This public podcast is about the first 50 minutes of Friday’s Tammy Radio show where she explains the importance of now not interfering with the ObamaCare disaster. By allowing it to collapse, we will garner the support of the American people for full repeal, no matter who is in the White House. And sooner than if we allow Congress to soften the blows with delays and tweaks. Ultimately, we need the monster of ObamaCare destroyed completely. Not changed. Not delayed. Not adjusted. But REPEALED AND ANNIHILATED. If you did not hear Friday’s show, please listen before commenting. And we understand there are many different points-of-view on this, but Tammy even changed my mind and I’m convinced about the importance of this approach. Hope you find it helpful and enlightening, and we’re curious about your take on things at this point and Tammy will answer your questions and respond in the Comments section.

Here are some links and background to the material Tammy mentions in the podcast.

Henninger at Wall St Journal: Let ObamaCare Collapse Congress can’t kill the entitlement state. Only the American people can.

Peggy Noonan, fecklessly proving Tammy’s point about the result of delaying ObamaCare: Noonan: GOP Should Seek to Delay Obamacare ‘Disaster’

Further to Tammy’s point: Changes, delays or actions making OC seem less monstrous make it “forever”

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  1. Shifra says:

    So glad this is up as a public podcast – This makes so much sense! Of course, we would all love to have O’DeathCare defunded, but really, that ship has already sailed, so to speak. Thanks for nothing, GOP 🙁

  2. flaggman says:

    There are, however, two dangers that I can think of in this strategy. One, in the short-term, it would appear to be a humiliating defeat for Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the Tea Party, which is the one thing standing athwart history yelling “Stop!” right now. Second, the ability for the media and the culture to distort truth. Because when Breitbart News and Pyjamas Media and IBD and one-tenth of National Review and one-twentieth of the Wall Street Journal are exposing what rot is occuring, the media and the culture will be telling every dumbass blind follower in America, that it has brought fairness and justice to the less fortunate, and therefore is an unmitigated success.

  3. strider says:

    If it continues, Ocare will just be day care for our current toddlers who will experience full on national bankruptcy unless we take on issues of energy, regulation, taxes and spending now. Good for Mr. Cruz and others for swinging for the fences for what they believe. Who in DC is forging kids names on credit cards?

  4. idaho_karen says:

    On this I must disagree:
    1) Obama and Obamacare will pay for abortions; this is evil. Government must not pay for something that destroys life with my money.
    2) The redefinition of full time work to 30 hours is destroying the middle class family. We must stop this now. The continuing economic downturn caused by this can’t be turned around for a long time.
    3) Once the Obamacare application is completed, the Government has no security on the database. Now the government, the navigators and hackers can violate and abuse the citizenry by stealing their money.
    4) Obama and Obamacare violates my religious beliefs and freedoms. Government must be stopped in their tracks – as it is our POS president doesn’t believe in the rule of law.
    5) Obama and Obamacare takes away my freedom of choice of medical care; freedom is the foundation of this country’s beginning.
    6) It is very difficult to reinstate our freedoms, the longer Obamacare continues to be inplemented.

    There are many other reasons = the entire 2700 pages!

  5. Alain41 says:

    The major German news company, Deutsche Welle, has an article that says the recent budget battle over healthcare has its roots in our Civil War. Eg, quotes some lawyer and an American U. professor that the people fighting Ocare are the same southerners who were against ending slavery and now want to prevent the poor from getting healthcare; fear of the increasing minority in America.

    Garbage like this is why Confederate battle flag should not be brought to Tea Party protests. I get that the flag is defiance and not racism, but the MSM will write articles like this with a professor who is the director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies at the American University in Washington, and their readers will assume that the professor knows what he is talking about.

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