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Independent Women’s Voice has some good background and action on this issue. Senator David Vitter is trying to get legislation passed that would stop the ‘subsidies’ congressional staff would get to help them with ObamaCare which is, effectively, another exemption. Here’s part of an email I received from IWV’s Heather Higgins on the issue:

The personal financial difficulty undoing the Congressional exemption from ObamaCare represents to staff and Members is real and a hardship that everyone recognizes. But it is no more real, and no more of a hardship – and often less so — than that borne by millions of American families under this awful law.

As you can see in the Politico article…Republican staffers (as well as various Members and Senators) are trying to quietly kill Sen. Vitter’s bill so they can keep this special exemption. We have met the enemy, and they is us…

Nonetheless, short term personal interests for many are trumping a serious strategic political and policy opportunity. THE ONLY WAY THIS WIN/WIN OPPORTUNITY WILL HAPPEN IS WITH SUFFICIENT PRESSURE FROM OUTSIDE WASHINGTON. That means you, and all of us.

Your help is seriously needed, now, this week before the CR [Continuing Resolution for funding the government] gets finalized, and here are the some of the things you can do:

1) Sign at
2) Forward the petition to your friends, and ask them to sign and share it, too
3) Call your Representatives and Senators, and tell them which side of this you expect them to be on.
4) If you would help with a contribution to our efforts to increase public pressure on this issue, that would be very much appreciated.

We can win this, but it’s going to need all of us being loud and clear.

And here’s an IWF poll on what Americans think of special treatment for Congress on ObamaCare. When you contact Congress this is a good thing to have in your tool chest.

IWV Poll: 94% Oppose Special Treatment for Congress on ObamaCare

* Obamacare remains a largely divisive issue, with 51 percent of voters disapproving of the president¹s signature piece of domestic legislation and 54 percent wanting to see it delayed or defunded (just 39 percent wanted it implemented as is).
* Overwhelmingly, 94 percent of voters consider it fair that the Congress be required to abide by the same law they passed for the country. Conversely, 92 percent of voters believe it is unfair that the Congress should be exempt from buying their insurance in the health exchanges.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Does any of this matter? Congress will somehow manage to grant itself a better deal than the heartland gets no matter how the law is tweaked. Whatever happens, those people will take care of themselves.

  2. bamconola says:

    I think this issue matters. Please read this article in Commentary Magazine If Reid and Co. get to use blackmail and/or failings to avoid having to answer for public policy decisions this Republic is lost.

    I was not thrilled Vitter stayed in office but understood since Blanco (D) would have appointed a Democrat to fill his seat. I would have preferred if Vitter had not sought reelection but he has shown over the years that his bad behavior is behind him. I have no doubt that if he was continuing the bad behavior it would be known so I vote for him in 2010.

    We need to support Vitter in his efforts.

  3. Kitten says:

    I agree, they will probably find a way to bypass the law or create an amendment to justify the exemption. But, we are putting them on notice that we’re watching and actively opposing them. And, it’ll be another tool used to get ’em kicked outta office when the time comes. Hypocrites!

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