Remember when the AMA tried to convince us that Obamacare was such a swell idea?

Then we learned that the AMA stood to get about $1 billion in profit if Obamacare passed.

And Global Warming Climate Change? Solyndra walked off with half a billion dollars.

Of our money.

It seems safe to say that whenever the Obama regime tries to push something… anything… on us, just follow the money.

via Investor’s Business Daily: La Raza In Line To Pocket Reform-Bill Slush Funds

The avowed purpose of the immigration bill passed by the Senate and pending in the House is to provide a “path to citizenship” for the illegal immigrants in exchange for tough new enforcement measures that would prevent other such incursions in the future.

But buried deep within the immigration bill are hidden multimillion-dollar slush funds for left-wing nonprofit groups to provide services to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now in the U.S. Once enacted, the slush funds would total almost $300 million over three years and grow over time.

Reviewing the massive legislation, it’s obvious that lawyering would be needed. The 1,100-page proposal is a network of legal requirements and protections, waivers and exceptions, including a new “provisional immigrant” status (the first phase of legalization for illegals), appeals of adverse rulings, stays of deportation, applications for work visas, and countless other such guarantees….

The bill provides a sizable slush fund for leftward groups in the immigrant serving, advocacy and lobbying business….

Though the nonprofit agencies getting the money aren’t named in the bill, their identities can be deduced from the history and politics of the issue. 

Foremost among such groups is the National Council of La Raza (meaning “the race,” or alternatively, “the people”), a group that opposes current U.S. immigration laws, defends illegals, and long promoted amnesty measures. It’s also an organization with significant leverage at the Obama White House and its former senior executive helped draft the Senate bill.

La Raza is already a recipient of federal grants and contracts — running at $8 million to $10 million per year — and would arguably be at the head of the line to receive new funding….

While the Senate bill is advertised as a “tough, conservative” measure, the largely unnoticed sanctuary funding and La Raza clauses may be the real point of the legislation. This seems likely since the bill was steered through the Senate by the Obama White House.

Overseeing a team of executive branch bill-drafters ensconced in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, guiding the legislative process, was Obama director of domestic policy Cecilia Munoz, the leading presidential staffer on immigration issues.

Before assuming her job with the White House, Ms. Munoz was a senior policy analyst at La Raza. Thus a former La Raza official has been pushing through legislation that advances the La Raza program and could potentially fill its coffers….

Yep, follow the money.



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  1. Patricia says:

    Congress has to cut this flow of OUR money to these left-wing organizations. Great post Shifra. WE will stop this crap… hopefully sooner rather than later 😉

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  3. Cary says:


    Great catch on this story. Never forget the push for amnesty comes from a minority of a minority of Americans. As for La Raza; the fact the Democrats are so cozy with such proudly fascist organization speaks volumes to the left’s own intellectual history.

    Sadly, if groups like La Raza were just in it for the money there would at least be something within them that could be reasoned with.

  4. Kitten says:

    Who says Presidentin is hard? OBummer: “I can kill three birds with one stone with this amnesty, err immigration bill.

    1-Payback La Raza (and get them off my back, *leeches*)
    2-Ruin the little puppet, Rubio (and the GOP, *bonus*)
    3-Screw the American people and wreck the economy (cuz they really deserve it)

    “Ahh yeah, MY life is good.”

    He has contempt for everyone, but himself.

    Let’s all bang the drum louder. Not one piece of this poo can be allowed to go into conference in the House. The 14 GOP traitors must be reminded of their betrayal and challenged at every turn for their part in this. If it were not for them, this would not have happen.

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