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I find this creepy. Pollution is so bad in China that they are now resorting to building cities, beaches, and resorts…INDOORS with its very own fake Sun!  Chengdu is China’s fourth largest city with a beach resort – inside the biggest building in the world. Where is the worthless UN when it comes to criticizing the worst polluter in the world?

From the New York Post:

Visitors to China’s fourth largest city can escape the crowded streets and dense pollution by stepping into the largest building in the world.

The New Century Global Center in Chengdu is 1,600 feet long, 1,300 feet wide and almost 330 feet tall. The combination beach resort, movie theater, shopping center and hotel measures in at a staggering 5.77 million-square-feet.

That’s the equivalent of 20 Sydney Opera Houses or three Pentagons, according to The Independent.

From theguardian:

Beneath smoggy clouds in the Chinese mega-city of Chengdu, waves lap against sandy shores and a salty breeze blows across the beach. 6,000 holidaymakers look out on a glowing sunset, dining on platters of “the rarest oceanic fish species”, while a stage rises from the water, ready for the evening’s multimedia music spectacular. China‘s fourth largest city may be 620 miles from the coast, but that hasn’t stopped it having its own seaside – newly opened inside the biggest building in the world.

A 100m tall cliff-face of blue mirrored glass, stretching 500m along a triumphal plaza, the New Century Global Centre houses an entire seaside resort, along with a 14-screen Imax cinema, Olympic-sized ice rink, two five-star hotels and its own Mediterranean shopping village – all wrapped with a vast ribbon of offices. Sprawling for 1.7m square metres, it could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses beneath its glass roof. It is declared by its creators to be “a landmark which commands the world and is looked upon by the world with respect,” a pleasure dome that Kubla Khan could only dream of.

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  1. Kitten says:

    I remember when the United States used to build the tallest, biggest, baddest stuff on earth. Now, it’s China and Dubai, thanks to our dollars being sent to these countries because of unfair trade practices and politicians who won’t use our own energy resources so we can be the beneficiary of exported goods and services. But I’m not bitter, China makes defective products, and that oil in Dubai ain’t gonna flow forever. 🙂

    But still, I agree Patricia. It is kinda creepy. I wonder where the air comes from that they pump into that place?

  2. Shifra says:

    Ok, I am definitely going to have a nightmare tonight… #totallycreepedout

  3. DouggieJ says:

    Germany has one of these fake beach resort buildings too.

  4. Dave says:

    Out of all the natural beauty in God’s green earth and these loons have to make fake copies of natural beauty. What the hell? We need to be concentrating on building an real economy based on good old capitalism instead of fake coummunism.

  5. makeshifty says:

    I don’t find this creepy. I agree with Kitten. I wish we had the audacity in our character to build some ambitious things like this, though it wouldn’t have to be an indoor city. Our version of this would be something like Disneyland. We have the capability, but we don’t want to use it. We’re afraid of our own shadow, and I’ve come to learn there are people in this country who like us this way. They think we’ve been too proud and too powerful, and that we have destroyed the world, and deserve our comeuppance to bring us down to size.

    I hear from liberals these days that doing what we’re doing to ourselves will serve as an example to China. I can’t help but laugh. Yes, in some ways they could be right. China could use less particulate pollution and smog, but they’re loath to adopt our energy policy, and I can totally understand why. Their attitude seems to be, “Yes, we see you de-industrializing. Keep it up! More jobs and more of your cash for us! LOL.”

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