As usual, a very well done video from SarahPAC highlighting how Palin was right about ObamaCare’s Death Panels, and the continuing threat of this ‘health care’ disaster. We are just 20 days out from ObamaCare being jackbooted onto regular individuals and no one else. As I noted in last night’s Tammy Radio, the House GOP is using a legislative trick to make it appear as though they’re trying to defund ObamaCare, but they know that provision will be DOA in the Senate. In fact, they’re counting on it.

I do have a solution to this: We must punish each and every one of the Republics who allowed this monstrosity to survive. It’s why we gave them the House in 2010 and they, through the ‘leadership’ of Boehner, Cantor and Priebus, betrayed us. There are genuine conservatives out there who won’t play games with our lives, let’s get them in Congress in 2014 and reverse this crap. And we can do it. Our fellow Americans at one point amended the Constitution to ban alcohol. After that disaster they managed to reverse even that. I think we should be able to reverse a piece of legislation, we just have to make sure we limit its damage in the meantime.

Via SarahPAC.


Tea Party Leaders Press on for Calls to Defund Obamacare

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  1. Shifra says:

    I will never forget how the craven Libs “yukked it up” when Palin first mentioned death panels. Then, after DeathCare was passed, Paul Krugman – living proof that you can get a Nobel Prize and still be an idiot (oh wait… he shares that distinction with Bronco ‘Bama) talked about… yep… Death Panels. Unfortunately, not much to “yuk up about” now…

  2. Maynard says:

    The “spoils system” is inherent to government. The politically connected get to eat from the trough; the politically disconnected are compelled to fill it. For all the high-minded talk about “fairness”, at the end of the day, it’s the cronies that make out like bandits. Which is what they are.

    This is not to suggest there aren’t crooks in the free marketplace either. But the marketplace crooks are relatively small, and there’s more leeway to steer away from them. There’s no hiding from the government.

    So…government money goes to the politically favored. Isn’t it obvious that, as government controls healthcare to a greater extent, the lives of the politically favored will receive better care than the political outsiders?

    Imagine you’ve got a spendthrift uncle who’s deep in debt. This uncle will inherit your fortune if you die. This uncle does not like you. And now this uncle seeks to control your access to medical care. This uncle — who has a sordid history of lying and making promises he cannot keep — pledges to take good care of you (even though he’s broke).

    Death panels. Isn’t it obvious? How could any intelligent person argue there would not be death panels?

  3. Kitten says:

    While everyone is totally disgusted with the complete incompetence of OBummer and his administration over Syria (and they love that we’re caught up with this), the train is getting ever closer to wrecking our lives. Thanks to the Governor for trying to redirect our attention to the disaster at hand, even at the door.

    I totally agree with the solution to this mess, Tammy. Each and every one in Congress who was complicit in allowing this to happen must go, starting with the GOP liberal hacks. Let’s kick em out!

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