From last night’s Greta show. The silence from the Black Gestapos about these criminal assaults by black teenagers is disgusting. So many lives are ruined as liberal sit back and say and do nothing. Allen hits the nail on the head about why people like Jackson and Sharpton are silent. Obama? He’s created this environment with his race hustling and continued efforts to divide this nation against itself on so many levels– race, gender, socio-economic, sexual preference, etc. Whatever he can do to distract everyone from his wholesale destruction of the country. The last thing Obama wants is for your black men to start asking why unemployment among black youth is 393% higher than the nation a rate. Even with that horrific number, the only thing that can explain a wave of black mob violence, and the lack of condemnation of it, is the Obama Regime wants this to happen and media help it along by ignoring it. or refusing to report what it really is.

I mentioned on today’s Tammy Radio an action for you regarding this issue: If your local news or newspaper used the term “game” to described these criminal gang assaults, call, email, write them to complain. Insist they describe this for what it is: CRIMINAL ASSAULT. Some attacks have resulted in death.

HT to Breitbart for the clip. The complete segment with West is at RCP.

Former Rep. Allen West, “On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren on why Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton were silent about “knockout game” attacks.

“There’s no profit in it for them. There’s no political gain. There’s no political advantage for them… They don’t care. They live off the victimization. So as long as you have black communities that see themselves as victims, that helps perpetuate their existence. These guys should be totally irrelevant. Should not be listened to whatsoever.”

Additional coverage:

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Frontpage: Media Blackout of the ‘Knockout Game’

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  1. Maynard says:

    An interesting read comment in the Front Page article.

    I see a way to play the knockout game on state-controlled media.

    Somebody should create a staged video showing an old white guy playing the knockout game on an unsuspecting Trayvon, then post it on YouTube and wait for it to go viral and get national attention.

    At that point the people involved should come forward and demonstrate that it was a fake video, and then ask the question “Why did state-controlled media ignore the knockout game when it was just Saint Trayvons attacking white people?”

    This is the sort of strategic thinking that can make the point in a way that will be heard. It’s sad that you win by being crafty rather than being right or good. But that’s the screwy world we live in.

  2. midget says:

    As the Attorney General paraphrased, it is not a crime if it is perpetrated by blacks to whites. The “reverends” do not see the importance of black on black crime,they only care if its white on black, which can only be interpreted to mean that a black life has no worth unless its taken away by a white.

  3. Piratin says:

    Tammy is exactly right saying this is the physical manifestation of what Obama and Holder do and encourage every day, in one form or another.

    Anyone who participates in this “game” as perpetrator or “observer” or “cheerleader” should be charged with attempted murder or accomplice to an attempted murder (if the victim survives, of course).

    Some of the victims may die of blood clots weeks after the attack. Some will die immediately or soon after the attack.

    Regardless: A blow to the head can result in death, brain damage, other damage. City & town officials should start going public saying anyone who even attempts this crime will be charged with murder.

  4. strider says:

    The lashing out has to be expected by people busy hamstringing the economy while flaunting wealth. The race hustlers are tools to redirect the anger of a miserable base with nothing to look forward to away from O.

  5. Foreverautumn says:

    [LIBTARD MODE=ON] But…but…they’re GOD’S CHILDREN!!! They’ve been oppressed for THOUSANDS of YEARS!! And we’re also not throwing enough money at them! They’re ENTITLED to LASH OUT against evil whitey![LIBTARD MODE=OFF]

    As if the almost complete destruction of the black family (whites, it seems, aren’t all that far behind) couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it.

  6. Kitten says:

    This is what happens when there’s no leadership. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The most base and worst among us have free reign to literally become unhinged. Obummer’s lack of leadership has proven this on the world stage, and here at home.

    Jackson and Sharpton are nothing more than pimps. Stirring up hatred through victimization while condoning violence with their silence, and they do it all the time. They are the worst because they eat and sacrifice their own to keep their power. They have been playing this hustle for far too long. No one condemns this madness, and so it continues. Where I come from, this is NOT normal. To set out to intentionally physically hurt an innocent person “for fun” is evil. Every person involved in these acts of violence should be prosecuted and locked up.

  7. Shifra says:

    Didn’t Holder call us a “nation of cowards” when discussing race? And yet, not a word from him about this Knockout Assault (not calling it a game!). So, who’s the coward now, Mr. AG ?

  8. KCBob4Tam says:

    I’d hate to think our streets will become a shooting gallery but maybe this will slow these azzwipes down.

    60 Year Old Woman Shoots and Kills 2 Teens After Being Punched

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