Well, it certainly did not seem like a slow news day, what with Syria’s civil war intensifying, the NSA Whistleblower villain/hero disappearing into the mists, a fourth (!) scandal brewing in DC, etc. Yep, seemed like a  lot was going on in the world.

But CNN, quite breathlessly, felt compelled to devote an entire story on Hillary’s starting a Twitter account!

Even the Washington Times chimed in, somehow suggesting a link between Hillary’s Twitter account and her plans for 2016:

Just when you thought the 2016 presidential speculation had subsided a bit, Hillary Clinton goes and joins Twitter.

The former secretary of state, former senator and the political world’s most talked about, yet unconfirmed, contender for president now has a verified account on the popular social media site with the handle @HillaryClinton

Her headshot is cleverly imposed on a larger, widely distributed photo of her checking her phone in sunglasses during her jet-setting time in President Obama’s Cabinet.

Her personal description is also humorous, with “hair icon” and “pantsuit aficionado” listed alongside titles like “Senator” and “FLOTUS.”

Her final descriptor is “TBD,” a wink and a nod to her to-be-determined path toward either the White House or a relaxing retirement.

If you are wondering why I would write a post about such a “non-story,” I will tell you:

Because it gives me an excuse to post a recent Hillary cartoon from Michael Ramirez.

Yes, Tammy is right: The guy is a genius! 🙂

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  1. LJZumpano says:

    C’mon Shifra. We need your expertise on this one. Use your analytical skills and paint us a portrait.
    First – why is her header in black and white, even her avi. That must mean something. What is she hiding by avoiding full color (yes, I write this well aware that my avi is a black square with a touch of white -> that’s because unlike so many others I am not creative enuf to come up with a decent one and avoid cameras whenever possible.) Surely HRC has the resources and friends to make her twitter page sparkle. Naturally I do not expect the dear lady to handle interaction with the American twitterverse herself.
    Second – look how she describes herself. Normally wife and mom as descriptors would not bother me, but when it comes to HRC, somehow it seems dishonest. I have never seen her embrace either of those roles. In fact, my sense is she partnered with WJC for a road to the White House. She certainly never impressed me as being content to play spouse to a mere governor in the South. And just as politics told her she couldn’t keep her “real” name but needed to accept her place as Mrs. Clinton, the decision to have a child seemed one of political expediency. A twitter profile doesn’t allow space for a full biography and yet she chose to lead with the two most inconsequential roles she played. What about I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR!
    Third – Folks getting wee weed up about the large number of followers she has gotten (over 300,000 at this point). I recall seeing NJ Mayor Cory Booker had well over a million followers when he first hopped on the twitter express — and he actually tweets and responds to his followers! Though HRC has only 5 ppl she is following, I am sure many twitterers will take this opportunity to give HRC a piece of their mind. Wondering if Anthony Weiner’s wife will handle the account for her.
    Fourth – why do your blogs always get me wound up? I have to get back to work or I’d be here all day. See later in Chat!

    • Shifra says:

      Hmmm, LJ. Good questions. But really, I think someone set up the twitter account for her. (Hello, Huma?) I think they were going for humor. (Hair icon? WTH is that, anyway?)

      But, my blogs get you wound up? Um, I will take that as a compliment 🙂

  2. Patricia says:

    Yep, it’s true and she is now following, basically – nobody but herself. Following 5…@clintonschool The first graduate school to offer a master’s in public service.
    @ClintonGlobal The Clinton Global Initiative was established to turn ideas into action by gathering global leaders to help confront the world’s most pressing problems. @ClintonFdn Working to improve global health, strengthen economies, promote health and wellness, and protect the environment with @billclinton and @chelseaclinton. (yes she is following billy jeff and daughter).

    These people are SCARY, malignant narcissists.

  3. midget says:

    Cant wait to block her.

  4. Kitten says:


  5. jmm says:

    Hillary’s tweeter account is another shiney object. Funny how she decides to get on tweeter as her second scandal is revealed.

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