understand that conservative ideas don’t really work. So Republicans have to play this game with their base, don’t you know. If they see a politician govern like a conservative, well, he’s unfit for office, because he’s too stupid to understand how the world really works.

  5. Kitten says:

    Dare to imagine where we would be and what we could do with people like Ted Cruz in control of the House & Senate.

  6. makeshifty says:

    After listening to MIT professor Richard Lindzen 4 years ago, I got a sense of what’s going on with Republicans like McCain. There are certain Republicans who feel a close affinity for the intellectual elite in this country. It looks as though McCain is one of them. I have a certain affinity with them myself, but I, at least, have some sense of when our intellectuals have gone off the deep end. Republicans like McCain don’t seem to either have that sense, or have the luxury to call them on it. People like him fear that if they “insult” our intellectual class too much that the Republicans will lose elections. That may be so, but if our intellectual class is dead wrong, I don’t think it’s worth selling your soul for unrealistic expectations that will not come to be, just to win. Nobody likes losing, but if the choice is going along with something that’s insane and winning, or standing for the truth and losing, well, that’s unfortunate, but I’d respect him more if people like him would stand in the truth and lose, rather than stand in a lie that risks our nation, and win.

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