Mike Lee, Ted Cruz
Senators Cruz and Lee
Of course if they they’re send it to Wallace they’re sending ti to everyone.

It was a fascinating weekend listening to Senator Ted Cruz continue his efforts to organize both Congress and the nation to stop ObamaCare. One of the reasons GOP leadership does not like Cruz is his actions have highlighted what Republican leadership has refused to do for the past three years. Now we’re also getting a dose of who the GOP really thinks are their enemy–not Obama, who continues to throw gasoline on this nation while holding a match, but Senator Ted Cruz. I’ve explained for years how the existing GOP leadership are liberals, and now they’re not even trying to hide it. Their attacks on Cruz prove the GOP is perfectly capable of organizing against someone if they choose. They’ve chosen not to organize against Obama’s leftist agenda, but anything goes when it comes to Cruz and conservatives in general.

First, take a listen then you contact your senators this week in support of the Cruz effort to defund ObamaCare. Wallace was aggressive with Cruz and he handled it well. Then we have a clip of Wallace exposing the fact that he received opposition research from the GOP on Senator Cruz, one of their own. And why? Well, according to HamHead Rove, it’s because Cruz upset the GOP because he didn’t consult with them. Of course, the real reason is because he’s doing something they don’t want, yet that petty response of Rove’s reveals the juvenile attitude controlling GOP party leadership at this point.

And a reminder: at the bottom of this post is a reminder of the action you need to take this week to help the DefundIt effort.

Cruz: A Vote For Cloture Is A Vote For Obamacaree

Chris Wallace: Republicans Have Sent Me Opposition Research On Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin, in the meantime, is demanding Fox News release the names of those in the GOP who are targeting Cruz through the media:

Palin: Release Names of Top Republicans Who Encouraged You to ‘Trash’ Cruz

Senator Cruz: Statement on Possible Republican Filibuster of Continuing Resolution

Free Beacon: Sunday Show Roundup==> Cruz and Lee continue their push to defund Obamacare


Contact your senators and tell them to vote to defund ObamaCare:

Senate Website Contact List of All Senators

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  1. Norm says:

    And they wonder why more and more of them are primaried out of the running…..they are simply…fools.

  2. Kitten says:

    When “We the People” stand together, we stand taller and stronger than the force trying to crush us (in this case, the government). Thank you Senators Cruz & Lee for standing in the gap for the American people, and doing the job you were elected to do. Too few are interested in that these days. In 2014, we send in reinforcements to stand with you and take back ground lost under the boot of this horrid administration and Congress. In the meantime, we stand, and push back, and fight . Because we are worth it. America is worth it.

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