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*A Post from the TAM TEAM*  237 years ago, we declared our independence from tyranny.  Four years ago Tammy Bruce became the first voice of  independent radio broadcasting via the web.  We must support this Independent Conservative voice for Freedom and Prosperity – join the fight for Liberty, hit that donate button (right side of blog) this week and if you haven’t joined up – become a TAM!

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  1. ShArKy says:

    thanks SO MUCH for taking the risk to do your great show!! you’ve given us so much & help to keep us inspired even when we may feel like things are hopeless. may you be on the air for another 40 years!!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    A pleasure and an HONOR to support Tammy- Happy Independence Day… God bless America and Tammy Bruce 🙂

  3. marleed says:

    It’s been a wild ride in both cases (though despite the rumors, I was NOT around to witness the birth of our beloved country). And thanks to the vigilance and determination of patriots like Tammy this beleaguered nation WILL be GREAT again!

    Happy Birthday, America
    Happy Anniversary, Tammy Bruce

    For Liberty!

  4. Kitten says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tammy!

    Thank you for always being on the cutting edge, and staying in the fight. Patriots like you are what made this country great. We will win, again!

    God Bless Our America!

  5. midget says:

    Happy Birthday America and Happy Anniversary Tammy. Tammy thanks for having the independence of our forefathers and the courage to face foes more vicious than before. We Tams admire and respect you. We have your back.

  6. dennisl59 says:

    Here’s a blast from the past~! The greatest original arrangement of ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’…enjoy. And congratulations to Tammy Bruce, Trailblazer~!


    posted 1153am Texas[Sidewalk Snakes]Time

  7. Texas Snoopy says:

    Happy Anniversary Tammy.

  8. Vintageport says:

    Happy Birthday America! And she’ll see many more birthdays, due, in a major part, to the fact that Tammy is going strong. Happy Anniversary Tammy! Your program means so much to us TAMs. Thank you.

  9. pamelarice says:

    Happy 4th of July to all! And Happy Aniversary to you, Tammy! Seems like it was just yesterday – time flies when you are having fun 😉

  10. fortress112 says:

    Let us have the same fearsome dedicatiion to preserving this nation as our forefather’s had in creating it.

    Happy Birthday to our America, and Happy Birthday to our own fearsome lady and her independent voice.

  11. Piratin says:

    Awesome, dynamic pic of Tammy! Happy 4th!

    But while we’re enjoying our freedom Justin Carter is still locked up in prison because of a FACEBOOK REMARK he made MONTHS AGO (no, there hasn’t been “due process” – he’s been locked up for typing some impulsive words! Pls help Justin & his family see something that resembles justice by signing a petition to get him released.


  12. mmeusa says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tammy and Happy Independence Day, TAMs!

  13. Shifra says:

    Thanks to all the *amazing* TAMS, who responded with so much enthusiasm and love for Tammy 🙂 The best bunch of people, ever! #TAMSROCK

    Many thanks to Patricia, my “partner in crime.”

    And thanks to Tammy for four years of great shows. With all the shenanigans of the current Regime, not much to laugh about. But, Tammy, you bring so much laughter and joy to all of us. Here’s to many more years of “commando” radio !

  14. ConservativeSue says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tammy and Happy Independence Day to TAMs and citizens of the greatest nation on Earth..the United States of America! Thank you, Tammy, for helping spread truth, justice, and the American way in our troubled times.

  15. 1ntbtn says:

    Happy Independence Day and Happy Anniversary to you Tammy for the truthful news, your great sense of humor, and your wonderful insight of people. And much thanks to all the TAMs, especially the ones working behind the scenes.

  16. Alain41 says:

    Happy Independence Day! fireworks -> ****

    Happy Anniversary Tammy! Since you have a new e-toy; can Siri do captions of photos? She seems to have a dry humor that could be fun. Or maybe we can have TAM questions for Siri – Who are the founding founders? Can a law be delayed by the President? What country has benefited from socialism? Is it Bush’s fault?

    And many more Happy Indpendence Days to all ****

  17. Rob_W says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tammy! While others descend into defeatism and despair, you will have none of that. Your passion and optimism for our country is unsurpassed. Even if it takes 100 years to reverse this tyrannical progression, may history remember us for being steadfast and true.

  18. Dave says:

    Happy Anniversary TAMMY!!!, I am very happy to have been part of the last year,
    and I’m looking forward to many , many, many more…..
    KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT TAMMY, your Army has your back!!

  19. Chuck says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  20. James Mucciola says:

    Happy Anniversary Tammy.

  21. kmsbc says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tammy. Looking forward to the @$$ kicking to be done between now and November 2014!

  22. rickh says:

    Happy Anniversary to my Mentor, Friend and someone that I love and respect to the highest. You are a total inspiration, Tammy. Enjoy to the Max.

  23. deaves1 says:

    Happy Anniversary Tammy. So happy you had the courage to go against the grain. I may not always agree with your points of view, but sister, you’re a scapper. Thank you for being you.

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